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November 27, 2020

Defender Class Skills

Defender Class Overview

Originally released alongside the three verification classes Guardian, DragonLord, and StarLord, the Defender is meant to act as a group fight class that draws Focus from the monster to protect their allies. 

The new Defender class has similar purposes in mind, but with powerful new effects to really punish your foes. Unlike the other three classes released in this bloc, Defender is more aimed at lower level players, and thus has no level requirement to use.

  • Guardian Class: available to verified AdventureQuest Guardians
  • DragonLord Class: available to verified DragonFable DragonLords
  • Star Captain Class: available to verified MechQuest Star Captains
  • Defender Class: available to all of the above

Each week in November, we'll release another verification class update. Earlier this month, we updated the AdventureQuest Guardian, DragonFable DragonLord, and MechQuest StarLord Classes! Get all the details on those class updates herehere, and here. THIS week, we've got... the Defender Class update! Read on for update details: what is changing, how to get your own, and the new balance details.

Defender Class Update Details

Recommended enhancements: Recommended enhancement: Wizard, Lucky. As a Defender, your selfless spirit defends others in combat from all threats across lore, but in times of peril you can shine above the rest.

Mana Regen: Defenders gain mana when they:

  • Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
  • Are struck by an enemy in combat

Skill Breakdown

Stanced Strike

Rank needed: Auto attack
Target: Enemy
Max targets: 1
Type: Physical
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Stick em with the pointy end of your shield. 

Shield’s Blessing

Rank needed: 1
Target: Friendly
Max targets: 6
Type: Physical/Magical
Range: Infinite
MP Cost: 10
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Shield your allies and share your power! Reduces incoming physical damage by 25% and increases all outgoing damage and haste by 10% for 10 seconds for up to 6 friendly targets.

A basic support skill with a long duration and no drawbacks. Has a powerful mana support bonus as well!

Infernal Shield Slam

Rank needed: 2
Target: Enemy
Max targets: 1
Type: Physical/Magical
Range: Infinite
MP Cost: 8
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Strike back at your foe using a portion of their own power and set them Aflame, dealing damage over time for 4 seconds, stacking to 5. Additionally, applies Infernal Shield, increasing your outgoing damage by 3% for 6 seconds, stacks to 5.        

This skill has 2 stacking effects, a boost for yourself, and a stacking DoT for your target. In addition to powering up your Shield of Wrath, this skill uses a function similar to Classic Defender’s Retaliation, dealing more damage the more damage you receive in a fight.

Shield Veil

Rank needed: 3
Target: Friendly
Max targets: 6
Type: Physical/Magical
Range: Infinite
MP Cost: 15
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Coat up to 6 friendly targets in a layer of protection, reducing their incoming physical damage by 40% for 4 seconds. Also applies Defender’s Pavise, reducing your incoming physical damage by 20% for 10 seconds. If you have Infernal Shield stacks, they are consumed to apply Shield's Veil, a small HoT for 10 seconds.

This skill offers healing for yourself and a tremendous damage reduction effect for you and your allies. Between Shield’s Blessing, Shield Veil, and your Rank 4 passive, Defender has a tremendous amount of physical damage reduction. However, casting this removes Infernal Shield, reducing the amount of damage you can output. You’ll have to alternate between attacking and defending to get the most out of your skills.

Shield of Wrath

Rank needed: 5
Target: Enemy
Max targets: 1
Type: Physical/Magical
Range: Medium
MP Cost: 10
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Vent your accumulated wrath and strike your foe with fervor, dealing high damage based on how many stacks of Infernal Shield you have (but does not consume stacks).

This skill deals extra damage based on stacks of Infernal Shield. It doesn’t consume stacks, which means after reaching full capacity you can keep dishing out heavy attacks as long as you have the HP or support to not need to heal.


Halo of Protection 

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive
Reduces incoming physical damage by 20%

Selfless Decree

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive
HoT and DoT power increased by 15%

Energizing Rally

Rank needed: 10
Type: Passive

When you call upon the healing power of your shield, each ally healed has a 20% chance to reduce their mana costs by 100% for 3 seconds. This passive is unlocked at rank 1.

Shield’s Blessing allows you to temporarily make any of your party members’ MP costs free for 3 seconds, turning the tide of battle and allowing otherwise impossible feats to be accomplished.


Defender is a solid choice as a low-level player support class, as well as a high-level player support class with a very specialized set of abilities. 

Unlocking any of the three verification classes also grants access to Defender (as well as Classic Defender), providing another choice of class for those that upgrade.

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