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July 12, 2013

Overkill in the Underworld

Join us later today to take down the dreaded Hydra!

Login to catch up on all of this week's releases, because once the sun sets (and first wave of zombies are slain), you'll want to head back into the Underworld to take on the monstrous creatures that stalk the land of the (un)dead!

The Lord of the Dark Water awaits!

Talk to Charon in Battleon get the Lord of the Dark Waters armor and polearm*, then head straight for the Underworld to begin tonight's release!

In Charon's Dark Waters shop, you'll find:

  • Lord of the Dark Waters armor: does 10% MORE damage to undead!
  • Dark Ferryman's Scythe +5: does 5% MORE damage to undead!
  • Boatman's Hood
  • Boatman's Skull Mask

Fantasy game hydra battleDefeat the Hydra to unlock the Gate Guardian battle!

  • Tonight: Continue Dage’s Scorn saga
    • Meet Charon the Underworld Ferryman
    • Travel down the River Acheron
    • Traverse the Great Marsh of Styx
    • Encounter infamous Underworld Beasts
    • Collect unnerving Underworld loot from the merge shop
    • Unlock the gates leading to Dage’s Palace

* The AC version of the armor will go rare. The Member-only version in the release merge shop has different art and will remain in-game permanently!

LIVE: Shadowfire Emissary 1 Month Upgrade Offer!

Talk to Dredur in Battleon, take a look at the Specials Tab inside your in-game menu, or on the Portal site to find the Shadowfire Emissary 1 Month Upgrade package! The Shadowfire Empire is in peril, and if you're going to save it next year, now is the time to prepare! The Shadowfire Emissary 1 Month Upgrade AND the Shadowfire Emperor AdventureCoin packages are available now; will you answer the call of the Empire? 

Shadowfire Emissary Offer:

  • Buy a 1 Month Upgrade package to unlock the color-custom armor set Emissary set!
  • Unlock a new character page badge!

Shadowfire Emperor Offer:

  • Buy any AdventureCoin package for $4.95 USD or more to unlock the color-custom Emperor set! 
  • Unlock a new character page badge!

Rare Meme Moglin Pets Coming Tonight!

We love moglins and YOU love memes, so this Tuesday we combined two of our favorite things to make Memet's Meme Moglin shop! Check out Beleen's Design Notes post on all our other Meme Moglins, and prepare to rock it #TwignamStyle**! The Twignam Style pet comes in 3 styles, each with a different move.

Oppa Twignam Style!

If chillin' isn't your thing, then get ready to rage out with our multi-faced rage moglin! Click his head to change his expression!


** Pre-release challenge: Lets see if we can get #TwignamStyle trending on Twitter!

Two New Character Page Badges!

Talk to Artix or Vayle in the Necropolis to begin (or continue) the Blinding Light of Destiny and the Doom quest chains to unlock 2 new character page badges! These quest chains are some of the hardest in-game. It takes a truly determined Hero (and many MANY battles) to earn the right to equip the Blinding Light of Destiny Axe and Sepulchure's Armor!

Badges? Badges!!

New Functionality AND New Looks!

  • Talk to Bev the Battle Beautician in Battleon tonight for 14 new hairstyles! She'll make sure you look fantastic while you make every fight look easy! This shop will arrive later tonight. Bev doesn't want to release the hairs until they look PERFECT!
  • Find Drew the Ninja Warrior in Battleontown and make sure to catch this Sunday's episode of American Ninja Warrior! It's not every week we have a REAL-LIFE Ninja appear in-game!
  • Tonight: STAFF testing of Guilds Phase II begins! If the testers don't tear the dev PTR server apart, we hope to get a Member-only Guild Cities PTR server up next Friday! Stay tuned for more news Monday!
  • Next week: Member Mania! New Member-only Class, new Member-only armor set, free gifts mysteriously appear in your inventory, AND upgraded players receive a NEW name (we need a cooler title than "member")!

Calling the greatest heroes on Lore! Will you answer?

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