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June 27, 2014

Summer of Chaos Heats Up

Hot Gear to Help You Look Cool in Battle!

There is almost nothing cooler than seeing a hail of FIERY FLAMING SPINNING SKULLS OF DEATH rain down on your opponents... so that's why we asked Hollow (lead of the original AdventureQuest) and AQW Artist Blade to break out their pyromancy skills and craft us all-new Xan-themed gear!

THEN we turned that burning insanity even cooler (oh yeah, we made that pun) by adding it into the animated item special engine! Find the Flaming Death Skull (!!!) gear in the Chaos Rares shop from Maya in /worldwarlore!

  • Floating Xan Pet (Legend-only)
  • Xan on your Back Cape
  • Spinning Mace of InXANity!
  • Pyromancer Evolution Armor

Summer Shop 2014

It's getting hot in here, so bring all the heroes... into game menu for the 2014 Summer Shop! Once again, we've got a crazyawesome selection of Chaos, NPC, and World Cup-themed surfboards by Memet and EpicDuel guest artist, Bidoof!

You'll also find a hole inventory's worth of the hottest beach-themed gear outside of Lolosia by the incomparable Aranx!

Limited Time Upgrade Bonus

Unlock the Forsaken Warlock gear when you upgrade or buy AdventureCoins! EVERY upgrade bought in June will unlock the Shadow Warlock set at the end of the month!

  • Get all 10 Forsaken Warlock items with a 12 month upgrade
  • Get 6 Forsaken Warlock items with a 6 month upgrade or 12000 ACs
  • Get 4 Forsaken Warlock items with a 3 month upgrade or 5000 ACs

Or get all 38 Wolfhound Warrior, Dragon Emperor, and Forsaken Warlock items with the Fantasy Hero Package!

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