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October 12, 2016

Birthday Gifts, Rewards, and Rares

AQWorlds' 8th Birthday Celebration Begins Tomorrow!

It's been a CRAZY eight years so far... but I am so glad you're here with us to celebrate ! Read on to see some of the rewards coming your way tomorrow as we pop open bottles of Moglinberry juice, strap on our ArchPaladin Birthday (or Twig's Ultimate Ice Cweam) hats, and get ready to /party!

Rep Shop:

  • Obsidian ArchPaladin Armor 
  • Blinding Edge of Obsidian
  • Blood and Darkness gear: staff, blade, claw, daggers, and cape
  • Plank’s Skull Helm
  • Cerulean Sorceress armor
  • And more!

Birthday Rares Shop:

  • Dark Sovereign Armor, helm, cape, and weapon
  • Deathlord Knight armor and helm 
  • Twilly’s Ultra and Ultimate Icecream Hats
  • ArchPaladin's Birthday Helm
  • Sakura Sorceress Armor
  • Blinding Light of Sorcery Armor
  • Sorcerer of Darkness Armor
  • DeathKnight Blood Lord armor and helms

Will YOU become an ArchPaladin?

The 2016 Birthday CLASS is almost here! To celebrate the finale of Artix's 6-month long Throne of Darkness Saga, Pisces, Arklen, and the tester team have created a new, VERY shiny Paladin Class... the ArchPaladin! Starting tomorrow night, you'll be able to quest for (or buy) the class yourself!

If you own either version of the Paladin Class, you will need to:

  • Get the Exalted Paladin Seal
  • Take the Paladin's Vow, Oath, and Pledge (these "quests" are just re-stating your loyalty to the order)
  • Complete the 5 ArchPaladin skill quests

If you do not currently own the Paladin Class*, you will need to:

  • Get the Exalted Paladin Seal
  • Complete 4 grueling quests to demonstrate your skill, aptitude for magic, and loyalty to the Paladin Order
  • Complete 4 ArchPaladin skill quests

* Non-members, this is the route you will take to get the class. 

If you do not have the time (or patience) to farm for the Class, you can:

  • Buy the Class for 2000 AdventureCoins from Artix in the /darkthronehub map

These quests are NOT for the faint of heart... or the inexperienced hero! You'll have to battle in zones across the world, take down your favorite (or not so favorite) bosses, and try to pry from their cold, undead hands the resources to show the Paladin Order what you're made of. (Hint: if the answer isn't Goodness and Light... you might need to vow a little harder!)

Though these quests are not daily quests, you will need to put in a great Good effort to prove you are worthy of becoming an ArchPaladin. Pray that the RNG gods will smile down on you, because the farming quests are about o begin! Are... You... READY?!

Gravelyn's DoomFire Armor and Helm

Though the Throne of Darkness Saga is coming to a close... it has not gotten REALLY Dark! But that will all change once you watch the final cutscene in the Saga Finale! Darkness. Is. Coming.

And where the Darkness is... so too is Empress Gravelyn! As the world faces an onslaught of Infernal Invaders, she prepares to fight BACK! Because if there's one thing Gravelyn knows, it's how to command the darkest forces on Lore! (With FIRE!!!!)

And that is why starting this weekend, you'll be able to unlock a grueling quest chain for Gravelyn's DoomFire armor and helm!

  • Talk to Gravelyn in the /darkthronehub map after completing the finale
  • Collect the following items to create Gravelyn’s DoomFire armor
      Gravelyn’s Blessing
      Painful Memories
    Burning Passion
    Sepulchure's Undying Flame
    Father's Sorrow  
  • If you have either the Necrotic Sword of Doom OR the Sepulchure's DoomKnight armor, you will be able to get "Gravelyn's Blessing" without completing the quest.
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