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May 06, 2014

Calm Before the Chaos Storm

Friday: Hone your battle skills in the Dragon Plane!

As we prepare for the Chaos Saga Finale this summer, we have 3 amazing new releases coming your way! This week, journey to the Dragon Plane and cleanse the Heart of Desolich's corruption, or the dragons of Etherstorm will be destroyed!

Chaos is coming!

This month in AQWorlds:

  • May 9th: Dragons' Heart: Plague of Dragons
  • May 16th: Return to the Mirror Realm: The Fell Beast
  • May 23rd: Secret Underground Lab: Chaos Takes Control
  • May 30th: Calm Before the Chaos Storm

Why Are You Delaying the Finale?!

That's a good question; we're not! The AQW team has been working on the finale for quite a while as we continued to produce our other weekly releases. We want the 8 week long Summer of Chaos to be the best, most organzied releases (and the most CHAOTIC, of course!) that we've ever done! 

We've got so much planned for this summer that it has taken a fair bit of pre-planning: storyline meetings with Artix, working on new and updated art, planning war and boss fight functionality... a LOT going into making a world-shattering saga finale!

Check out our plans for the Summer of Chaos here!

Timedragon Warrior and Golden Fury Sets Leaving!

Next Friday, May 16th, the Timedragon Warrior Tier Package AND the Golden Fury 12 Month Upgrade Package sets are leaving for good! We will be adding in the Dragon Emperor set at 12:01 AM Friday morning, too.

Timedragon Warrior and Golden Fury

The 12 Month Golden Fury set comes with:

  • Golden Fury Armor
  • Golden Fury Helm
  • Golden Fury Cape
  • Golden Fury Weapon
  • Golden Fury Character Page Badge

The Timedragon Warrior set comes with the following gear, depending on which package you select:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • TimeDragon’s Crest Helm
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • Eternal Piercer Bladed Staff
  • TimeDragon’s Defender Polearm
  • Blade of Eternal Victory
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail
  • Eternal Fledgling pet
  • Character page badge
  • TimeDragon PVP Amulet +3250

The Ravenloss Dark War Merge shop will ALSO be leaving Friday, May 16!

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