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March 24, 2015

Dates to Remember: April 2015

Mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

Prepare to bare your blades, because we've got a TON of dark and deadly releases coming your way in April! Keep an eye out for MORE releases, activies, suggestion shop updates, and contests coming in April! We'll post news as it comes in.

This week:
March 27: ShadowFlame War, Part 1
March 27: Dage and Laken birthday rares leave, Draconic DoomKnight AC package leaves

Next week:
April 3: ShadowFlame War Boss and Grenwog
April 3: Friday the 13th / Lucky Day rares, DageXNulgath rares, and Bladelord of Vokun leave
April 10: Firestorm Onslaught: Feverfew Falls

April 13th - 17th:
April 17th: Legend-only Firestorm side-release and Earth day

April 20th - 24th:
Dage's Betrayal storyline, Part 2

Dage's Birthday House Items: Rares List

  • Legion Weaponscrafter
  • Bloodfiend Statue
  • Toxic Fiend Statue
  • Infernal Fiend Statue
  • Dreadfiend Statue 
  • Lord of the Underworld Statue
  • Dage the Paragon Statue
  • Undead Lich King Statue
  • Dage Cake
  • Legion Blacksmith
  • Undead Weaponscrafter
  • Legion Anvil
  • Legion Mirror 
  • Legion Wall Hanging
  • Dage's Throne
  • Legion Fortress
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