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June 20, 2014

13th Lord of Chaos Attacks

Invasion of Doomwood AND Darkovia!

The forces of the 13th Lord of Chaos demolished Willowcreek earlier this week, and the attack against Doomwood is happening now! To strike fear in the hearts of Alliance warriors, the Legion of Chaos is ALSO marching on Darkovia this weekend.

At stake: the Vampire Queen's life!

Starting tonight, /join darkoviaattack OR /darkoviadefend to begin fighting in the NEW battleground! You can still /join forestattack or /forestdefend to conquer or save Lightguard Keep, but the World War Lore has just become MUCH deadlier!

Will You Invade Darkovia... or Defend It?

The Lycans and Vampires have an uneasy truce while battling Chaos, but if the army of Chaos succeeds in conquering Darkovia, the Queen of the Vampires and her 10 million minions will be destroyed… FOREVER!

The forces of Chaos AND the Alliance's army will need to fight harder than ever, because the life of MILLIONS of vampires depends on who wins the war in Darkovia... and the safety of Lightguard Keep depends on who is victorious in Doomwood!

Talk to Loremaster Maya in the WorldWarLore map for:

  • The Invasion of Darkovia cutscene
  • All-new Chaos Merge shop gear
  • More event rares

Forsaken Warlock is LIVE!

In the world of Lore, one thing is always true: trust NO ONE... especially not Warlocks! For the final package in our Fantasy Hero trilogy, Tyronius took inspiration from the much-beloved (or reviled, if you're a follower of Good/the Mother of Dragons) warlocks of Quarth in the Game of Thrones series to create an all-new armor set!

Find the Warlock Grand Master, Forsaken Warlock, and Warlock Adept available when you upgrade or purchase select AC packages! You'll also get the bonus Shadow Warlock set, too! And EVERYONE who purchased an upgrade package in the month of June will receive the Shadow Warlock set!*

Buying a special package pass for $60 USD will unlock ALL of the gear from the Wolfhound Warrior, Dragon Champion, and Forsaken Warlock packages, PLUS an exclusive character page badge AND 1500 AdventureCoins!* Once those packages go live, anyone who bought the pass will automatically get them in their badge shop in the book of Lore. 

* Once Captain Rhubarb returns from vacation!

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