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December 17, 2014

Cryomancer Class Preview

Legends: give us your feedback on the skill lineup!

Hey, Legends! Want to help us create the new Cryomancer Class? Now's your chance! Talk to Ragnar in Battleon and grab the CryoMancer Temp Class, then run around and battle your opponents brains out to see if you like the skills we've got on it!

If you do, fantastic! If you don't, let us know why, and what you'd like to see changed. Not balanced? Suggest buffs or nerfs! This is your chance to have a permanent impact on one of our classes in development.

You can grab the temp version of the class for 0 gold now*, or get your gloves on a permanent version for 2000 ACs. The Dark version of the Cryomancer gear is a Legend-only exclusive, too!

Cryomancer holiday class test in a free fantasy mmoAQWorlds hero Holiday and crew take Cryomancer Class for a test-battle


  • Wizard and warrior enhancements appear to be particularly useful.
  • Using the class properly, you're able to survive almost forever. The mana costs are high to compensate. It is incredibly survivable. If you alternate between the heal and haste debuff, you can last for a long, LONG time.
  • This class definitely requires strategic management of your mana, but you should be able to take out lower-end mobs pretty well.
  • We may be lowering the mana cost on shatter and flashfreeze or buffing damage.
  • Freeze and Frozen Tears will not be buffed. May need to be nerfed depending on feedback.
  • Update: we just buffed the damage of FrostFreeze when you use the special effect and reduced mana cost by 5.

*The temp class will turn into an exclusive Mini-Cryomancer pet once testing is over as our way of saying "thanks" for testing!

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