Design Notes

April 11, 2014

Save the Princess

Battle-testing in Breakstone's New Tutorial

The quest to create a new and improved tutorial continues! Earlier this week, we released the first version of our new Breakstone tutorial for you guys so we could hear your thoughts. We need you to help us make the tutorial as easy to understand, helpful, and engaging for new players as possible! 

Thank you for helping us test!

We've made a lot of changes based on your feedback, including:

  • Have Zorbak mention blue arrows pointing to clickies
  • Add “A Hero is Born” achievement for completing tutorial
  • Add a Cape and a Helm to Zorbak’s shop to showcase shops
  • Change info text to “Double click a monster to begin attacking”
  • Give Galanoth better directional text
  • Rework Zorbak's quest
  • Explain story better (bring back part where Princess explains Ring of Dragon Control)
  • Change Enhancement shop

That is not all of the changes you suggested that we are going to make, though! We've got a running list, and we will keep adding improvements.

How-To Cutscenes Added

One of the best pieces of feedback we received over the last couple days was that you REALLY want knew players to learn how to chat, use the interface, and learn how to report people breaking the rules. We agree!

Yara explains the User Interface

After you finish the last battle, walk past Artix and Robina onto the Slime Road. You'll meet Yara the Paladin. She's got some helpful tutorial cutscenes for you to watch:

  • How to chat
  • How to use the User Interface
  • How to report other users
  • Links to the Design Notes
  • A list of game commands

We are also planning to add how-to tutorial cutscenes for the following:

  • How to use the Enhancement system
  • How to use the Book of Lore
  • How to use shops and your bank

Do you like these tutorial cutscenes? Would you like to see us do more? If so, let us know! These cutscenes will also be added to Battleon AND in the Book of Lore, as well.

High-Level Boss Battles in Breakstone

We REALLY appreciate that you guys are helping us test... but we know that most of you are higher than level 3-6. That's why we added high level versions of the Dread Dragon. If you are a high-enough level, you'll see a button to take you to level 30, 45, or 60 versions of the boss. 

Each version drops exclusive items: the Mystical or Warriors' Beast Master armor and helms!

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