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March 13, 2015

The Dark Carnival is Here

Friday the 13th And Lucky Day Double Holiday!

Better boost your real-life LUK stat this weekend, because the Dark Carnival is in town, and you're going to need every four-leaf clover, horseshoe, and rabbits foot you've got! Voltaire and Zazul are here to make sure you "win" all the prizes you deserve... including some rare, Friday the 13th / Lucky day crossover gear!

Both Zazul and Voltaire have a quest ONLY available while the Dark Carnival is in town: quest for Zazul's FAUXgatorio Coins and Voltaire's Cursed Monkey Cape and pet, but beware... these gifts may not be what they seem. Dark Carnival rares shop and quest rewards will also include:

  • Vampire RingMaster armor set
  • Evilchaun Pet
  • Ultra Ringmaster Top Hat (male and female versions)
  • Celtic Disaster armor
  • Creepy Cutthroat armor
  • Zazul Tent house
  • Wheel of BOOM house item
  • And more

Friday the 13th And Lucky Day Double Holiday!

Gear up and buff your LUK to make sure your HP stays high... because this weekend, ALL servers have a Double Class Points Boost! You're going to need it, because once you're doing carousing around the Dark Carnival (/join luck to head there!) and punting Zorbak in our new minigame, it's going to be time to battle your way through Lore as anĀ Unlucky Leprechaun!

If the testers' luck holds, the Unlucky Leperchaun Class will arrive this weekend for you rank up, too!

Dage and Nulgath's Dark Carnival Rares Shop

You're in luck! Two of Lore's most evil artists have created new sets to celebrate the double holiday; Dage's Dark Vampire and Nulgath's Necromancer Fiend sets are both release in the Dage X Nulgath Rares shop this weekend!

Unlucky Leperchaun Class

It's so rare that Lucky Day and Friday the 13th coincide that we have released an exclusive (read: going rare) Class JUST for this year! The Unlucky Leperchaun (you read that rot... er, right) Class is a highly modified version of the Evolved Leprechaun Class, and can be obtained from the Dark Carnival Rares shop for 2000 ACs OR for gold, if you're a Legend.

Zereldo's working on a Class Skills writeup as I type this, and that will be posted as soon as possible.

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