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August 24, 2010

DragonCon is almost here!

What is DragonCon?

DragonCon is a fantasy/sci-fi/anime/lots-of-stuff convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 35,000 people attend... it is like a weekend long costume party with games, concerts, art gallerys, famous people, informational panels, indie movie premieres, and more. That is why the entire team here at Artix Entertainment attends each year. It is a chance to recharge our creative batteries, shop, meet players from the games, shop, and more stuff... like shopping.  There are a lot of vendors at DragonCon with imported board games, costumes, and weird/cool stuff... it is really inspiring to check it all out.

The Friendly Team from Artix Entertainment will be there!

There are so many of us going that we chartered a bus! This year we are running a 3-hour panel on our games.  If you have been to any of our panels you know what to expect... quiz questions with deadly thrown prizes, random videos, moglin punting, and s special sneak peak at things we have been working on! One-Eyed Doll and Voltaire might stop by... Maybe they will sing a song or two if we ask real nice. It would be nice if we could do some sort of live thing in-game from the panel? (Which would be quite a feat considering we will not have internet) Then later that evening co-hosting a party with Sony Online Entertainment and Comcast. We have had a fun time there each year and hope for a chance to meet you. Please note, DragonCon is geared towards older audiences... we would recommend it for ages 15 and up.

AQWorlds Panel (3 hours of gaming madness)
When: Saturday, Sept 4th, 2010
Where: The Sheraton Hotel - The Savannah Room
Time: 1pm to 3:30pm... unless we fall asleep

Gaming Party
When: Saturday: Sept 4th, 2010
Where: The Sheraton Hotel - The Capitol Ballroom
Time: 10pm to 3:30am (Although... we will probably grab everyone and flee to Voltaire's concert which is scheduled that same night.)

We hope for the chance to meet everyone who is attending. If you are unable to attend, do not worry -- we will bring back lots of ideas for the next AQWorld's releases for you!

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