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November 30, 2014

Become a Legion Paladin

Legion Paladin Class Skills Breakdown

Legion Paladins are the dishonest and evil protectors of… DAGE and DAGENESS! Heh, but really... You used to be a Paladin and now you’re the undead minion of a seemingly invincible armored lich. Use your skill in both light and darkness to strike down all who oppose.. Whatever you believe you’re fighting for.

How to Unlock Legion Paladin Class

When you buy a Legion Armor T-shirt or Paladin Armor T-shirt from, each comes with an awesome weapon and half of the "Legion Paladin" class. Combine both halves to create the full class in AdventureQuest Worlds! Themed after the shirts... we merged Artix's Paladin armor and Dage's Paragon armor together into a horrifying and powerful new class. 

  • Get the Legion Light of Destiny when you buy the Legion Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Purified Caladbolg Sword when you buy the Paladin Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Legion Paladin CLASS when you buy both T-shirts

Legion Paladin Class Skills

Auto Attack: Pretty basic. 2 second cooldown.
You need to be able to swing around your weapon somehow.

Extirpate: 15 Mana, 5 second cooldown

Increases damage taken by 10% while increasing damage done by 25% for 6 seconds.

Mending Gloom: 30 Mana, 8 second cooldown

Heals up to 2 friendly targets.

Shadowlight Spear: 32 Mana, 12 second cooldown

Does increased damage, but applies Bones Aflame, doing DoT damage to yourself.

Shadowplate & Penumbra Rank 4 Passives

Increases your endurance by 15%
Reduces damage taken from spells by 25%

Neat little passives. Helps you survive more. Not much to say about it.

Soul Breaching: 15 Mana, 12 second cooldown

Damages enemies while enhancing mana regeneration with a guaranteed crit.

Overall View of the Class

Legion Paladins gain mana when they strike an enemy in combat. Most prefer strength, intellect but don't mind endurance and dexterity.

  • Medium healing + mana support. 
  • High damage, no AoE. 
  • Works well as a hybrid. 
  • No bonuses or debuffs to your own or enemy hit chance or haste. 
  • Huge damage but comes with a price.. one you’re totally capable of healing right back.

November 28, 2014

Battle the AbominEATER!

Time to Clean Up After the Feast!

After Dage's Legion attacked Battleon and destroyed the Harvest Feast, YOU have to save what's left(overs)! Take on Goredon Rampage and the AbominEATER and serve up some just desserts!

This feast was to DIE for!

Because the Legion had the higher war meter as of release time, they win their war objective! A permanent recruiting station will be placed in Battleon to bring new Heroes to the Legion and give existing members new quests to do and gear to get!

AQW Hero Vadurr says: NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Boss drops for dessert:

  • Legion Airstrike Pet
  • Legion Cannon Pet
  • Dual Abomineator Axes
  • Double-Headed Abomineator Poleaxe
  • Dual Rampage Katanas
  • Rampage Morph
  • Rampage Morph Locks

Black Friday 2014 Shop Leaves December 8th

Talk to Zorbak in Battleon for the Black Friday 2014 shop FULL of dark and half-off gear, including the Evolved Legion Vampire, Dark Dreadhaven General, and more! The shop leaves December 8th!

Shadow Drakath is always right behind you!

Weekend Updates

  • The Countdown to Black Friday and Fallenfire shops will be added back to Zorbak in Battleon.
  • The Ultra Shadow Vampire Scythe quest will be added back early next week.
  • Cyber Monday begins THIS Monday, December 1st!
  • The FallenFire AND the Black Friday Prize Rush winners will be chosen early next week.
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November 28, 2014

AQWorlds Black Friday 2014

First Look at the Darkest Gear of the Year!

Head to Battleon today and talk to Zorbak to access the Black Friday shop (or find it in your game menu)! Then celebrate the Harvest Fest by saving your friends and family AND Battleon in our Feast of Souls event! We've got a bankload of items headed your way; before you head off to celebrate, check these beautifully black blades, armors, and accessories out!

Shadow Legion Vampire

The color-customizable Shadow Legion Vampire Armor, helm, and weapons will all be available for AdventureCoins in the Black Friday shop!

If you're a member of the Undead Legion, buy the armor to unlock a shop in your game menu with the Legion exclusive Shadow Legion Vampire (non-color custom)* for a small amount of Legion Tokens!** PLUS on Monday we'll add a daily quest for the ULTRA scythe and its crazy-awesome bonuses!  

  • Shadow SoulWeaver armor
  • Dark Judgement Scythe
  • Dark Dreadhaven General armor set
  • Dark Phoenix Plate
  • Dark Bones armor
  • Dark Blood of Nulgath armor

  • Dark Drakath Pet 
  • Black BattleCorn Pet
  • Dark Derp Dage Pet 
  • Shadow Indian Twig Pet 
  • Shadow Airstrike Pet
  • Dark Sprites Pet
  • The Dark Creature

  • Shadow DragonHead Blade 
  • Dark Dual Arachnotanas 
  • Dark Arachnotana 
  • ShadowFang's Blade
  • Obsidian Blade of Nulgath
  • Shadow Phoenix Blade

Also available for a limited time: the Dark Dual Taro Manslayers from Nulgath's "Combat Style: Taro Manslayers" quest and the Dark Undead Assassin armor and helm in Dage's Undead Legion merge shop!

* For you heroes who LOVE black and blue, this is the way to go if you want to stick with this specific color palette.
** The Evolved Legion Vampire armor cannot be sold until December 9th (24 hours after the Black Friday shop leaves on December 8th). 

New Half-Off Gear for 2014!

EVERYbody loves it when stores take half-off their inventory, so this year we've got a whole host of new we've chopped down! 

Aren't you glad we kept the parts WITH handles?

  • Half-Off Bright Dragon Blade 
  • Prime Blade of Half-Off 
  • Half-Off Light of Destiny
  • Half-Off Chaos Mask 
  • Half-Off Chainsaw Hand
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November 27, 2014

Double Boost Power Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving from the AQWorlds Team!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to have you battling alongside us; without you, we could not make AQWorlds! Have a happy and safe holiday, everyone!  (Or a wonderful regular Thursday, if you aren't in the US.)

As our way of saying thanks and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday, the DOUBLE REP, CLASS POINTS, GOLD and EXP BOOST for for our Snowy Thanksgiving Power Weekend has been activated!

Feast of Souls War Update!

Zorbak just sent out a message to all servers... and it sounds like HE is having a happy ThanksTAKING!

Zorbak: Mehehehe! Since I stole a huge chunk of your armies for MY undead legion to feast on, I give you DOUBLE XP and REP! Mehehe

Black Friday Begins Tomorrow!

Log in tomorrow morning for the Black Friday shop, and tomorrow night for the Feast of Souls War Boss battles!

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November 26, 2014

Black Friday 2014 Prize Rush

Log In to AQWorlds on Black Friday to Win!

You like to play AQWorlds, and we like to reward you for playing it! Because Black Friday is a day to have fun running around hunting for extra-special deals, we wanted to do something crazy, too!

So if you log in at ANY point during Black Friday, you'll be entered into the Black Friday prize pool for a chance to win 1 of 100 copies of the exclusive Shadow-themed weapon! The ONLY way to get that gear is to login to AQW. That's all you've got to do!*

Grab your friends and get to battling!

We will hold this same drawing on Cyber Monday, but with a different prize going to 100 different people! Prizes will be awarded next week!

* You only need to log in once to enter, and each account can only be entered once. 

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November 26, 2014

Dage Wants YOU

To Join the Undead Legion this Year!

Dage Recruitment War Scrolls are NOW AVAILABLE at Heromart! Dage the Evil wants YOU for the Undead Legion Army! The world is at war and Dage the Evil needs more minions to join him on the frontlines. Enlist today and recruit your friends and followers! Join today and receive the Legion Sergeant Armor set; terrify your enemies as you rack up ruthless victories across the battlefield! 

Dage Legion War Print HeromartProve your loyalty to Legion! 

The Dage Recruitment War Scroll comes with:
  • Legion Sergeant Armor
  • Undead Slasher Axe
  • Undead Legion Banner Cape
  • Legion Recruiter Helm

Hand-siged editions of the war scroll are ALSO available until supplies run out!

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November 26, 2014

Survive the Feast of souls

Save Battleon from the Undead Legion Attack!

The Harvest Fest has come, and all across Lore, heroes are gathering together. In the Underworld, Dage the Evil is preparing a celebration, too - a Feast of Souls! He's sending some VERY special guests to the Battleon feast, because this is the PERFECT time to gather the ingredients for HIS feast: NEW SOULS!

This feast is to DIE for!

Talk to Dage in Battleon to go to the /feastofsouls map and begin the war to save Battleon! His recruiter is ready to reap the darkest harvest, but if you survive, the rewards will be to die for!

War Objectives!

Dage's motives are VERY simple, and so are yours! After you watch the opening cutscene (and decide whether to taste the appetizer) in /feastofsouls, talk to Twilly to go to your battle map.

AQW Hero Rock lea says: TASTE MY BLADE!

In /harvestslayer:

  • Battle with your fellow heroes to save Battleon, the Harvest Fest, and your soul.
  • Turn in Slayer Medals to raise your war meter

In /harvestzombie:

  • Battle for the Legion to gather new souls for Dage AND add a permanent recruitment outpost in Battleon!
  • Turn in Rage Medals to raise your war meter

The side with the highest war meter by Friday evening will win!

War Rare Gear!

Dage's minions are out in FORCE this weekend, and you're getting a glimpse of some never-before-seen legion warriors! Take a look in the Feast of Souls Rares shop and you'll find...

So. Many. KATANAS!

  • the Abomineator set
  • the Rampage Blademaster set
  • the Legion Bank Guard Bank pet
  • and more!

Once the boss battles unlock this Friday, you'll get access to even MORE gear as you farm for the reward drops!

Update: Zorbak leaned on the "WAR OFF" button to be a little stinker. We've slightly reduced the war total, and turned the war button to ON, and given both sides 5000 waves so they start out on the same footing.

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November 26, 2014

Countdown to Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Week Item Hunt STARTS NOW!

Log in every day for a chance to get all-new gear in our Countdown to Black Friday rare bonus weapon hunt! And later today, if you don't have time to farm for the gear, you can talk to Zorbak in Battleon to get regular versions of the items!

These 0 AC, 1% drop items* will be available in-game as drops and from Zorbak's shop until the Black Friday shop leaves in early December!

Countdown to Black Friday schedule:

* Except for the ShadowBlast Flames, which are a 20% drop.

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November 25, 2014

AQW3D Tech Demo is LIVE

Legends can log in and chat in 3D NOW!

SURPRISE! The Pre-Thanksgiving tech demo of AQW3D is LIVE at for Legends RIGHT NOW! This is a VERY EARLY preview of our first-ever 3D game, and you should check out Cysero's explanation of just what you're looking at in this video!

Three. Dimensions. Of. AQWorlds!

Important Details for our Tech Demo!

Read on, and remember:

  • You must have an active membership to participate in the Tech Demo
  • In this first preview, you can log in, chat, run around, and dance
  • We will leave the demo up for a while unless it breaks horribly* 
  • If you have bugs, please report them on Twitter

* And it might, but that just means you get to experience life as a game tester!)

Come hang out with us!


If you are using Chrome, you need to unblock the Unity3D plugin for it to work.

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November 21, 2014

2015 Dragons Calendar

Unlocks Chrono DragonKnight Class at Heromart!

A brand-new year approaches, and that means a brand-new Calendar has arrived at HeroMart. Last year we created a “poster calendar hybrid” featuring a battle scene of Artix vs the Undead, but this year we’ve returned to the classic “flip calendar” model to showcase even more breathtaking art. In addition to providing A LOT more writing room for each day of the month, every page depicts a different Dragon type, ranging from Slime Dragons to Faerie Dragons to even the 3-Headed Trigoras Dragon.

2015 Dragon CalendarOrder your Calendar now at!

Includes exclusive Chrono DragonKnight Class:

  • Chrono DragonKnight Class
  • Chrono DragonKnight Armor Set
  • Chrono DragonKnight battlepet (Legend-only)
  • Character Page and Book of Lore badges
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November 21, 2014

Dragon's Dawn is Live

Let the Hunt for the First Chosen One Begin!

It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. To the west of the Dragon's Lair lies a cave... and deep inside it lies the hoard of Ektorax the Slime Dragon! 

The hunt begins tonight!

We do not know if he is friend or foe, but DragonMaster StoneScythe is sure of ONE thing - no one can tame and raise this dragon better than Lore's most-skilled Hero: YOU! This weekend, battle through /ectocave to find the first egg; save it now so that one day its hatchling and his children may work to create a new realm! 

Dragon's Hoard of Rewards!

When you're a DragonMaster, you need to look AND battle the part! That's why once you defeat Ektorax, you can begin a farming for the resources to create the full DragonMaster set... along with all the gear in the merge shop! 

In the Merge Shop, you'll find: 

  • Slimed Dragon Rogue Armor set
  • Ektorax Pet 
  • Slimed DragonMaster Scythe 
  • Slime Gear (cape, sword, slime helms) 

You got SLIMED! (Said no hero ever)

Ektorax drops:

  • Dragon Rogue Armor set 
  • Ichorus Egg (required to merge for the Ektorax Pet)
  • Ichorus Egg Nest house item
  • Ektorakx Slime Pet

Back to the Dragon's Lair

The Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Chosen Ones release takes us back to one of AQWorlds' most well-known and popular maps: the dragon-themed dungeon crawl in /lair... and our release aims to capture that dragonbattle-ready spirit once more! 

You can use this area as a farming zone or, if you're more interested in the story, you can accept DragonMaster StoneScythes quests to hunt for the Egg of Ichorus.

Talk to DragonMaster StoneScythe in /ectocave

Many of you who've played our single-player RPG, DragonFable, know about DragonLords - heroes who have a deep, psychic bond with their dragon companion thanks to the Dragon Amulet. DragonMasters are KIND OF like that, but without the psychic bond (or amulet). Many of them revere or respect dragonkind. They are not a group just out to abuse and exploit them. (*Cough* DragonMaster FROSTSCYTHE) 

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November 21, 2014

Limited Quantity Package Sets

Our Dragon Limited Quantity Gear is Almost Here!

Starting today at 9:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of these draconically-awesome sets! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Sheng Long Guardian

Price: 1000 ACs 
Total Quantity: 5000 (Initial stock: 2000, 600 per restock)

  • Sheng Long Guardian
  • Sheng Long's Fang
  • Sheng Long Slasher
  • Sheng Long Mask 
  • Sheng Long Helm
  • Sheng Long Backblades

Sheng Chi Guardian

Price: 75,000 gold 
Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)!

  • Sheng Chi Guardian
  • Sheng Chi's Fang
  • Sheng Chi Slasher
  • Sheng Chi Mask 
  • Sheng Chi Horns 
  • Sheng Chi Backblades

Dage's Underworld House

Price: 1500 ACs 
Total Quantity: 3000 (Initial stock: 1000, 400 per restock)

See all four rooms here.

  • Dage's Underworld House
  • Dage NPC which teleports you straight to the SoulForge 
  • Dage's Infernal Desolation Blade wall item

Dragon's Lair House

Price: 100,000 gold
Total Quantity: 7,500 (Initial stock: 4000, 700 per restock)
Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)! 

See all five rooms here.

  • Dragon's Lair House
  • Galanoth NPC which teleports you straight to the Red Dragon's Lair
  • Dragon Blade Plaque wall item

Draconis Pets

Price: 50,000 gold
Total Quantity: 30,000 (Initial stock: 15000, 3,000 per restock)

  • Solaria Raptor
  • Shadow Draconis 

* Available for ALL players!

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, November 21st, at 9L30 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page** 
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
  6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

  1. 9:30 AM Friday (initial stock)
  2. 7:30 PM Friday
  3. 5:30 AM Saturday
  4. 3:30 PM Saturday
  5. 1:30 AM Sunday
  6. 11:30 AM Sunday

** Link coming soon!

PS: the housing inventory spaces have been increased to 40!

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November 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Memet!

AQW's Nightmare Moglin Levels Up in Real Life!

In Lore, you don't GET presents for your birthday, you GIVE them! And that's why you should head to Battleon now: Memet, AQW's assistant game lead, has created a TON of heartbreakingly-cute hedgehog-themed gear for you to hunt for! 

Hologram Memet's Birthday Hunt Clues!

Because Memet is on vacation, she can't be in Battleon with you, but DID send a hologram to offer you the clues you'll need to find these ridiculously-adorable gear. OR you can just read the clues here!

I am a moglin nightmarish, as dark as dark can be. But I love a little hedgehog - my Hermes is sweet as can be. If you want I will dream up a Hermes just waiting to travel with you. But you'll have to fight to find him... and I've got some clues, I do!

  • The biggest, furriest beasts are no match for wee little, spiky Hermes. 
  • Neither tusks nor teeth nor fangs nor fur can keep him from you!
  • No wings, though. Hermeses don't fly, and neither do the creatures who have them.

Happy Birthday, Memet! 

Memet started working for Artix Entertainment in the Player Support department... until we saw how amazing she was as an artist and kidnapped her! Memet battles day in and night out creating amazing art for AQWorlds. She also works with Reens as the assistant game lead, helping with writing, making art, and mentoring AQWorlds' volunteer artists.

Wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter, then head to Battleon to get her hint and start hunting!

  • Hedgie Waif-er Hat
  • Hedgie Waif-ette Hat
  • Memet Hearts Hermes Pet
  • Hermes Hoglets Pet
  • Memet Mount Cape
  • Heart For Hermes Helm 
  • Triple Heart Hermes Helm 

Tomorrow the Memet + Hermes Bank Pet will release, too!

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November 20, 2014

Snow Buffalo Rare Hunt

Rare Snow Buffalo Pet Now Available for ALL!

There's no day like a snow day for rare item hunts! Thanks to the massive arctic blast hitting the Eastern US coast right now, we've got a LOT of heroes holed up at home, bored and trying to stay warm, so we've added the Snow Buffalo pet, helm, and cape for ALL players to Aisha's Drake in the Northlands map! Log in now for a chance to get these rare items!  

Take the Ice Drake DOWN!

For the next week (or until the snow storm subsides, whichever comes last), you can battle Aisha's Drake in the Northlands for a chance to get the following 0AC gear:

  • Snow Buffalo Pet 
  • Snow Buffalo Tail
  • Snow Buffalo Hood

November 19, 2014

The New Newsletter!

New Releases for November 21st

Looks like the newsletter leveled up and evolved into its new form! Check out all the new NEW happening this weekend in everyone’s favorite adventure game, AdventureQuest Worlds!

new MMO rare armor item set adventure quest worlds dragon game
Dragons dawn new mmorpg game release
action adventure armor arrives monday at aq worlds
2d rpg dragons calendar 2015 geek nerd gift holiday

Click here to see the new glorious newsletter before it hits Inboxes worldwide.

And share your thoughts on this new layout on my Twitter @BeleenAE!


November 17, 2014

Dragon's Dawn is Almost Here

The Hunt for the Chosen Ones begins this Friday!

It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. To the west of the Dragon's Lair lies a cave... and deep inside it lies the hoard of Ektorax the Slime Dragon! 

We do not know if he is friend or foe, but DragonMaster StoneScythe is sure of ONE thing - no one can tame and raise this dragon better than Lore's most-skilled Hero: YOU! This weekend, battle through /ectocave to find the first egg; save it now so that one day its hatchling and his children may work to create a new realm! 

Back to the Dragon's Lair

The Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Chosen Ones release takes us back to one of AQWorlds' most well-known and popular maps: the dragon-themed dungeon crawl in /lair... and our release aims to capture that dragonbattle-ready spirit once more! 

You can use this area as a farming zone or, if you're more interested in the story, you can accept DragonMaster StoneScythes quests to hunt for the Egg of Ichorus.

Once you reach the heart of the Ectocave, you'll find:

  • DragonMaster gear
  • Draconians
  • Dracolichs
  • Merge shops FULL of gear to quest for
  • Dragon and Egg pets
  • and more!

November 14, 2014

AQW's Hunger Games Tribute

Presenting the Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire!

This Friday, Harvest Fest meets Hunger Games! The AI-controlled HAMM processed Meat Factory has become sentient and has begun to play a deadly game… and its victory means total human annihilation!

Will YOU become the MockingSlayer?

If you don’t want to feed this machine’s desire for destruction, you’ll have to rescue the factory workers trapped inside before they are purified, processed, and pureed, then flip the kill switch on this ravenous AI. Keep your wits and blades sharp because in Lore... you ARE what you EAT!

Hero Under Fire: The Tribute is YOU!

Rules of the Extinction Games

  • /join Extinction to help Katnip battle through the Extinction Games Challenge set by Overseer SN.O.W.
  • The clock is ticking! If you don't get to the control room and shut him down... it'll be GAME OVER!
  • IF you defeat SN.O.W. you'll unlock two farming boss fights (one level 65!) to farm for merge shop resources!

The game is on! Will YOU survive?

Talk to Katnip in /extinction to check out the Rares shop full of fiery, animated gear,* then make sure to stop by Battleon and talk to Draigar to see his Draconic DoomKnight AC package sets!

PS: Turn your Music ON! Ghost made an INCREDIBLE soundtrack for this week's release! I've had it on loop all day.

* Non-animated versions will be in the merge shop. Animated flame versions will go rare.

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November 14, 2014

Draconic DoomKnight is Here

Purchase any AC package over $10 USD to Unlock!

Embrace the power of Darkness and you, too, may control the greatest Darkness Dragons Lore has ever seen! You can now unlock the Dragonic DoomKnight armor set when you buy any AC package over $10 USD

Dragons + Darkness = Power

How to Unlock Draconic DoomKnight

Once you've purchased your AdventureCoin package, the next step is to get your gauntlets on the gear!

  1. Purchase a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AdventureCoin pacakge in-game, through the portal, or on our website
  2. Log into your AQWorlds account and head to your Book of Lore
  3. Look under the "Other Achievements" tab to find the Draconic DoomKnight badge
  4. Click the badge to open your shop and get access to ALL the 0 AC gear (/cheer for free storage)

Draconic DoomKnight Gear Details

Made by Memet and Zoshi, the set includes the Draconic DoomKnight armor, helm, cape, and weapon, and are all included with a 2000 AC package. Buy either a 5000 or 12000 AC package to unlock the armor and bonus gear!

2000 ACs

  • Draconic DoomKnight Armor
  • DoomDragon's Helm
  • Draconic DoomKnight Wings
  • Dragon's DoomKnight Blade
  • Character page badge

5000 ACs

  • All four Draconic DoomKnight items plus
  • Dark Dragon's Winged Cape and
  • Dark Draconic Daggers
  • Character page badge

12000 ACs (unlocks ALL the gear!)

  • All four Draconic DoomKnight items plus
  • Dragon's DoomKnight BackBlades cape and
  • Dark Draconic Daggers and Polearm
  • Doom Dragon pet
  • Character page badge
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November 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, J6!

DING! You've leveled up in real life!

Today is J6's birthday! /cheer for him as you make your way to the Hyperium to grab the best bountyhunting birthday presents in AQWorlds! Find it in the Bounty Hunter shop, then gear up and get a move on... because adventures await across the galaxy!*

As he prepares to ride off to his birthday celebration, he's stopped by Battleon! You can pick up one of his birthday bikes, too!

  • J6 Bike in the Rares Shop
  • Floating J6 Helmet Pet in the Rares Shop
  • J5 Bike in the Merge Shop (Requires Chocolate Doubloon and 1 million gold)

The shop will be available until at least next Friday, so get your engines in gear and start celebratin'! Want to wish J6 a Happy Birthday? Feel free to spam his Twitter with joy, happiness, and muffins.

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November 12, 2014

New Game Release Nov. 14

Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire

hunger games parody extinction games in online mmo aq worlds

Inspired by the hit series the Hunger Games, AQW launches the Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire this Friday!

  • Deadliest Game in the entire game
  • Machines desire Human annihilation
  • Battle through the Packaging District and save mankind from being processed and pureed!

If you want to hit the #1 spot on the Hero Leaderboard, you've got to save Meeta, Kale, and Katnip from becoming the main course!

Draconic DoomKnight Tier

New MMO armor set with microcurrency AQ Worlds

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better! Bonus: harness the Draconic DoomKnight set when you buy your AC package!

  • 2000 ACs = Draconic DoomKnight Armor Set
  • 5000 ACs = Set plus Dark Dragon Daggers & Cape
  • 12000 ACs = Set plus Dagger, Cape, Polearm, and Pet

Become the Draconic DoomKnight starting Friday, November 14th, at 12:01 AM EST!

Order your 2015 Calendar!

dragons calendar in rpg store heromart

The time has come! HeroMart just received the 2015 Dragons Calendar!

  • Includes Chrono DragonKnight CLASS!
  • Breathtaking dragon art work month after month
  • Includes 7 in-game items for AQW
  • ED, MQ, and DF items included as well

We only ordered a limited amount of these beautiful Calendars, so get yours starting Friday at!

Next Week: Dragon’s Dawn

Dragons Dawn Release coming soon in mmorpg

The dawn is over the horizon; on the fateful day of November 21, everyone will discover the Dragon Ancestors!

  • Team up with the DragonMasters of Lore
  • Locate the fabled Dragon Eggs of the mighty dragon ancestors
  • New Limited Quantity Shop includes:
  • Dragon Gear, 2 Dragon-Themed houses, and a FREE PLAYER PET!

Spoiler Alert: your actions will determine which Dragons will rule in the upcoming mobile game, AQ: Dragons!

Like the AQ:Dragons FB page here!


November 12, 2014

Q&A with the Mods!

Answer All The Questions!

Sora here,

Anytime I go in game I’m always bombarded with questions from players, everything from “Who are you?”, “What do you do?”, “Is BLANK item going rare.”, “Can I have ACs”.  Answer to the last one is easy.  No.

Being a Moderator* you get a lot of the same questions from players either in game or via social media.  So I had the Mod team list their most frequently asked questions, here is what they came up with.

FAQ’s for Mods

Q: What do you do as a Moderator?
A: We moderate the game keeping it safe from scammers/traders and anyone breaking the chat rules.  This is done by going through the reports players make using the tools in game.  Every report submitted is read by a mod.  All Moderators are part-time volunteer staff who mod when they have the time.

Q: How do you become a Moderator?
A: You’ll need to keep an eye on the DN, when new mods are needed the application information will be posted.  And you must be 18.

Q: Why hasn’t this person been muted/banned.
A: Mod must go off what is seen in the report.  If there is nothing to mute/ban the person for then they are not.

Q: The player called me a Noob, why isn’t s/he muted.
A: Noob is not a mutable offense as it does not break the chat rules.  If a player is doing this simply /ignore them and continue playing.

Q: I reported this person hours ago for filter evasion, how come they’re not muted yet?
A: Reports are logged until a Moderator looks at them, which means it might be a while until a report is processed.  Being strictly voluntary staff Mods can’t patrol 24/7 but keep in mind all reports are read and dealt with.  If a player is harassing you always /report and /ignore and change rooms if needed.  Ignoring a player makes it so they cannot follow you if your /goto is still on and you can always turn that off.   /Ignore a wonderful feature so you use.

Q: Can you mute/ban me for a few minutes?
A: No, only players who break the rules are muted/banned, it’s not a tool used for entertainment.

Q:Can you unmute/unban my friend/me?
A: If you’ve been muted/banned you can contact the Help Desk.  Mods cannot undo this.

Q: Someone is trading via FB/Twitter, do something.
A: We can only deal with players in game through the /report function.  

Q: Someone hacked my account, can you get it back?
A: Moderators do not have access to account information, if you’ve been hacked you must contact the Help Desk.

Q: Can you put (insert item) in game.
A: No, Mods do not have access to putting anything in game.

Q: I have a screenshot of this player trading/cursing.
A: Screenshots are not accepted as they can be altered, always use the /report feature.

What makes a good report

Good reports include reporting a player for asking for a trade, asking password, threatening to hack someone, evading the chat filter, excessive harassment and inappropriate usernames and guilds.

Example:  “Player is asking me my password.” “Player is asking if I want to trade.”

You tell 'em!

Here's a handy guide on How To Report a Player in AQW.

Players blocking NPCs, spamming class skills or being /afk in PVP are not good reports as normally by the time a moderator sees them the player has logged off.  Also none of these break the chat rules, which as explained above is a Mods main duty.   It's best to just change rooms when you see any of this happening.

New Mods

I’ll also take this time to introduce some new mods who just passed their training, made it out alive and are now running around the game with fresh gold names**.  Please welcome,

Furious George
Shadow Sword

*Remember there are several different kinds of staff in game though we all have gold names, not everyone is a mod.
** Their names are so fresh they're not listed on the staff page yet, I'll be doing that soon.

One More Thing

Remember mods cannot do our jobs without the help of you.  Every report we read is because of the awesome players who want to keep AQW safe.  Anytime you see someone breaking the rules /report them and we will deal with it. 

We want to make AQW the safest game on the net and we will with the help of all of you!!  We mods thank you for your help!!


November 11, 2014

November is Dragon Month

All Dragons, All Month Long in AQWorlds!

Dragons are some of the most powerful, majestic, and magical creatures on Lore... and hands-down one of the most popular monsters in-game to battle for or against. We LOVE featuring them in releases because if any of Lore's denizens deserves an entire month devoted to celebrating them, it's dragons!

Ektorax the Ancient waits for you next Friday!

That's why we've got a dragon's lair-sized batch of content coming your way showcasing your favorite beasts to slay (or save, for you dracomancers)! Check out the dragontastic lineup of gear coming your way:

Draconic DoomKnight AC Package

Starting this Friday, November 14, at 12:01 AM, buy any AC package of $10 USD or more (that's the 2000, 5000, or 12,000 AC packages) to unlock the Draconic DoomKnight gear! Get ALL the details in this Design Notes post!

  • Get the 4 armor set item with the 2000 AC package
  • Get 6 items with the 5000 AC package
  • Get all 11 items with the 12000 AC package

Dragon's Dawn and Limited Quantity Sets

NEXT Friday, November 21, 2014, we will release the Dragon's Dawn: Hunt for the Ancients dungeon crawl and world hunt release to celebrate the imminent release of our newest mobile game: AQ:Dragons!

After you're doing battling to secure the future of the Great Dragons' bloodlines, check out the gear in our Dragon's Dawn Limited Quantity Shop!

The first LQS gear preview comes from from AQWorlds' artist Memet,** and showcases the Sheng Chi Guardian! When she jumps into battle in online MMOs, she rolls with a horde of Trollish monks. After all the dark dragon gear we've been releasing recently, she was inspired to create gear that would speak to the monks and mages among you as we prepare for all the battles and wars set to erupt over the next few weeks.

Also featured in next week's Limited Quantity Sets:

  • the Dragon's Altar House
  • Dage's Underworld Skull House
  • the ShadowWyrm and BrightWyrm pets

** She is now officially AQWorlds' DragonLady, having almost-singlehandedly created the majority of November's Dragon-themed gear these last few weeks!

2015 Calendar: Chrono DragonKnight Class

The 2015 Calendar should arrive this week or next, and will start shipping soon! Keep an eye on the Design Notes for the Chrono DragonKnight Class Skills breakdown, and keep checking HeroMart for news on the exact release date!

The 2015 Calendar is FULL of some of the most amazing art we've ever made (seriously, the work Dage, Oishii, Thyton, and the other team members have done is incredible), and I am so glad we have 12 months of it to look forward to! 

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November 10, 2014

Hunger Games and Harvest Fest

Friday: Battle to Survive... the Extinction Games!

No one ever stops to think about where their food comes from, you know? But this weekend, when machines develop a taste for heroism, you're going to need to keep your wits AND your blade sharp, because you and all the factory workers are on the menu! 

MockingSlayer: Hero Under Fire

After one of Lore's most state-of-the-art meat-processing factories receives the deadliest operating system upgrade, it begins a deadly game... and its victory means TOTAL HUMAN ANNIHILATION!

Overseer SN.O.W. wants to see you FAIL!

If you don’t want to feed this machine’s desire for destruction, you’ll have to battle alongside Katnip through the Packaging district to rescue the factory workers trapped inside before they are purified, processed, and pureed! 

Hunger Games Meets Harvest Fest

If you want to hit the #1 spot on the Hero Leaderboard, you've got to save Meeta, Kale, and Katnip from becoming the main course!

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November 10, 2014

November Dates to Remember

Feast Your Eyes on What's to Come!

Prepare to bare your blades, because we've got a TON of dark and deadly (and sometimes deliciously-dangerous) releases coming your way in November! We've got a deliciously-dangerous lineup for you this month!

The Hunt For the Dragons Begins this Month!

  • Tonight: Deep Terror Blade, Thalyssa's Hat, and the TLaPD pirate helms leave
  • Tomorrow: Talk to Valencia to hunt for the +5 BloodBinder Katana
  • 11/12: J6's birthday shop
  • 11/14: Mogloween hub and event rares leave!* 
  • 11/14: Extinction Games: Heroes Under Fire
  • 11/14: Draconic DoomKnight AC set (based on the Macabre Sepulchure monster)
  • 11/17: 6th birthday event rares leave
  • 11/19: In-game Mod Hide-and Seek (with rewards!)
  • 11/21: Dragon's Dawn: Search for the Ancestors dungeon crawl
  • 11/21: Dragon's Dawn Limited Quantity Shop (with an all-new dragon-themed house or two!)
  • 11/26: Dark Harvest: A Feast of Souls
  • 11/27 -12/1: 2X Boost Weekend
  • 11/29: Black (and Blue) Friday Shop and Black Friday Prize Rush
  • 12/1: Cyber Monday Shop

The Lycan Class will be permanently available, and is not leaving on Friday.

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November 07, 2014

Feast on the Dark Harvest

Prepare for Terror, Turdrakens, and Triumph!

Log in this weekend and bare your blades as Lore’s most deliciously-deadly festival begins! Destruction is on the menu when you /join harvest, and if you want to survive the feast, you’ll need to carve your way out of danger!

Are you ready for terror, turdrackens, and TRIUMPH?!

In this Friday's release, you will find all the previous year's Harvest maps and adventures. Talk to Samba in the /Feast map to get your Dark Harvest adventures underway!

  • 10 zones to battle through
  • 6 shops overflowing with Harvest-themed gear
  • Dozens of monsters ready to carve YOU up
  • And over 125 items to find, collect, or claim

Break a wishbone!

You once again have the chance to get the seasonal Kung Food Fighter Achievement Badge by pelting your fellow players with food and Members can unlock the Turdraken Member Only Area with its own special unlockable shop and Seasonal house!

Get all 15 items with a 12 month membership!

Unlock all 15 items in the BrightFall Commander set by purchasing a 12 month membership on our upgrades page, in-game, or on the Portal Site and outshine your opponents while you protect Empress Gravelyn's Mirror Realm home!

Will you vow to guard Empress Gravelyn's home?

The concept for the BrightFall Commander set comes from long-time player and artist, Reki! He's been showing us his AQW designs on Twitter for a very long time, and when Dage and I sat down to talk about ideas for a Good-themed armor, he immediately brought up Reki's design. 

The BrightFall Commander set includes:

  • 1 Armor
  • 8 Helms
  • 2 Weapons
  • 4 Capes (including one color-customizable set of wings)
  • a Character Page badge
  • ALL the Legend Perks that a membership unlocks!
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