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December 14, 2013

It’s My Birthday!

Birthday Rares Shop now open in Frostvale

Yippie! I’m so super happy you came to my birthday in Frostvale!

Since today is my special day, the AQWorlds team said I could release anything I want in my birthday shop.

anything, you say?! Tehehee… well you know what that means… BRING ON THE PINK RARES, baby!

After asking my friends on Twitter what THEY wanted in my birthday shop, I narrowed down my favorites (and the possible ones) and created an onslaught of pink awesomeness (or madness?)!

All the items in my shop are RARE, and were priced accordingly to the original items so that way it’s fair for everyone. Of course, Dage the Evil and Nulgath aren’t all too happy that I “enhanced” their beloved items PINK, but hey, it’s MY birthday, and I am the Queen of Pink, so…. muahahahaa >:D (Now that’s how you do EVIL the right way, Dage and Nulgath!)
(Alina note: You are an example to all Evil-doers everywhere! #FF5DD9forever!)

Our fellow hero Submeobi mailed me a box of birthday items, too! And OF COURSE it was full of enough pink to melt Artix’s eyes. (Good thing this happened AFTER Artix’s wedding, huh?) 

Thank you SO MUCH Submeobi! And thank you to everyone who helped decide which items should be glorious pink in my Birthday Rares Shop!

I am so blessed to have amazing friends like you =D You have really made my special day even more special, and I cannot wait to see you and your friends adorned in pink-a-licious items. Be sure to send me screenshots on my Twitter—I’d love to see them and totally flaunt them!

Have a wonderful day, have a glorious weekend, and as always… battle on, my loves!

xoxo Beleen

PS: The Santa Cutie helms will arrive in Quibble's shop this Friday. We've got to make sure that little guy has some PINK items for Frostval, right?! Right!

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