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October 29, 2010

WAR: You're a Vampire!

WAR returns to Battleon!

There are rumors foating around about this new vampire lord named Incubus.

Safiria has said that he was once one of her loyal vampire subjects but has decided to strike out on his own and try to grab a piece of the pie for himself.

(There's a blood pie joke in there somewhere)

We're not EXACTLY sure what he's planning but it involves him taking over Battleon AND Mystcroft with his army og Vampire Ghouls, Vampire Bats and Hemogoblins.

This is a call for ALL HEROES to defend Battleon. It's time to put aside your differences and join the battle. It doesn;t matter if you are a member or a non-member, good or evil, pirate or ninja, werewolf or vampire... we need every one of you!

This war features an interesting twist. If you are one of the heroes who has been stockpiling Candy Corn then this is for you. Donate enough Candy Corn to the war effort and the MEGA Defender medals will start dropping faster... and faster.... and faster. It all depends on how much you donate!

There are brand new item drops coming from the war monsters and some REALLY great stuff drops off of Incubus... if you can get to him in time to save Battleon and Mystcroft!

ONE-EYED DOLL returns to AQW!

Kimberly has decided to give you some musical encouragement to help you in the war effort.You can hear One-Eyed Doll's new single, "You're A Vampire" as you fight through waves and waves of bloodthirsty minions.

In an AdventureQuest Worlds FIRST, we are also happy to be able to show you the brand new MUSIC VIDEO for "You're A Vampire", starring Kimberly and Junior and directed by Patrick Kendall. This is also a special version of the video that you won't see anywhere else (until it hits YouTube). AQW player XYO lent us his talents and edited AQW in-game art into this special AQW version! (that's a low of AQW!)

To view be one of the first people in the world to see this music video premiere just click on the "One-Eyed Doll" button in Battleon or from the first room in the WAR!

Video Room In Game
Video Room In-Game

You will also be able to grab a few Video Premiere items that we made to celebrate One-Eyed Doll letting us be the stage for the world premiere of their video.

2nd Upholder... Last Chance!

Next week the 2nd Upholder offer ends and the Character Page Badges and Onyx Star Sword rares will be delivered to all of AQW's 2nd Upholders so if you're the tyoe of person who likes to wait until the last minute... this is it. The last minute is here!

Remember: If you miss out you will NEVER have another chance to become a 2nd Upholder and you'll have to wait an entire YEAR just to become a 3rd Upholder!

Epic Pumpkin Madness!

Our Pumpkin Carving Contest is still going strong and we are really loving all the great entries (minus a few who folks try to pull one over on us, rather poorly i might add) and you still jhave time to enter! Remember the First Prize Winners get a custom made Mogloween sword that only a handful of people in the entire game will have. We're talking like... 10, max. That's counting mods.

It's time to bust out your carving sword and hack n' slash your way to artistic victory!

Wow, that just went in a weird direction. Sorry.

The contest ends THIS SUNDAY, Oct 31st, so get to it!


October 28, 2010

Time is Running Out

Who gave Time Travel Faeries a +10 Agility buff?

With Mogloween in full swing and the Chaos Lord fight a mere week away aand the return of Kimberly from One Eyed Doll aaand word of a Vampire Lord gathering an army aaaand the Birthday Event coming to an end aaaaand pumpkin carving masterpiece madness aaaaand 2nd Upholders and Onyx Starswords on their way aaaaaannnndd

… wait wait wait WAIT! Who changed the Design Notes back to black?

Now that my pink reign of terror is over, you can see that there is A LOT going on right now and in the near future.

First thing on the agenda: our 2nd Birthday Event is going RARE!

2nd Bday swag

This is your last chance to get your hands on AQWorlds’ Second Birthday Rare items. On Wednesday, November 3rd, all of the Rare Items throughout the event will FOREVER disappear and will NEVER be offered again.

So for all you Rare Item collectors out there, or if you’re just starting off your collection, or if you just wanna have a piece of AQWorlds history, then hurry up and play through the Birthday Event to make sure to get all those Rares while you still can!

November 3rd is also when our wonderful Members will be bestowed with the honor of 2nd Upholder! This weekend is your last chance to get the 2nd Upholder Achievement and the collector's Onyx Starsword that will be awarded on Wednesday!

Becoming a 2nd Upholder is easy!

All you gatta do is:

memlogo Upgrade to become a Member

and then you get

2ndupholder2nd Upholder Achievement 

aaaaaaaand then on Wednesday you can show off your

totally epic Onyx Starsword!

Like Founder... once this achievement is gone, it will NEVER be available again. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the game during its 2nd anniversary! Without the support from you and your fellow Members, none of this would EVER be possible. And we have YOU to thank!

Founders will be receiving a NEW pet on Wednesday: the Onyx Platinum Dragon pet! Our Founders were the first supports of AQWorlds so if you see one of our old time friends in game, make sure to thank them for supporting us right from the get go =D  

AH, you guys are just so awesome I’ve lost my train of thought. What was I going to say…?


OH RIGHT! So I hear that some Vampire bat lookin’ guy is building an army. Right before Mogloween? Srsly dude? I have candy to collect and a costume to find… and there aren’t NEARLY enough solid pink costumes out there…

Luckily, Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll is coming to help! And she has a face-melting guitar-smashing new music video that is going to PREMIERE in game TOMORROW!

No, I can’t show you the video. BUT I can tease you with some new item previews =D


I do not know if the items during tomorrow night’s release are going to be perma Rare, or Event Rare, or Seasonal Rare, or Medium Rare (mmm, sounds delicious). I guess we will all have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Don’t forget, the Pumpkin Carving Contest ends this Sunday, October 31st. Make sure you get your entry in before then if you want a shot at the 5,000 AdventureCoin grand prize!


October 27, 2010

Vampire Siege

How to defend BattleOn 101

The Vampire Lord's army grows larger with each passing day. "There is no way we can win...", says head of the guard, Sir Render, "The attack on BattleOn could happen any day!" However, it seems the Vampire Lord is intending on making the army EVEN LARGER before launching his assault againt our small town. Perhaps he is waiting for the 31st? King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn met last night in game to form a plan of attack. Things did not go smoothly... and now they are seeking the advice of Safiria, the Vampire Queen.

Vampire Lord

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that One-Eyed Doll will be premiere their new music video INSIDE AQWorlds. this weekend Their new song is an awesome rock remix of one of their original songs... and oddly... it is the PERFECT music to battle this Vampire Lord's minions too.


October 26, 2010

One-Eyed Doll Returns!

New Song and Music Video Premiere

Kimberly, Lead Singer of One-Eyed Doll and former Chaos Lord, will be making a special appearance in AdventureQuest Worlds this weekend to premiere a new song!!!!!!! Check back tomorrow for more details.

The Vampire Lord's Army Grows Bigger

Four scouts were sent to determine the size and strength of the Vampire Lord's army in Mystcroft. Alas, only one returned... the other three are now reportedly minions of the Vampire. It gets wose, the army preparing to attack us... IS MASSIVE! King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn are meeting a few times in-game tonight and tomorrow to come up with a plan to defend the town of BattleOn. Things are looking grim however. The Vampire Lord's Army is already larger than we can possibly handle and is growing each day. By our scouts estimation we only have between 3 to 6 days before they attack!

Final Weekend for 2nd Upholder Achievement

This weekend is your last chance to get the 2nd Upholder Achievement and the collector's Onyx Starsword! To get the achievement upgrade to Member or have an active membership on or after November 3rd. Like Founder... once this achievement is gone it will never be available again. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the game during it's 2nd anniversary!

Pumpkin Carving Contest!

The Pumpkin Carving Contest ends on October 31st! Check out the entries.... they are AMAZING!


October 25, 2010

Vampire Lord

... sharp fangs and a sweet tooth.

Rumors are spreading that a Vampire Lord is gathering an army of monsters. We believe they intend to stage a full out assault on the town of BattleOn within the next 6 days. Warlic commented on the increasingly worrysome situation, "Interesting. The pathway of mist that connects our world to the haunted town of Mystcroft only lasts during Mogloween. If this Vampire Lord's army is successful, they will create a strong link to BattleOn and suck it into the mist at the same time their town dissapears."

All Vampire Hunters, Experts of the Supernatural, and all Heroes should be on standby... we are sending 4 scouts to keep us informed of enemy movements. We will have to find some way to distract the current Chaos Lord as we handle this imminent threat. Check back tomorrow for an update!

P.S. Please ask Beleen to change the Design Notes back to black... it is really hard to type this with my eyes shut.


October 22, 2010

Pink Takeover!

You have no other choice. You must survive through this monsoon of PINK in order to discover all the tricks and treats waiting for you in tonight’s release. Make the necessary preparations now. You have been warned.

What a crazy awesome week! The madness all started when Cysero left me in charge. He’s on vacation right now and has NO idea what I’ve done to the place. I thought AQWorlds needed more of a pink touch anyway. And I think I did a pretty good job ^___^

I guess we’ll see what Cy thinks when he comes back. Poor Artix, though. His vision bill might be coming out of my paycheck. Oh well. TOTALLY WORTH IT >:D

Limited Time Full Moon Shop

So there’s a full moon out tonight! And what better time to re-release the Limited Time Full Moon Shop in Battleon! I asked you all if you would like the return of this 24-Hour shop; 90% of the responses all wanted the shop to come back, but the other 10% who got the Dire Wolves from the last full moon really wanted to keep their unique pets. So I haz an idea!

2 wolves howling at the moon

The Metallic Crescent Staff has returned along with two all new wolf pets: Fenrir and the Direly Adorable Wolf! Okay so I *might* have abused my boss-like privileges on that last one. But can you blame me? She’s too cute AND has pink painted toenails.

Remember, as the name suggests, this shop WILL ONLY be available for 24 hours. Just like the Full Moon & Midnight Dire Wolves, no one knows if these items will ever return. So make sure you get them while you can! The Countdown is already underway!    

Mogloween 2010: Children of the Candy Corn

The Cauldron Sisters can make some seriously sweet candy, but they are pretty much helpless otherwise. (Aren’t they supposed to be witches? Whatever.) The Sisters need your help again! Their candy corn suppliers have suddenly disappeared and it is up to you and your friends to travel to the candy corn fields and find the cause.  

Beating up chaos kids on Mogloween? Classic.

We are pretty sure no 80’s movie has ever been made about this, so it looks like you are on your own. Good luck!

Mogloween Seasonal Rares

Who needs to spend Gold this Mogloween? Pffffttt. The Cauldron Sisters have that all NEW Merge Shop that I was talking about earlier. So instead of forking over loads of Gold, you get to collect Candy from Mogloween baddies and TRADE it in for wickedly amazing Mogloween Seasonal Rares! Click the "Mogloween Shop" in their text bubble and get shoppin'!

There are 25 Mogloween items waiting for you in this shop. 4 Weapons, 6 Armors, 11 Helms, 2 Capes, and 2 Pets. Some other items may be required to get some of the best Seasonal Rares offered in this shop.

Magi of Zo

This will be a trick-or-treat adventure unlike any other! Seriously…it’s the FIRST time we have done something like this.

Oh and yea, there’s a SECRET shop hidden somewhere in this new map. *hint* Make sure you have a Great Mogloween Pumpkin helm or else you can’t get this secret rare item…if you can even find it, that is.

OH and double yea, the Pumpkinlord Class (along with some other sweet item drops) can be found in this new map. Hack n slash your way through those baddies and get what you want! And possibly get something that you never know even existed.

More items throughout Lore

One of Skyline’s friends, Razgriz, requested dual-wielding versions of the Iryerris Blade that is currently found in Valencia’s AC Shop in Battleon Town. So we decided to make one! Erm, well I guess 2, since there are 2 of them now… But yeah! Head to Valencia and get the Dual Iryerris!

Dual Iryerris

Also, 2 new items have been added into Dage’s Shop. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Good… it’s supposed to be a secret anyway =p BUT! If you know what I’m talking about, go find Dage somewhere in Lore and check out his shop. There are 2 Ultra Rare items in there that will ONLY be available for a limited time!

Thank you everyone!

Mogloween is one of the most fun times of year. And you guys and gals make it even more fun! Because of the support from our fellow Members and 2nd Upholders, we can continue making these releases bigger and better and totally more epic!

…and maybe even more pink in the near future =p

Hahahha! I’m joking! (maybe)

Thanks everyone, and enjoy tonight’s spooktastical release!

Battle On ^____^ 


October 22, 2010

PINK Design Notes Pink!?!?

Beleen is in charge this week O_O

The design notes... Beleen... why.... why...... oh.. may the fates have mercy on us all... 

Cysero.... please come back home soon!!!!


On the weekend of November 7th, the team and I will be running a booth at the ShadoCon convention in Tampa, Florida (The BattleBooth!) One Eyed Doll will be there too! You can meet us and hang out! If you bought anything on HeroMart and would like it signed, bring it :-) We will also have stuff there with us (including the new Novel and 2011 Calendar) At the same time, not far away in Tampa, Voltaire will be receiving an award at an independent film festival for his recent short film. 

Several months ago, when I heard we were all going to be in the same place at the same time I extended an invitation for One Eyed Doll and Voltaire to come stay at my new home while in town. There is only one catch... the house is not finished or livable yet. With only two weeks left before they are in town... I am missing a few things: A Floor. Power. Furniture. Lights. There is water! But no faucets or tiles in the showers or anything to stop the water from destroying everything in sight. So I did exactly what you would expect me to do... I called them up. Then, in my most confident smiling voice said, "No problem, your room will be ready when you arrive!*" You guys have seen the team pull off some pretty crazy things online in only two weeks -- but this one pretty much moves to the impossible category. I have always believed that we are capable of doing anything. You just have to believe in yourself and no matter how bad it looks, NEVER EVER give up**. The upside is, if I can actually do it...  the first night I spend in the new home will be the same night my guests arrive***!

* 100 gold says Kimberly choses the DoomKnight Room. (That is a projection from my laptop so we can carve a sculpture of it into the wall.) The room is going to be decorated according to Voltaire's book: Paint it Black.
** Although you never know when something unexpected comes up
*** Someone better clear those backup drives off the comfy couches at the lab just to be safe ;-)

Don King?

Apparently we have a conference call with Don King tonight around 5. Does this mean he wants to promote PvP in AQworlds or do I need to start boxing? ...this is such a weird month!! (Update: Awww... I did not get to speak to Don King directly :-( They have a big boxing match coming up in November. I am not sure if AQWorlds is the best venue to promote boxing... which is sort of wierd, because I think football/soccer, race cars, skiing, etc would be fine. What do you think? Are you a boxing fan?)

Happy Mogloween!

Happy Mogloween friends... This release is a classic parody of a classic... and we found a way to make it even MORE "corn"-y. Also, there is a full moon tonight and Beleen is bringing back the 24-hour full moon shop. Gear up for next week Chaos Lord Battle. Battle on!

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October 21, 2010



Ahahahah, WAHAHHAA, ahahahahahahahaahaaaaaa, heeehhehehee WHAHAHAHAA! You guys like my Mogloween trick!?! WHAHAHA it's a treat to me though!


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October 20, 2010

New Fun in Store!

Well, technically, it’s in a Shop.

There is a new type of shop coming to AQWorlds this Friday that you are going to love! For lack of a better fancy-pants name, we are calling it a Merge Shop.


That jpeg hardly does it justice. Merge Shops will allow you to get certain items by trading in other items instead of just flat-out buying it with Gold. A great example is the PvP Trophy system in Battleon where you trade in Trophies (currently set as Quest turn-ins) to get the wicked PvP gear Dumoose offers.

But there’s a problem with this current system. You can SEE the item name that you want, but you can’t SEE the item itself until you turn your hard-earned PvP Trophies in. And what happens if you slaved in PvP combat, traded your trophies in, but didn’t like the item reward?

Merge Shops fix that!


Tadaa! You get a lovely preview of the item along with the item turn-ins required. Merge Shops will put an end to the crazy get-quest-then-get-items-required-for-that-quest-and-then-turn-in-quest-after-getting-those-items-and-then-get-item-reward-that-you-cannot-see-until-after-you-turn-in-the-quest madness.

We will start putting these new Merge Shops all over Lore in the near future. The first Merge Shop you will encounter will be in this week’s upcoming new Mogloween release!  

Mogloween 2010

Jack-o-Dooms and crazed monocle-wearing dentists have nothing on the newest Mogloween installment. This Friday at sundown, you and your buddies are going to discover where the Cauldron Sisters get their candy supplies from… where else than the Candy Cornfields! scarecrow

But the Sisters’ candy corn suppliers haven’t filled this year’s order yet. History tells us that something must be wrong, and you must travel to the candy cornfields to uncover what is holding up the operation. Brand new monsters, a whole new zone, killer cutscenes, and Mogloween Seasonal Rares await!

The Mogloween Seasonal Shop from previous years will be returning… but in a different way. Remember that Merge Shop thing I told you about? Yup, this will be your first encounter with this new feature! The monsters in the candy cornfields will be loaded with all sorts of candy that you can collect and turn-in for spook-tastical armors, weapons, helms and more, some being past Mogloween favorites and others being brand new! W00t!

…wait, why can’t I trade in my candy IRL for new clothes? Does HeroMart accept payments by bubblegum? I’ll have to look into this.  

And for those who have been wondering about the Pumpkinlord Class… YES, it WILL come back as a drop off this year’s big bad boss ^____^ (I’m not sure if I was supposed to tell you that…)

More Pumpkins!

If you have logged into Battleon recently (which I hope you have!), you probably noticed a giant glowing pumpkin chillin’ over by Twilly. If you click that gourd, it will give you some links to give your friends the free and rare Great Mogloween Pumpkin helm!


Much like the Marshmallow on a Stick for the Friday the 13th Event, this lovely pumpkin helm can be Upgraded! But not yet. You are ganna have to wait until this week’s release in order to upgrade this helm into a Fiery Mogloween Pumpkin or a . Wahahha >:D It’s super secret, so you’ll have to find out for yourself (if you can find it… and if Dage doesn’t leak the secret ahead of time lol!)  

Speaking of pumpkins, the Pumpkin Carving Contest is still underway! If you have no shame in chopping up a defenseless pumpkin, gourd, or squash, then this contest is PERFECT for you!

You can see a full list of rules on the Official Contest Forum Post. Some of the entries are REALLY awesome, and for those of you who poured your hearts (and knives) into carving a pumpkin, I want to personally thank you =D

Knight of the Dragon haz srs skillz!

You wouldn’t believe some of the entries I have seen with people COPYING last year’s winners and pretending it to be their own. This makes me so sad =( I don’t like to use frowny-face emotes, but whenever I see someone copying someone else’s hard work, and claiming it to be their own, I can’t help but equal-sign open-parentheses.  

So let’s keep this fun, guys and gals! That’s what a contest is all about, right? Right! Also, Cysero promised a super-cool item for the Grand Prize Winner—on top of 5,000 ACs—so what do you have to lose? (Please don’t say a finger, because I KNOW how sharp those carving tools can be!)

Click here to go to the Contest Post! Check out this year’s current competition and post a pic of your own pumpkin masterpiece!   

Full moon this Friday?

According to Google, it is! When was the last time we celebrated a Full Moon? …did we do something special before involving wolves or something? Would you guys like the return of the limited-time only Full Moon shop?

Lemmie hear your thoughts on my Twitter! Majority wins =D


October 18, 2010

Tercessuinotlim Fixed

the path has been reopened!

Over the weekend, Miltonius made some secret changes to his super-secret area that you may or may not know about. The team didn’t even know about it—that’s how secret it was!

Long story short, fixes to the Tercessuinotlim* map have been made and the path has been reopened. So thanks to you and your friends (and a LOT of thanks to Reens and our great Forums staff), we were able to make the proper fixes so you can continue playing through Miltonius’ secret zone. That is, if you can find it…

*Tercess-what? How do you even pronounce that? Ter…cess…you…in…ot…lim?  

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October 15, 2010

Chaos Beast and Mogloween!


This weekend we have the Birthday Event still going strong, the re-opening of the last 2 years worth of Mogloween and lots of great Seasonal Rares and a brand new chapter in Arcangrove, with a deadly Chaos Beast to fight and tons of GREAT NEW items to grab!

You'll be happy to note that there is no puzzle in this week's Arcangrove saga but a CRAZY hard quest that may take you a while. Get some snacks!

Time Grows Short!

We may have extended the Birthday Event but the deadline for 2nd Upholder hasn't changed. If you want to become a 2nd Upholder you only have 18 days left!

Next Week - Mogloween 2010

Don't forget that next week is our all new Mogloween adventure, but you will only be able to play it if you have finished the last 2 years worth of adventures. You only have one week to help the Cauldron Sisters regain their Candy Shoppe before next week's all new event!

Next week we will have lots of NEW seasonal rare drops, we're bringing back the seasonal rare shop in a new and interesting way and this year's boss will drop the Pumpkinlord Class! ALL NEXT WEEK!

Bladehaven Needs Beta Testing!

Out laterst game, BladeHaven is now open for beta testing and we need YOUR help to find all the little (and much larger) bugs before the full release! If you qualify to be a beta tester for BladeHaven then you will also recieve the Beta Tester achievement in that game!

If you happen to purchase Mercernary Contract in BladeHaven, you will recieve the exclusive non-member Mercernary Gnome pet in AQW!

Remember: you need a Baltteon Master Account linked to your other accounts to possibly qualify!

There's a lot going on guys, so I won't waste any more of your time. HAVE FUN!

Or else.


October 14, 2010

BladeHaven Beta Begins

Get Your Beta On!

BladeHaven is our newest game. it's got FIRST PERSON slashing action, achievements, terrified villagers, Jimmy The Eye... pretty much evertyhing you'd want out of a single-player, first person webgame!

Beta Testing for this game begins today! You'll need a Battleon Master Account linked to your other game accounts if you want to be one of the first to play BladeHaven.


Warlic has just added a Beta Tester Achievement Badge to the game, (which you won't see if you are just creating a character) and best of all, if you get the "Mercernary Contract" item in BLADEHAVEN then you automatically recieve the Non-Member Mercenary Gnome pet in AQW!

AQW Birthday Event Extended!

We only have our second birthday once so, by popular demand, the AQW Birthday Event is being Extended but it won't last forever. Once the event leaves the nearly all of the items fo with it. If you haven't gotten the item that you wanted from the event yet, now you have a little more time!

If you still want to become a 2nd Upholder you have time! Remember, this will be your ONLY chance to get the 2nd Upholder Badge and the Onyx Start Sword!

Mogloween Starts TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, you will be able to relive all the Mogloween fun for the past 2 years starting TOMORROW! You will even be able to grab a few of the Seasonal Rare Drops and AC items, but the SEASONAL RARE SHOP and the PUMPKIN LORD CLASS will be released alongside a number of ALL NEW spooky Mogloween items in NEXT week's all new Mogloween adventure!

We're trying out our new merge shop system in next week's release so you will need to complete quests and farm monsters ro different types of candy that you can excahge for all the great Seasonal Rares in the shop!

The Mana Golem Cometh!

Also starting tomorrow, you run to the top of Arcangrove Tower with your (kind of) completed Supreme Arcane Staff and enter the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic!

With Rayst by your side, you'll have to take on the legenday Mana Golem! You're closing in on Chaos Lord Ledgermayne. Can you stop him from sapping all the magic from Lore?


October 13, 2010

The BladeHaven BETA

Happening NOW!

BladeHaven is a first person sword fighting game. Watch the trailer at BattleOn games! The game uses the "ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL" to save your progress, earch achievements... and even EXP for your master account. The BETA is starting Thursday for AQWorlds Members, Guardians, DragonLords, Star Captains, etc. Learn more and see if your account qualifies for BETA testing.

BladeHaven BETA

BladeHaven Beta Starts this Thursday


October 13, 2010

Korin's Wedding

Beware of Just Married Mecha!

I thought you guys would like the behind the scenes scoop on MechQuest Lead Korin's wedding to the beautiful EpicDuel artist Char this weekend. It was breathtaking! Taking place outside on a sunny farmhouse in huge green field near a stream with a wooden bridge. The groomsmen marched up to the alter like koopa troopas to an orchestrial version of the Mario Bros theme song. His wife-to-be arrived via a white-horse-drawn carriage to a much more fitting song. They exchanged their vows in the ceremony and when the part came to "kiss the bride" Korin.... well, he... and I am not making this up... just shook her hand and a confident nod. (Funniest thing I have ever seen) Later that night at the reception the couples first dance was to Tim & Eric's "Doo dah doo doo"... the entire bridal party and (... sings, "I want to meet that Dad") their parents joined in a semi-choreographed special dance. There was also a swarm of killer mosquitos. Congratulations to the lucky couple :-) Korin's Battle Mecha was fitted with cans on strings and a big JUST MARRIED sign.


October 13, 2010

AE's 1st novel: The Dragon's Secret!

That's right, we've written a novel set in AdventureQuest during the time of the Great Fire War!

One of the most well-loved storylines in AdventureQuest's long history is the Great Fire War. Starring Galanoth, Demento, and YOU, the hero, as you battle against Akriloth and a host of fire monsters, this story has gone down in AQ's history as one of the most widely-talked about and reminisced-over wars we've done so far. But the story hasn't ended! Coming this November to HeroMart is Artix Entertainment's first full-length novel, The Dragon's Secret, and it is set during the time of the Great Fire War!

Written by Lyra Trice Solis, a member of the AdventureQuest storyline team, The Dragon's Secret tells the story of apprentice mage John Black, who loses his entire family to a dragon attack and vows to get his revenge, one way or the other. (A dragon? In the Great Fire War? Whoever could it be?) He doesn't think things can get any worse until he discovers a secret about one of his best friends which pushes his loyalty to the limit. Come along with John and his group of incorrigible friends as they escape confinement, battle dragons, stow away on a pirate ship, face off against a terrible and evil mage, and confront the underwater Council of the Mer! Through the story, John must choose between revenge and friendship, and decide whether or not to risk everything to stand up for what he believes in! Filled with dragons, dwarves, and VERY dark magic, The Dragon's Secret will tell the tale of the Great Fire War in a brand-new and exciting way!

The Dragon's Secret
But it's not JUST the novel you'll be getting if you purchase The Dragon's Secret! You'll get something in AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest Worlds!

In AdventureQuest, we're releasing a full quest based on the novel along with items like the Goldenrod Staff and Gnomish crossbow weapons (available in the quest) and the Unlight Shield and the Melore's Dark Statue spell (available ONLY with the novel promo code)!
DragonFable and AdventureQuest Worlds will be releasing non-member pets available to EVERYONE while MechQuest is whipping up an awesome Shoulder item.
And the best part is, you can get ALL of these items with ONE promo code!

This is our first ever novel, one you can hold in your hands and read in bed (or in the car, or in class... ok, maybe not in class) and we're VERY excited to be able to offer it to you! Remember, it's coming to HeroMart this November!


October 12, 2010

HeroMart now open!

Epic Loot for the Real World

HeroMart is now open AND all of the things there come with in-game items for AQWorlds (and some other games too)!


Yaaay great! Hero Mart! …erm what’s that?

Hero Mart Grand Opening

It’s only THE one stop shop for all hero things, of course! HeroMart is the official real-life item shop of BattleOn Games where you can get AE swag like T-Shirts, the Critical Hits CD, MechQuest Artbook, and Triple-Ply Paladin Toilet Paper (wait what?).

Paladin Toilet Paper


We ship orders to you right from here in the secret underground lab!

Head over to HeroMart

Shop Smart… Shop HeroMart!

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October 12, 2010

New Enhancements!

All The Way To Level 35

Sorry for the delay. We have added new Enhamcements in the Healer, Fighter, Thief, Wizard, Luck, Hybrid, & Spellbreaker shops. The new Enh range in level from levels 31-35 so you can get your power up!

Remember, you should always pick the right Enhancements to compliment your class skills so do a little research. Also remember that the stores don't always have the best level for you, so you might want to play around with a few builds and see what works best for you!

Gear up! A Chaos Beast is coming...

A Pumpkin A Day

Make sure to read below and enter the 2nd Annual Creative Punpkin Carving Content! We had so many great entries last year, I can't wait to see how you guys top it this year! I will also be making a special Mogloween themed blade for the first prize winner(s?)!

P.S. Today is my birthday! More pie for Cysero!


October 11, 2010

Chaos Beast / Mogloween!

Coming Friday!

Coming this Friday, you will fianlly enter the Magic Portal at the top of Arcangrove Tower and fight your way through the para-elemental plane of magic to face Chaos Lord Ledgermayne's Chaos beast... the Mana Golem!

This legendary creature, like Ledgermayne itself, is a being made of pure magic. The difference is that the Mana Golem was crafted by mages long ago  as a magic weapon of last resort but prooved too dangerous to control or even allow to exist, and too powerful to fully destroy.

The Mana Golem was moved to the para-elemental plane of magic where it could harm do no harm if it were ever to be awoken from it's unnatural slumber.

This week we are also re-releasing AQW's MOGLOWEEN EVENTS from the past two years! You'll head back to the spooky town of Mystcroft which only appears during this spooky time of year and meet up with your friends Bubble (Bubble), Toil and Trouble, The Cauldron Sisters!

This will give you a chance to catch up on last year's insanity before we release THIS year's exclusive Mogloween content NEXT week (The Children of the Candy Corn!)! It will also give you a chance to get this year's 2010 tegged season rares, season rare house items and the ever popular Pumpkinlord Class (which cannot be tagged)!

Level 31-35 Enhancements Coming!

Now that we've raised the level cap to 35 you're going to need some new Enhancements to get your gear up to spec! We're currently working on adding these new Enh to every shop and we should be ready to release them later today or tomorrow at the latest! Keep your eyes on the DN's for announcements!

Canadian Thanksgiving!

As Beleen noted below, today is the day that Candians give thanks for all of their Canadian blessings. As we did last year, we have opened the Canadian Thanksgiving Shop and we will keep it open until Friday, when the AQW 2nd Birthday Event also (maple) leaves!

BladeHaven Beta Release

Beta for BladeHaven is scheduled to begin on Thursday. The Beta will use the ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL and will be open to Guardians, DragonLords, Star Captains, AQWorlds Members and... um... we have no idea what Epic Duel players that upgraded are called... but yup, them too. Bladehaven is a first person sword fighting game. It features achievements that will earn your master account EXP. 

Time Is Running Out!

Remember, you only have until November 2nd to become a 2nd Upholder. We deliver the Onyx Star Sword and your 2nd Upholder full color badges on November 3rd (as well as the founder pet). After that... you're out of luck. You'll have to wait an entire year before we offer you the chance to become a 3rd Upholder, but this is your ONLY chance to become a 2nd upholder.



October 11, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Gobble On!

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving (which is today) you can get the Lumberjack Turley Armor and Helm in Battleon, and we are re-releasing the Iron Maple Leaf Axe!

He looks good enough to eat!

These items will be available TODAY (and probably part of tomorrow, since we kinda got to a late start…) and willl be leaf-ing Friday. These Items are Seasonal Rares, so they will probably be back next year. If we remember =P

So join us in wishing our northern neighbors a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Moose Ribs… and whatever you guys eat on Thanksgiving.

To access these items, just click the new button in BattleOn! If you don't see it, clear your browser's cache and try again!

Toodle-loo my friends; I have to go to class now. They say that knowledge is power… soooo why am I not Lvl 35 yet? Hmm….


October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday AQW

Level Cap Raised to 35!

AdventureQuest Worlds has turned 2 years old today! In addition to the 2nd Upholder Offer (which lasts until November 2nd),  the special AQW Birthday Event hosted by Paul and Storm, featuring Jonathan Coulton, and adding 10 more purchasable backpack item slots (speak to Valencia in Battleon to buy yours!) we have also just raised the level cap to 35!

A few things to note: New Enhancements will be added to the game early next week, and remember that you can only get XP from monsters within twenty levels of your own level. So if you are level 30, you will only get XP from things higer than level 10.

Some people have noticed that the Undead Artix's legendary weapon, the Shadowreaper of DOOM, is a NON-MEMBER item even though it drops from Super Udead Artix, a MEMBER-ONLY challenge fight and want to know the score.

Since a lot of our 2nd Upholders from around the globe have decided to only upgrade for a month (where available) we wanted them to take something away from the membership other than the Onyx Star Sword and the 2nd Upholder Badge on their character page. A little bonus for helping to keep AQW alive and celebrating our birthday with us!

Remember, the event will be running until NEXT FRIDAY. If you decide support AQW by becoming a 2nd Upholder (and we hope you do :) ) you will have an entire week to get the Shadowreaper of DOOM (along with the member-only event rares)!

P.S. Tomorrow is Rolith's Birthday!


October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday AQWorlds!

It is 10-10-10 & AQWorlds is leveling up

To celebrate, the level cap will be raising to 35! This will take place in just a few hours with a server restart. Also today... somewhere in Tampa,FL... at the same time the level cap is being raised... Korin the project lead of MechQuest, is getting married in real-life! Best 10-10-10 ever! (... which is good, because it is a long time until 3010)

New enhancements will be coming with next week's release. So take your time leveling up and have fun!

You can see what new things are taking place in ALL of our games at Http://


October 08, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...

Enter the Mirror Realm!

AQW's Birthday Event has officailly begun! We have opened the pre-event room which allows you to see the first 2 cutscenes in the event, grants you access to the special AC Rare Shop and introduces you to PAUL and STORM!

Most of the AE staff are online now with Paul and Storm (whose largest show is about 12k people, let';s see if we can beat it!). Come hang out with us (if you can find us) and say HI! The full event will begin in SOON so get ready... the fate of 2 WORLDS rests on YOU!

Thanks to the Miltonius who did the character design for Drakath, and his new armor (which you can get by fighting the SUPER hard boss at the end of the event) and animating a staggering 8 cutscenes this week! Thanks also to Dage, Skyline and J6 for making some truly stunning items that you will ONLY be able to get during the birthday event. Thanks to Llussion and our new coder Yorumi for making this mess work. Thanks to Beleen and Artix for handling all the press for the event and a very very SPECIAL thank you to Jonathan Coulton who was kind enough to lend us "Skullcrusher Mountain" and to the amazing Paul and Storm for all their hard work, willingness to say anything that I wrote for them, and for lending us their musical tanents for this special event!

Join the fun now!


October 08, 2010

Play by Play

Behind the Scenes Updates

I will keep you posted with up to the moment news as the team prepares to launch the 10-10-10 birthday event tonight! ... which is the 8th. <_<

7:15pm All servers now have the event live! BATTLE ON! (unless you are currently in the mirror world in which case... BATTLE OFF!)
7:15pm 7 of 13 servers running the event. Our network is overloaded. This is temporary as the first wave of players gets the new maps.
The Event is going live!
6:00pm Servers back online! Pre-event has begun. Time to hang out with Paul & Storm and.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:50pm Servers restarting. Rare shop, increased inventory, and Paul and Storm pre-release area going live!
5:40pm Rolling the files to the live servers.. preparing to restart!
Just a reminder - The level cap raise to 35 will be happening on 10-10-10 (AQWorlds official birthday) to prevent additional lag tonight. However, inventory space will be increasing when the servers restart for the event.
5:05pm Paul & Storm are logging in!
5:00pm Drastic action! We have decided, in order to overcome the bug... we are going to load the Mirror Realm map files off of our servers. Cross you fingers!
4:45pm Meanwhile... Faith has just left the lab to ship the first 60 HeroMart packages! (*whispers* Read yesterday's design notes post*)
4:30pm We will be launching in just..... oooooooh wait. There it is. Zhoom just notified us of a major bug with the CDN thingy. (No event would be complete without one of these last minute stomach-butterflying problems) We are rushing to fix it as fast as possible!
3:30pm I made a half-pony half-monkey monster for you using duct tape and rope bio-technology! Cysero & Beleen say I am not allowed to touch flash any more. Something about "If you tied a bird to a show box would you call it an airplane?" Not long until we start rolling the files to the production servers. 

Half Pony Half Monkey

3:00pm Adding items to the shop, preparing pre-launch version of town (aka The Waiting Area) where Paul & Storm will join us live as we wait for the event to begin :-)
2:45pm Things are going spookily ahead of schedule. Maybe we will have time to make a half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.... *singing* but I get the feeling that... oh no, I have a feeling you will like it. Final testing is in progress.
2:11pm Every item in tonight's special event (except one multigame-epic item for obvious reasons)  is going to go perma rare. Only a few hours left until it begins!
1:45pm Unrelated to this release... Lim is here at the lab recording voice acting for the upcoming FalconReach Idle with George Lowe in DragonFable.
1:30pm Yikes.... we just realized that we forgot to make a female version of the most highly anticipated armor of the release and are rushing to build it. Of course... by we I mean them, because they will not tell me what it is because they know I will tell you.
We should put a warning label on all horses and carts in the Mirror Realm that says "Objects in the Mirror Realm are closer than they appear."
Just realized that we have different versions of the homepage for different countries and I was only updating the Play by Play on one of them! Moved the play by play here so you can see what is happening behind the scenes. Storm's in-game character is now setup and... Pizza has arrived!
12:00pm Only a few hours left until the release! The servers are holding good... but all of the toliets in Secret Underground Lab #1 just broke O_O.
11:30am For tonight's release we are moving ALL of the big files onto a globally distributed content delivery network (a CDN.
11:15am The 1st HeroMart Orders are being packaged to ship today!!!!!!!! "But the HeroMart page says that it is not coming until Wednesday?", you say? *whispers* This is a strong indicator that you did not read yesterday's design notes
11:00am Paul's in-game character is setup.
10:40am Contacting Paul & Storm to make sure they are ready for tonight :-)
10:35am Beleen, "Rep.... " Special Note: Beleen is at the Dentist's office across the street.
10:30am Cysero, "Reporting for.... let's break some stuff!"
10:08am Powering up the Javatron 2000. Using Thyton's secret recipe to make some "Braddock Steel" The secret is to grind the beans until they are nearly one atom large each. Then each sip has the potential of causing an atomic explosion of caffine.
10:02am Artix,"Reporting for duty!"
9:55am Zhoom, "Reporting for duty!"

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October 07, 2010

Calm before the Paul & Storm

The 10-10-10 Weekend Event starts tomorrow!

I still cannot believe that Jonathan Coulton is going to be in the event! If only we had more time... with only a week to put together this HUGE event the AQWorld's team is once again in super overdrive. Like last time, they are challenged to create an entire month's worth of releases in a single week. So please wish good luck to Cysero, J6, Miltonius, Beleen and to the rising stars that are now helping them. Wait, is wishing good luck actually bad like in the Theater? Should we tell them to break a leg? Oh, I know. Break some code guys!

For the record... 10-10-10 (101010) in binary = 42. Which means AQWorld's Birthday is on the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything!

HeroMart.... shhhhhh!

HeroMart, our bizzare online store featuring our first Music CD, The NPCs: Critical Hits, and the ChickenCow T-shirt being publically released next Wednesday! ...but you can secretly access the live, working, store before anyone else if you go to Http:// and click on the blue gem in Robina's necklace. Shhhh. Secret.

Movie Question

In other news I went to lunch with a director, 20 some actors, producers and other film peoples yesterday. I got to sit next to the boy who starred in the Chucky movie! Of course he is much older now O_O. I should have asked him if he still plays with dolls. Anyways, I have wierd yet serious question for you... should I take a roll in a serious horror film as a mobster zombie? As a dedicated undead slayer I feel really uneasy about the idea. Although... it would let me get into the mindset of my greatest foe. What are your thoughts?

Hacker gets perma-disconnected

I am not sure if other companies would talk about this, but we are very open and share everything with you. Earlier today, police siezed 6 computers from the home of a AQworlds hacker in another country. This hacker was responsible for many account thefts, credit card fraud and creating game damaging software. We take protecting your accounts and making the game a safe and fun place to play very seriously. We are good people and very sad at this outcome -- especially since we had given this individual chances to stop and just walk away in the past.

Homepage Ad

Wow... there is a giant Optimus Prime and Batman Beyond on our homepage. Apparently we are not the only people celebrating 10.10.10. We have replaced all of our normal ads until Sunday with a site take over for a new TV station called the hub. We approved this when heard they were going to have Fraggle Rock. For Fraggle Rock, we will put up with that terrible blue color they put in their ad. *sings* Down in Fraggle Rock! Hmmmm, uh oh, it looks like the bar at the top of the homepage broke... Miko will be fixing that as soon as she gets back to the Lab. 

Get ready for the big event tomorrow!

We really hope you are excited about the big event tomorrow. We will start updating the play by play on the homepage early tomorrow morning. You can follow everything that happens leading up to the release. Paul & Storm and the AE Team will be online and live during the pre-event. Prepare yourself for.... THE MIRROR REALM! (Read more about the 10-10-10 Event)


October 07, 2010

Bunches of Stuff You Should Know About

Yep. It’s Thursday. And there’s A LOT going on.

I know how much you all love pink, so I took it upon myself to add as much of it in the Design Notes as possible which, as we all know, is probably not the best idea considering when Artix gets around to seeing this…

SO! You all know by now that tomorrow is the AdventureQuest Worlds’ 2nd Birthday Event!

Twig is ready. Are you?

If you haven’t already, you should really check out the AQWorlds 10/10/10 Event Page. It’s pink-free and explains A LOT about what’s ganna go down tomorrow.

But there’s more. Oh yes, there is ALWAYS more. So I’m going to try my best to answer all your questions ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.    

AQWorlds 10/10/10 Birthday on 10/08/10

Your favorite MMO is turning 2 years old on 10/10/10! But… tomorrow we are releasing the Event. We know October 8th is NOT the same as October 10th… but we couldn’t wait that long for cake. I mean, c’mon, can you blame us? Do you SEE the size of that cake up there? Mmmm.  

So yes! We will be celebrating AQWorlds’ 10/10/10 Birthday on October 8th, 2010. It should begin sometime around Sundown where we live. So….7pm-ish EST.  

Level Cap Increase

The Level Cap is increasing all the way to 35! YEESSSSS! However (a very, very important however), you will NOT be able to get over Lvl 30 until Saturday.

WHAT?!!!?1?!11!? (See. Knew this was going to happen.)

So why aren’t we raising the Lvl Cap when we release tomorrow? It’s simple. This is going to be our biggest release yet, in player-turnout and in file-size. There are going to be soooo many of our friends logging in the second we launch the event that, if our servers don’t crash then, they just might when every Lvl 30 levels up around the same time.

You all want to play the event when we release it, right? No one likes being disconnected when in the middle of an awesome Cutscene or pwning the Boss during a heated fight. With this being said, you and all your Lvl 30 buddies (the Staff included) will not get to Level Up until mid-day Saturday.

And then we will see who will be the first to hit Level 35! I can’t wait (…but I have to until Sat) =P      

Inventory Increasing to 75!

Awesome! More bag space! On Friday (for real) you can purchase up to 10 more Bag Slots, giving you a max inventory space of 75. SWEET!


These 10 new bag spaces will come in quite handy when getting oodles of new Event RARES.

Event Rares! ZOMG do tell more!

Oh yes. Event RARES. This means, without a doubt, all of the items during this event will NEVER be offered again. So for all you rare-item hunters out there (and I know there’s a lot), make sure you get everything you can because once we remove the Event (scheduled for next Friday the 15th) you will not be able to get the gear ever again.

There will be a Pre-Event Shop that will open—as the name suggests—before we release the entire Birthday event. Just like the Friday the 13th Pre-Event Shop, all the items in this shop will sell for AdventureCoins. This way, you can store these Event Rares in your bank FOR FREE and FOREVER! No one likes to give up one rare item to make room for another, so all these bad boys are AC Items ^___^

Even More Event Rares!

Of COURSE there are going to be more items. All the other Event Rares that aren’t in the shop will be dropped by the Monsters in the Mirror Realm. I can’t tell you how many new items there are going to be… because I’m not too sure myself. We will all just have to wait until tomorrow!

Here’s a sneak-peek of some Event Rares and a glimpse at the Mirror Realm…

What the… this… this doesn’t tell us ANYTHING!!

Laugh Out Loud! =D

Member-Only Exclusives

For all you 2nd Upholders out there, there will be Member-only exclusive perks throughout the birthday event! Along with the coolest Event Rares being Mem only, there will also be a special quest to get a special weapon and even a Challenge Fight area. The Boss here is bound to have some wicked drops… if you can defeat him, that is….

If you haven’t already upgraded to a Member, now is the best time to do so! If you support the game by becoming a Member in October (or having an active Membership on November 2nd) you will obtain the 2nd Upholder Badge, be bestowed with the ultra rare Onyx Star Sword on November 3rd, and get to show off the brand-new Member Only Event Rares during tomorrow’s release!

Without Members like you, events like this would never happen. Thank you sooo much for making all of this possible! You guys really are the best friends ever ^___^

Friendship Bracelets

Speaking of our best friends… we want to give a great big THANK YOU to Eonaleth! She’s a fan of all the AE games and keeps us company on our Twitters! And look what she sent us in the mail today:

friendship bracelets
Friendship Bracelets!

Can you guess which one is mine? Hehee! This is soo thoughtful of her that I couldn’t help but give Eonaleth a shout-out in the Design Notes. It’s the least I could do for such a great gift from such a great friend =D

So, Eonaleth, you do realize that the 30,000+ people reading this are going to ask you for Friendship Bracelets, right? I hope you have enough string….

There’s EVEN More!

But Artix can explain later. Something about HeroMart, the new 'do on the Home Page, and I *think* he said something about Chucky...???

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