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April 13, 2018

Friday the 13th Returns

Classic Horror Movie Mayhelm + Summer Camp + Shrade = AWESOME!

What is undead can never die… Not when there is always another Friday the 13th. Log in on Friday, April 13th to face an abomination straight out of your worst nightmare (or favorite horror movie)... Shrade!

  • WHO: Gypsy Pirate Musician Aurelio Voltaire, the AQWorlds Team + your fellow Heroes
  • WHAT: Fight to survive a night in Camp Gonnagetcha
  • WHEN: Friday the 13th, April 2018
  • WHERE:

Uncover the Mystery Behind Shrade to Survive

Join Cysero, Memet, and our favorite Gypsy Goth Musician... and Camp Counselor (?!) Aurelio Voltaire for some seriously spooky summer camp shenanigans as we battle through Camp Gonnagetcha! Gear up to fight through the Black Knight and Dark Makai cabins, rock out to Aurelio Voltaire's wicked tracks, and hunt for clues to Shrade's TRUE identity (and to get DEADLY rewards)! 

Those of you who've played through our 3D MMO, AdventureQuest 3D, will recognize this Friday the 13th's main villain: the ambiguously-supernatural hero-hunter, Shrade.

Some of you may /shrug off the threat he poses as just another creepy internet hoax. But this urban legend is no fairy tale. Shrade exists, and this weekend, Aurelio Voltaire is going to prove to you that the threat is REAL. And that what you THINK you know about Shrade is dead wrong.

Your Luck is In: Friday the 13th Rewards

Friday the 13th may be all about bad luck, but not this weekend! We've got three all-new armor sets heading your way:

  • the rare DeathHunter Set from featured Community Artist, Rare
  • the Shadow Cultist, a dark and deadly seasonal set available from this weekend's boss that will make you Scream
  • the BoneSaw Judge, one of the most evil sets you ever Saw,* available from the event merge shop 

* Disclaimer for the members of the Prescriptivist Grammarians Guild: yes, "you ever saw" should be "you've ever seen," but pun > proper grammar in memes, lolcat graphics, and this design notes post.

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