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November 24, 2017

2017 Black Friday Shop is live

The darkest gear of the year is here!

Our Thanksgiving / 2017 Harvest Fest event launches on Wednesday, November 22nd. On Friday, November 24th, our Black Friday rares shop opens. All-new, dark variants of your favorite gear arrive and the seasonal Black Friday gear will return. Read on for a sneak peek about some of the gear you'll find in the shop!

Sneak peek list of armor prices coming in Friday's rares shop

  • Obsidian Legion Vampire armor: 1,000 ACs
  • Onyx Legion Vampire armor: 1,000 ACs or 1,000 Legion Tokens
  • Obsidian BladeMaster armor: 1,000 ACs or 100 Legion Tokens + 200,000 gold
  • Shadowed Berserker armor: 500 ACs
  • Dark Iced Jester armor: 500 ACs
  • Shadow Void of Nulgath armor: 1000 ACs or 7 gold (member-only)
  • Shadow Fox pet: 25,000 gold (member-only)
  • Dark Champion swords: 30,000 gold (member-only) 
  • Black Blunderbuss gun: 100,000 gold (member-only)
  • Dark Midknightgown armor: 10,000 gold
  • Dark Chaos Berserker armor: 100,000 gold

The member-only Shadow Void of Nulgath has the same gold price as the original armor, and the same rank 10 Evil requirement as the AC version. We wanted members to be able to get (and use) the new armor as quickly as those who bought the AC variant. So if you've got a membership... enjoy!

Many items will also drop from the war quests and boss monsters. Check them out:

  • Alpha Rogue and Hunter sets
  • Dark Hunting Hood
  • Dark Moglin Jester pet
  • Renegade ShadowSlayer set (final boss drop)
  • Blackrog Blade (1% boss drop)
  • Black Bloodriver (mini-boss drop)
  • Black Diamond Whip (mini-boss drop)
  • Obsidian Reavers (mini-boss drop)

All these dark dark rewards will drop during EbilCorp's Thankstaking war, as they attempt to entice our heroes with wicked and deadly Black Friday-themed items. It's a shadowy recruitment scheme... but EbilCorp will stop at nothing to own YOU!

Featured Player Contributor: Ferozakh

For years now, we've had a Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn, where art suggested by you guys, members of our player community, are created and added into the game. This way, YOU get to help build our world, and become a part of AQWorlds forever. Earlier this year, we began taking those ideas and art sent in by player contributors and featuring them in the weekly releases. This way, their creations can be even more celebrated and appreciated by all our heroes!


This artist has been sharing his art with fellow heroes on Twitter for years. We've been able to watch him grow and evolve as an artist, so we're excited to include Ferozakh in next week's event!

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