Design Notes

April 29, 2013

Blood Titan Class News

So Much Melee and Rage in One Class!

Yorumi finished the Blood Titan Class coding today and it is now ready for staff testing! Prepare to break some skulls, because with this tank class, you'll want to charge into battle, mace-first!

How Can I Get the Class?

Good question! Members can earn the Blood Titan Class by saving up Blood Titan Tokens, which drop from the Blood Titan and Ultra Blood Titan boss monsters! Find them when you /join bloodtitan! This week we'll ALSO add a quest to help you farm up tokens.

The Class will ALSO be available for 2,000 AdventureCoins! Find Blood Titan in the Class Shop on your Dragon Menu this Friday. Expect a skill breakdown from Cysero later this week!

What About the Tier 3 Sepulchure Weapons?!

Good news! Beleen and Dage worked out the last of the bugs with the armor. (For some reason, it worked fine in testing, but on the live servers... no one had a chest!) She and Dumoose will add the quests for the Tier 3 gear in the morning. She say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!" for your patience.*

*You can HEAR the pink in her voice when Beleen gets excited and/or grateful. 

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