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July 27, 2013

Guilds, Con, and Legends

So much happening this weekend!

It's only Saturday and already this weekend has been CRAZY! Various members of the AQW team worked through most of the night on either repairing release bugs or preparing for MetroCon. Here's the run-down of what's happened since last night:

Guilds Phase II: Guild Cities is LIVE on the PTR server!

  • Stryche sword-danced down the hall at the Lab while I sang showtunes.
  • MechQuest Finale Shop items are ALL FIXED!
  • Judgement Shop in the Dage storyline finale now opens!
  • Solrac's shop opens!
  • Nulgath's Acid Orb and Fiend Orb are no longer bugged!
  • Guild City buildings have descriptions!
  • Equipping the "Home" building no longer breaks your Guild City!
  • We had a CRAZY panel at MetroCon this morning!

Wait... That Last One Isn't a Bug?

You are CORRECT! Going to MetroCon is NOT a bug... it is a BLAST! We had a great time hanging out with a room full of players. (And their friends, who maybe didn't really know so much about what we do when the panel began, and were confused by all of the men in armor...)

Where Heroes wear armor and everyone else wears... O_O?!

Candy was thrown, Dage the Evil was bested in 1-on-1 combat by Drew Drechsel, Ninja Warrior, and the entire room zombie-lurched in an all-cast Zomba Thriller dance!



Between illness, absence, internet explosions, broken-but-not-shattered windows, and an insane amount of things to release... we didn't get everything out to you last night. BUT! Here at AE, we know that the ONLY time you've never failed until you give up trying.

That's why we're finishing last night's release tonight! Expect the following in the next few hours:

  • 2 Undead Legion quests in the Underworld WITH permanent rewards
  • 2 quests for Nulgath followers in the /tercess map WITH permanent rewards
  • 1 quest for MechQuest fans to celebrate their finale

Legendary Hero Badge Fix Coming Tomorrow!

The purpose of a Private Test Realm server for Guilds is to BREAK ALL THE GUILD CITY THINGS (!!!!) and you are doing a FANTASTIC job of that! Yorumi has a loooooong list of things to fix on Monday. Today, in between entertaining a pack of rabid pre-schoolers who tunneled their way into the Ice-Cave to poke at his sword, he's been working on a fix for the Legendary Hero badge.

The Legendary Hero Badge will give ANYONE who has EVER upgraded in the history of AQWorlds access to the Legendary Hero Class and armor set! That is the awesome news. The less-awesome news is that, in order to prevent just ANYONE from gaining access to the gear reserved for Legends, he needs to modify the game engine.

Even Legends enjoy a good beach battle!

Earlier today, he fixed the issue, or so we thought... until we got reports that the shop OPENS, but no one can buy anything from it. Tonight he's been investigating how to make the Legendary Hero shop absolutely unexploitable while still functioning. He's breaking for the night to re-fuel his braincells and will resume fixing this seemingly-simple-but-actually-very-complex issue tomorrow.

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