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November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday Shop Arrives at Midnight

Gear up and get your glow on!

Congratulations on CRUSHING EbilCorp in our Thanksgiving 2017 war! You drove out Mr. Z and his BogoDrones... and then got to reap the war rewards. But with the feast done and war won, the time for battling is over. Now heroes across the game (and America) are fighting for... NEW GEAR! Set your alarm clocks, because our Cyber Monday gear goes live at 12:01 AM EST on Monday morning.

  • Cyber Blood of Nulgath armor: 1,500 ACs or 50,000 gold (member-only)
  • Cyber Caladbolg: 1,000 ACs (blue variant)
  • Proto Caladbolg: 1,000 Legion Tokens (blue variant)
  • Viral Caladbolg: 1,000 ACs (red variant)
  • Cyber Bloodletters of Nulgath: 300 AC (blue variant)
  • Re-Vitalized Bloodletters of Nulgath: 25,000 gold (member-only, red variant)
  • M4tr1x Bloodletters of Nulgath: 300 AC (green variant)
  • Cyberlord Blade of Nulgath: 200 AC
  • Vampiric M4tr1x of Nulgath: 9,000 gold
  • Galactic OmniKnight Blade 1.0: 1,000,000 gold
  • Cyber Knight's Hammer: 2,500 ACs

The Cyber Caldbolg is also available for Legion Tokens (find that in the Undead Legion merge shop as the Proto Caladbolg). Plus, the ALL-NEW Moglitech Armor set from Axeros, available for ACs or member gold!

Also available are our Black Friday 2017 items:

  • Obsidian Legion Vampire armor: 1,000 ACs
  • Onyx Legion Vampire armor: 1,000 ACs or 1,000 Legion Tokens
  • Obsidian BladeMaster armor: 1,000 ACs or 100 Legion Tokens + 200,000 gold
  • Shadowed Berserker armor: 500 ACs
  • Dark Iced Jester armor: 500 ACs
  • Shadow Void of Nulgath armor: 1000 ACs or 7 gold (member-only)
  • Shadow Fox pet: 25,000 gold (member-only)
  • Dark Champion swords: 30,000 gold (member-only) 
  • Black Blunderbuss gun: 100,000 gold (member-only)
  • Dark Midknightgown armor: 10,000 gold
  • Dark Chaos Berserker armor: 100,000 gold

Both the rare Cyber Monday and Black Friday shop items will be availalble until Monday, December 4th!

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