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March 07, 2014

Undead Apocalypse Rewards

Defeat the Undead Horsemen to Unlock Dage's Gear!

Tonight, your adventure in the Underworld's Void begins! Dage has summoned four of his champions, all based on the legendary horsemen of the apocalypse, to test your strength, valor, determination, and skill!

Death waits for you in the Undervoid!

Battle monsters in the underworld to warm-up before the battles, then power through each of the horsemen to unlock the reward shops AND learn one of Dage's most closely-guarded, darkest secrets!

Undead Apocalypse Event Breakdown

Dage's champions fight clean but hit HARD. No fancy moves, no tricks or chicanery, just a straight battle to the death... or to victory!

Can YOU conquer Conquest?

After completing the event, you can access the rewards shop AND additional quests:

  • Two Legion-exclusive exp and Token farming quests 
  • One Legend-only farming rep/exp quest 
  • and a Merge Shop Resource farming quest! (The merge shop resources will drop from ALL monsters, but completing the quest will give you more at once.)

Champion's Gauntlet Daily Quests

Once you've beaten all four horsemen once, you will unlock the Champion's Gauntlet Daily Quests! Defeat each horseman 7 times to earn an item which completes their corresponding badge quest to unlock a character page badge!

Can you withstand War's wrath?

You must unlock each badge in order:

  • Defeat Conquest 7 times to unlock the "Humiliation of Conquest" character page badge!
  • Defeat War 7 times to unlock the "Slaughter of War" character page badge!
  • Defeat Famine 7 times to unlock the "Feast of Famine" character page badge!
  • Defeat Death 7 times to unlock the "Master of Death" character page badge!

This event will be available until April 18th to give everyone a chance to unlock these character page badges!

The Reward Gear You're Here For

There will be rewards and drops for EVERYONE in tomorrow night's event!*

Feast on Dage's birthday rewards!

  • The AC versions (upgrade not required) of the full sets are available in Dage's Undervoid shop
  • Battle the bosses to earn the Legend-only armors and some of the accessories
  • Some Legend-only and free-player accessories, as well as the free-player gold Obsidian Guardian armor, will only be available from the Dark Gifts Merge Shop (Legion Tokens NOT required)
  • Don't forget: Dage's DARKEST birthday gift arrives NEXT week, and tomorrow night the Holiday Paragon Cape will be available for 10 Legtion Tokens!

Dage announced on Twitter that he wants to make the Altar of Caladbolg available while his birthday is here. (During the month of his birthday, he becomes Dage the Mostly-Good!) The Altar is ALWAYS available as a drop from the Treasure Chest, but now you don't have to rely on Luck to get it.


Unlock the Altar of Caladbolg's quest!

To make that fair for all the players who have worked hard (And spent many ACs) trying to get the drop from the Treasure Chest, the Altar's birthday price will be 5000 AdventureCoins, but the quest from the Altar of Caladbolg will also get NEW GEAR added to its quest next week.

So if you already have the altar, you get more gear for free! If you're contemplating getting the altar now, you'll still have to pay for it, but you're going to get more than you were yesterday!

After his birthday ends, the Altar will still be available from the Treasure Chest. If you do not want to pay 5000 ACs for the Altar but DO still want it, you can keep trying to get it as a drop from the Treasure Chest. (If you are upgraded, you get two free keys a month.)

* These rewards will only be available during Dage's birthday each year.

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