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February 10, 2012

Love's Eternal Curse

This new... and unusual Valentines event is LIVE!

There is a story behind tonight's special release. When I announced that I was going to write a love story, Alina started chuckling. She did not seem to think love fit into my normal writing style of ghouls, vampires, undead and monsters. After a few months, and a dozen scrapped stories... I thought she might have been correct. But I was sitting with Galanoth and Aresion one night when a concept that HAD TO BE DONE appeared. I took it seriously. I wanted to change the ending of something that always weighed heavily upon me. I know that it will meet mixed reaction... so it will be up to you do decide if this was crazy or clever. Regardless, I really do hope you enjoy it -- it is not your normal "pink with hearts and filly lace"-type Valentines event!

Bug fix: If you are having a problem completing the quests, try going to /join lovescurse and watching the last cutscene again.


Featuring the music of Mia J. Park

As posted far below... I found Mia's music on YouTube completely by chance. Her voice was so beautiful that I was shocked when I noticed it only had 100 views!  She is a new, indie artist from Australia with only a few fans and immense passion for her music. So I asked you and the other awesome players to give her a hand with that. Thank you, because that same video now has over 31,600 views! When I asked her if she would like to become part of this year's Valentines release, she graciously accepted. She even wrote a special song, "One way ticket" for it. Like many of you, this is not the type of music I normally listen to. But there is something about her deep, beautiful songs that touches my heart. So I actually bought her debut CD "Metamorphosis" and have become a serious fan. I hope that listening to the music in the event causes you to do the same.

Mia J. Park - MetamorphosisGet Metamorphosis
(Mia's special link for AQW players)

I remember what it is like starting to follow your dreams. So, I am throwing my full support behind Mia,  and hope you will support her also by buying one of her CDs. Mia surprised me by sending me a link to a special page for AQWorlds players. She made her album available to you guys for 20% off until the end of the month as a thank you for having her in the event. This was unexpected, generous, and a very classy thing to do.

Let me know what you think!

This was one of the craziest release days in the history of AE. I would love to know what you thought of the event, and the other announcements. I will be watching Twitter all weekend via my phone... please let me know if you liked it. Battle on!

P.S. I would like to make a special thank you to Alina, who gave me a warm smile and thumbs up on my script (and fixed A LOT of typos O_O) then lead the AQW team to actually create this event. She is the best.

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