Design Notes

May 16, 2014

Return to the Mirror Realm

Take on the Fell Beast in the Dark Dungeon

Return to the Mirror Realm this weekend to help Mirror Drakath! He has a VERY important quest for you - a deadly creature has stolen an Egg he believes contains the 13th Beast of Order. If you do not get that back, we don't know WHAT will happen to the Mirror Realm... or our own!

Time to take the cockatrice DOWN!

Head into these mostly-abandoned ruins in the Mirror Realm when you /join darkdungeon. Talk to Mirror Drakath to begin your adventure, co-designed by Alastair Q! Complete quests to earn merge items for the Fell Beast Rewards shop, and take on the Cockatrice for a chance to get all six reward drops!

Release Built With Alastair Q, Contest Winner

Alastair Q (you can read about him here!) is a long-time AQW player and one of the winner's of our recent "Design an AQW Release" contest! He submitted the concept and design for tonight's release, and then worked with the team to finalize the writing and art direction. He is truly a superbly creative individual, and working with him was a blast!

Alastair Q, the entire AQW team salutes you!

Dragon Emperor Tier Sets are live

Take command of the dragons when you unlock the Dragon Commander, Champion, or Emperor setsin our new Tier package! (Each item is fully color-customizable, too!) Find out all the details in the Design Notes post here!

DragonFlight's Reach Evolution

Find the DragonFlight's Reach in the DragonPlane Rares shop in your game menu to get your own dragonspirit blade! It has assumed its final form... and when I get back from vacation, I will add a shop onto the blade to allow anyone who has it to get both previous versions of the weapon! Arklen did an AMAZING job with the animation, and Blade's weapon art is fantastic!

X-Treme Hero Mutant Merge Shop

The Gold Galactic Shard, Sapphire Hyper Crystal, and X-Ray Gem are now in the X-Treme Mutant Merge Shop! You can find Tempest in Battleon (just walk north) to get the 2nd merge item to unlock the X-Treme Hero shops this coming Wednesday!

Next week in AQWorlds

I am heading off to vacation among the buffalo, rattlesnakes, and bald eagles! While i am away, the team is going to be pushing hard on both the Summer of Chaos events AND Runester333's "The Chaorrupted Lab" release!* 

Yorumi will be working on the animated item specials, and Artix will stop by to say hi and see how you all are doing, too... because you can't keep a Good Paladin away from a Chaorrupted game for too long! /cheer! See you all in a week!

* This is a fantastic release, designed by Runester333 and polished up by Korin!

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