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September 03, 2010

I herd U liek Mudluks!

Tonight’s Release is Live!

I gatta give a “gratz” to the Team first. We all survived our lengthy 8 hour trip to DragonCon and have just launched this week’s release! We really hope you enjoy it, whether you are at home playing through tonight’s release or mooching a wifi connection over here at DragonCon! ^__^

The Team has already met a bunch of our fellow players here at Con! We are sooo excited to meet you all—much more excited than you can possibly imagine! If you are here at Con, or are planning on coming out tomorrow, we will be hosting our awesome 3-hour panel at

The Sheraton Hotel - The Savannah Room; Atlanta Georgia
on this Saturday, September 4th at
1pm to 3:30pm... or until they kick us out

A new free NON-MEMBER pet will be awarded to everyone who graces our panel with a smiling face! You can also get your hands on AE swag from the ChickenCow T-Shirts to signed MechQuest Artbooks and the NPCS Critical Hits cd, all available this Saturday! We cannot wait to see you there!

Sooooo what’s goin on tonight? Check it out.

The swampy path to Mudluk Village has finally opened! Talk to Rayst in at the Tower of Magic to begin your journey to the magical Arcangrove swamp. Paddylump, the Mudluk Spellhunter, has a bunch of new quests lined up for you… but they require more brain than brawn!

A beautiful new map, a new fun boss monster, a killer cutscene, lots of great monster drops, a secret AC shop, new Rep items, new area music, and a wicked puzzle await!

mudluk-dconSecret Armor... Shhh don't let Cysero know!

Rayst at the Tower of Magic knows where you need to go next. Paddylump the Mudluk Spellhunter is eagerly awaiting your arrival in order to help in Arcangrove’s plight. Bunches of new items await the intrepid adventurer in the swamp, including:

  • Scythe of Slough
  • Light Bug Visor
  • Mudluk’s Tadpolearm (heh, get it… tadpole-arm…tad-polearm…)
  • Dark Tribe Skull Axe
  • And many more… including a SECRET Armor and Helm set!

More items have been added to Rayst’s Arcangrove Rep shop. With enough reputation, you can be the proud owner of:

  • Mystic Tribal Axe
  • Light Bug Advanced Helm
  • Mystic Tribal Sword
  • Mystic Tribal Dagger

On behalf of the entire Team, we really hope you enjoy this release. Despite us being 460 miles away from our Secret Lab… we are still keeping true to our promise of releasing every Friday! None of this could be possible without out you (and a stable internet connection)… so thank you!!

Enjoy the release my friends, and Battle On!

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