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February 20, 2015

Embersea: Ring of Fires

This Friday, Begin the Defense of the Ring of Fires!

This Friday, journey to Embersea, once the jewel of the Firestorm Caldera, now the capital city of the newly-shattered Ring of Fire island chain. Speak with Warlord Kyron, former Captain of the Firestorm Guard, now in charge of halting the advance of the Firestorm Onslaught. 

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He and the townspeople of Embersea prepare for war on TWO fronts as attacks from the Onslaught increase and a vicious plague rages… They need YOU to help defend Embersea Isle and the rest of their country, the Ring of Fire!

This weekend, /join embersea to battle to defend the city from the Living Lava, Pyroclash, Coal Creepers, Fyresyn, and Pyradons fleeing from the coming Firestorm Onslaught!

This weekend, you'll meet:

  • Kyron: Warlord of Embersea and Reputation Vendor
  • Skira: Water Temple Priestess and Potion Vendor
  • Makhai: Feverfew Temple Guard and Gear Vendor
  • Cernuous: Embersea Pet Shop Vendor
  • Calleus: Repentant Hair Shop owner
  • Fornax: Pyromancer, member of the Order of the Rising Phoenix

We're trying something NEW in Embersea: when you hit ranks 5 and 10 in Embersea Reputation, the NPCs text will change to offer more information and reflect your growing relationship with them.

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