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June 08, 2010

Cysero... is getting married!!!!

Who gets to be the mad weapon smith's best man?

This weekend everyone's favorite "mad weapon smith" is forging his most powerful creation ever... eternal love*. Cysero's wedding is happening in real-life AND in a special AQWorlds event! I have never seen anyone more happy and in love than Cysero.... we are so happy for him**.

Story time! I first met Cysero nearly 5 years ago when we started building DragonFable. He was by far the most unusual person I had ever met. He comes from a long line of dowsers (people who locate water sources using sticks?), he inherited half an island (in another country), is a ordained minister (via a form on the internet), and asking him how his weekend went often yields a story like "Well, we found a way to cram 12 people into a single outhouse at the renaissance fair and then spent the day jumping out and surprising people.***" As a shining example of someone who believes in living life to the fullest, his strong leadership inspires creativity and fun in the 12 members of his game dev team... and he is the tallest mage I have ever met. He is truly one of a kind! Exactly what will his wedding event be like....? <gulps> We are going to find out this Friday when the quests for the event start! This is one event that we would not miss for the world****!

* Zorbak says, "Meh... Love? Have you fools even seen what the Necrotic Blade of Doom is capable of?"
** Meanwhile the lab has been thrown into chaos as Artix, Zhoom & Warlic battle over who gets to be Cysero's "best man".
*** All true....
**** Pssst... Cysero, tell Nursey to throw the garter toward Zhoom or I! (Note: At the end of some weddings the bride throws the bouquet for the unmarried girls, and the garter for the unmarried guys. Legend says who ever catches it will be married next.)

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