Design Notes

August 17, 2011

We Love the Players!

... even more than ice cream and sushi.

Each day we receive awesome letters (many with drawings) in the mail from awesome players. Zazul opens all of the mail and brings us the fan letters. I wish I could post them all! for you to see! (Note: We are very careful about not posting any real names or info) Today we recieved a package filled with an awesome letter, full color poster, and character portraits drawn by the talented AQWorld's player, Bladebrawl. Thank you!! So, today seemed like the perfect day to thank ALL of you who have sent us amazing things to lift our spirits and inspire us to keep making the games better every week.

Bladebrawl's artwork

Happening now or in the works!

  • Beleen is back from school and is about to help Yergen take HeroSmash to a whole new level.
  • Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll sent us a surprise package full of the band's T-shirts & ... really? A champion of darkness pony labeled Artix? This pony thing is completely out of control. Have you been seeing that Jemini and Rolith have been doing on the PonyVsPony facebook page? . *shivers and hides under desk*
  • DragonCon (Convention in Atlanta, Georgia) is only two weeks away! More coming on this soon... but we are throwing a party for players in the Artix Entertainment suite (not that big, hold your breath!) on Thursday night before the convention starts! (What is DragonCon? Here is an old write up I stumbled upon.)
  • 2012 has been officially been dubbed, "The Year of Chaos!" 

Forum/Twitter Question: I am having trouble with the cover for the AQWorlds 2012 Calendar. Can you help? It would be really cool to have a dragon and some action on it. But the calendar needs to be CHAOS themed. Do you have any idea on what we should do? It is going to be on the storeshelves of Toys"R"Us in addition to HeroMart... so we need it to be really professional (Hehe, us, professional?) What characters or monsters should be on the cover? I will be on the lookouts for your messages in between the pony spam (Thank you Rolith!) and post drafts for you to give feed back on tomorrow. Battle on!

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