Design Notes

April 10, 2015

Defeat the Blazebinder

Battle through Feverfew Falls to save the Temple!

This weekend, battle to escape the Blazebinder’s trap in Feverfew Falls! /Join Feverfew then try to escape the Deadsea Caverns, defeat Major Thermas, and discover the reason for the Onslaught's attack! What DOES Tyndarius want to do with those his warriors stole?!

free rpg mmo fire fight

Battle the Blazebinder and Major Thermas to get Feverfew Temple Sigils, then use them to create reward gear in the Feverfew Merge Shop!

  • Memet's AquaPyrrus Mage-Priest Armor
  • Seaside Helms
  • Sea Fury Staff and the Aqua Rage Trident
  • Ring of Bubbles Cape
  • Laken's Firestorm Corporal Armor and Helm

Major Thermas, the Twisted Undine, and the Blazebinder each have a chance to drop a reward, as well!

Gear Going Rare: Grenwog and Friday the 13th

All of the rare gear released with the Dark Carnival (Lucky Day / Friday the 13th) and Grenwog seasonal events will leave the game on Monday, April 13th.

Releases: This weekend and next week

We've got a LOT to do this weekend and next week, so /unsheath your sharpest blade and prepare to battle on!

Join us NEXT Friday for the return of the seasonal Earth Day event, plus Memet's Test: The Nightmare Gauntlet, in which Memet tests just exactly what you do - and don't fear - at the behest of a VERY mysterious, very dark, and very masked stranger! (But not THE Mysterious Stranger, for all you Lorian conspiracy theorists.)

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