Design Notes

August 31, 2012

DragonCon Release

While the team's away, you guys can play!

It usually takes us at least 5 days to build each week's release... and this week was no different except that we only had THREE days! But we are leveling up our Chronomancy skills and got it everything done in time!*

*Except the female version of Dage's Paragon Plate. But because we promised the armor sets if you got his war meter to 100% by Friday, we wanted to get that to you as soon as possible!

Fight Dirty to Clean Up Lore!

For many moons, Lore's foremost Order of Clerics - the Sisterhood of Dishpan Hands - have waited patiently in the shadows, silently watching as Lore falls to pieces. They believe their Purification magic will help restore Order to Lore, righting wrongs and fixing what has been broken. Travel to /cleric and meet with Cleric Dawn to unlock the knowledge which may help cleanse the world! (And clean up your inventory!)

Side note: The way Samba animated this week's cutscenes is INCREDIBLE! The expressions are awesome, but it's how she did the bubbles flying that really makes the cutscenes shine for me! If you agree, show her some love on Twitter - Samba's Twitter - or let her know on the forum!

Quibble's NEW Dragon Gear!

Normally, the theme for Quibble's gear revolves around the current main storyline in the game. But since he was in town while WE were OUT of town, we thought he might be able to procure some dragon-themed gear in honor of Dragon*Con!

Talk to him this Friday to /equip the color-custom Prismatic Kahn of Dragons Set (for ACs) or the member-only non-CC Kahn of Dragons Set!

Dage's War Meter: 100%!

Dage may have lost the war for the Underworld, but his followers achieved a different kind of victory last night. We set you all a challenge - to get Dage's war meter to 100% by release time on Friday and you BEAT it! Pushing on after defeat in order to reach a goal takes determination, and you Legion members and Dage-mercenaries proved you've got it!

As promised, Dage is now offering the Paragon Set for Adventure Coins OR Legion Tokens! The prices are as follows:

  • Paragon Plate - 2,000 ACs
  • Paragon Helm - 125 ACs
  • Paragon Cape - 85 ACs
  • Paragon Plate - 400 Legion Tokens
  • Paragon Helm - 100 Legion Tokens
  • Paragon Cape - 75 Legion Tokens

NOTE: The female version of the Paragon Plate isn't ready yet. Dage will finish that after we get back to the Lab on Tuesday after Con. (We will be traveling all day Monday.)

NOTE 2: The Paragon Plate and the Legacy of Nulgath Armor will leave September 21st! All of the other war gear going rare leaves on September 4th. See what that list includes in this Design Notes post!

Reminder: Power Gem NOT in this week's newsletter

To combat confusion over why people are either not getting the newsletter or not getting their power gem, we've removed the Power Gem link in this week's newsletter. We will add a way to get more Power Gems into the game itself as soon as we're back from Con! To repeat: you should NOT see a Power Gem link in your Newsletter this week. We will get you a reliable way to receive Power Gems next week!

Double Rewards at Ballyhoo!

Now through September 16th, if you live in the United States, when you visit Ballyhoo and watch our How To Train Your Dragon ad, receive DOUBLE the usual rewards! As long as you see the HTTYD video and background skin, you'll receive 1,000 gold OR a chance to gain 7 Adventure Coins! Just /join battleontown to view Ballyhoo ads up to 10 times a day!

All good Heroes should know the basics of How to Train Your Dragon... and her new ad shows you a great resource to do that! View her ad, then open the Magic Treasure Chest for a chance to gain either 7 free AdventureCoins OR 1,000 gold!

* If you live outside the US, you can still watch Ballyhoo's regular ads for a chance to get either 500 gold or a few Adventure Coins!

Target and Matomy Promotion Reminders!

Remember: redeem the Artix Entertainment gamecard from Target stores before the end of August 31, 2012 (today) to unlock the Bullseye Spear! The 2,000 AC version of the spear Valencia is selling will also be removed at the end of the night.

Complete at least one offer through our Matomy AExtras promotion by September 2, 2012 to complete for a chance to win the grand prize: a combo pack of the black Artix and Sepulchure action figures! You can also win either 3,000 or 4,500 ACs!

Dragon*Con is CRAZY!

There is SO much to do, even more to see, and best of all, we get to meet some of YOU guys! I've talked to so many players already and can't wait to meet more at tomorrow's Panel!

If you're in the area tomorrow, we hope you'll stop by the Panel! It's at the Hilton Atlanta Holtel in "Grand Salon E" at 5:30PM. We'll have prizes, teasers of what's going to happen in our games, and SO much that we haven't planned!

Everyone who stops by the Panel and signs up will get an epic in-game souvenir of their visit! If you can't come, though, find a friend with the 2012 Dragon Con code and then talk to Valencia in /battleontown to get the FREE Chainfire Blade!

Enjoy the release! I'm going to go track down Cysero and Rolith. We need to make sure Artix doesn't slay ALL the zombies in Atlanta or there will be none left to make more epic TV shows.

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