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February 24, 2015

Firestorm Onslaught

Warlord Tyndarius is Recruiting for the Scourge...

STORY TIME: Late one Friday night after a AQWorlds release, the team stayed and had serious discussions and story planning for the new continent. We choose to combine the element of Fire with the theme of the Spartans in 300. Instead of just creating some random monsters, we actually designed an army... detailing each of the roles within the Firestorm Onslaught's military.

free rpg mmo magic fire armyClick for larger image

Tyndarius is the Warlord in charge, and his story is one of tragic sacrifice and conquest. To join his army... and please note, these are the villains, not the good side that you will be a part of when the story begins... you have to do something that no sane person should never, ever do.

Which Rank Would YOU Fill In His Army?

If you could join the Firestorm Onslaught (remember, these are the BAD guys!), which role would you choose?

  • Scout: Locate the enemy and relay position and movement back to their commander
  • Soldier: Main land combat force and backbone of the Onslaught
  • Archer: Distract the enemy from cavalry movements by raining arrows down from afar
  • Ranger: Deployed in small groups on very short notice to handle problems quickly and quietly
  • Pikeman: Best method of stopping cavalry charges
  • Knight: Protect the Warlord and engage the enemy in combat
  • Tiger Cavalry: Battle while mounted on a trained Fyreborn Tiger to intimidate and destroy
  • Corporal: Leads squads of soldiers into battle 
  • Major: Commands a battalion, directing the battle
  • Colonel: Commands a regiment of several battalions
  • General: Directly below Warlord Tyndarius. The 7 Generals make up the Council of Conflagration.

Tell us your answer on Twitter (Artix and Alina), Facebook, Reddit, or the forum!

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