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March 06, 2014

Getting Excited!

Undead Apocalypse coming tomorrow

UNDEAD APOCALYPSE!? *wipes the happy & joy inspired drool off mouth and grabs Battleaxe* Seriously... it should be Dage the Evil's birthday every day of the year! The new game release goes live in AQWorlds tomorrow at Sundown. As an added treat for us, Dage's Ultra Boss Birthday Challenge is coming too.

Undead Apocalypse

Battle Gems!

ANY DAY NOW AdventureQuest: Battle Gems, our first major mobile game will hit the Apple App Store. This fantasy/puzzle/RPG is filled with creative monsters designed by your favorite AE artists. It is also laced with deadly puns and more than a few inside jokes that only you will get. We have been anxiously waiting on Apple to approve the game and add it to the app store. In the mean time, we have been working on the Android and Web/Facebook ports. Also... I picked up my camera again and we started shooting some new crazy videos to promote the game. Remember the original Battle Gems commercial where we saw Brutalcorn for the first time? Haha, yes-- we created life sized versions of the gems that you use in the game to make attacks. I posted some videos to my ArtixKrieger twitter.

Battle Gems just for kicks

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