Design Notes

April 25, 2011

AQW Card Game Update

It is officially a hit!

On behalf of all of us who put our hearts and soul into the card game, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We just heard from our contact at Toys-R-Us (TRU) and... *super smile*... well... they are freaking out that the cards are flying off shelves too fast. In the retail stores (we are just learning about this stuff) it is considered amazing if you sell 10% of the games  during the first Month. You guys took out 10% all by yourselves the 1st day O_O. (Note: This is UNHEARD of for an indie company.) When were shocked when players told us that their local TRU stores were already sold out.This card game project was a labor of love -- and if the goal was to get the attention of Toys-R-Us with the hopes of wanting us to do more things in the future... you won! *Dreams of AQWorlds Actionfigures... plastic DoomWeapons... * So, I wanted to find a way to thank you personally. (Other than the CardClasher Class, items, and the bonus surprise House of Cards house.)  First I thought of making you a wallpaper, but there is a reason they do not let me draw for the games any more *chuckles*. Then I thought... what could I do that would be special and meaningful that you would enjoy. Then Alina made a suggestion... everyone at the lab nodded, in agreement. Not sure if you have seen the things I have written for AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, ArchKnight and AQWorlds before... but I would really like to write the the DoomWood Saga of AQWorlds for you... (of course I always ask for your input and help when I make stuff) and we have a brand new "high energy" band who will be doing a live event during the storyline! Who would like a little... DOOOOOOOOOM!?

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