Design Notes

December 13, 2011

Tomorrow is my Birthday!

Pink Shenanigans, +20 Inventory Bag Increase, and Expansion of Vasalkar’s Lair. Yup. Wednesday is looking pretty sweet!

Another year has just flown on by! Like, seriously—where did the time go?! I think someone activated the African Swallow speed setting. /shakes fist! Turn it back to Llama speed!

…did anyone get that joke? Bonus points if you get the reference—and if you don’t, then I have really aged myself just now =p

Right! Moving onwards from my old-lady rant… tomorrow is my birthday, so naturally I would have a Birthday Shop full of pink goodies.



But there’s more to it! My shop has got some of my favorite items found throughout the game dyed hot pink! Get your pink mits on the Pinkest Platinum Wings, Pink Strike Scythe, Baby Pink Dragon Pet, Amaranth Reavers (the Undead Legion is going to KILL me!), Astralnomically Pink Wings, Carmine Cutter, Shocking Pink Caster Staff, Magenta’s Costume, and the Adorable Pink Blade of Cuteness!

All the items in my shop cannot be bought with gold. They cannot be bought with ACs either. Some items are Member Only, and others are available for everyone. My birthday shop is a Merge Shop, meaning that you have to trade things in in order to get those pink-a-licious items!

Beleen merge shoppy

You’re going to need the original Weapon, Cape, Pet, or Armor (currently found somewhere within the game) in addition to stacks of Fuchsia Dye and/or Magenta Dye that can be earned from completing my challenging Scavenger Hunt Quests.

It’s like a Scavenger Hunt on top of 5 different Scavenger Hunt Quests!

I don’t think that’s ever been done before. Ever. Until now. Tehehe, this is going to be so much fun! 

Real Life Birthday Presents

The other day, I received two presents in the mail from our friend and fellow player SUBMEOBI: the +4 Helm of Holiday Cheer and the Pink Bunny Slippers of DOOM. Because of SUBMEOBI’s kindness, thoughtfulness, and ability to make me smile every single day, the Helm of Holiday Cheer and the DoomKnightgown armor were created by Dage the (not so) Evil so that everyone who plays and supports AQWorlds could enjoy SUBMEOBI’s gift! =D

Beleen and Beleen!

Thank you SUBMEOBI! The DoomKnightgown and the Helm of Holiday Cheer will be available in my Birthday Merge Shop for a handful of Magenta and Fuchsia Dye. I hope you all enjoy these gifts as much as I do!!!!

Inventory Increase

What’s better than getting a bunch of presents for my birthday? Why, how about… getting an inventory bag increase to store all my presents in! YEEEAAAH!

Come tomorrow, you can purchase an additional 20 Inventory Spaces for you Bag, for a maximum total of 120 Slots. That’s A LOT. It’s a good thing you’ve been working out, because lugging around 120 weapons, armors, & pets could prove quite challenging for those without adequate upper body strength! /flex

Vasalkar’s Lair Expansion

Get ready, Members! The expansion of Vasalkar’s Lair arrives tomorrow!

Spoiler Alert!

Journey to the heart of the volcano and meet Duncan the Dragonhunter. Once a former Dragonslayer who fought side-by-side with Galanoth, Duncan will send you into the dragon’s lair to see if you’re worthy of the great hunt. You will have to make a choice that will determine the outcome of the story… and will determine which rewards you receive!

You don’t want to miss it! You don’t want to miss ANY of this! So make sure your Membership is up to date, get your Anti-Pink Protective Eyeglasses ready, and prepare yourself for the best Wednesday of the entire year! ^___^

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