Design Notes

September 29, 2010

Bad Badges

Just A Quick Update!

Some of you have noticed that, like last year, the 2nd Upholder Badge on the character page is there, but greyed out. It will go full color on Nov 3rd.

The rest of you have noticed that there are people who have never purchased a membership who have the grey badge and many of you who are members well into the next year don't have them.

For example, my AQW membership doesn't expire until 2020, but I don't have the badge on my CP.

Zhoom and Ai No Miko are working on this and expect to have it displaying properly as soon as they can.

Update: 13:26

Looks like the got it fixed! Badges should be displaying properly now! :)

Shaman Is Coming!

Minimal has finished an early version of the Arcangrove Class, Shaman! Dumoose, Stratos and I will start testing and balancing today (YAY! We get to play with fun new powers!). Shaman Class will be a NON-MEMBER class, but will require RANK 10 ARCANGROVE REP.

You'll have more of a chance to earn more Arcangrove reputation this Friday when we release the next area of Arcangrove, the very volcanic Mount Mafic. 

You'll also get the change to grab some of Dage's new volcanic themed weapons!

They're Hawt

Happy Birthday To All Of Us!

If you want to know how to beocme a 2nd Upholder, get the 2nd Upholder Achievement Badge and the once-in-a-lifetime Onyx Star Sword, READ MY LAST DESIGN NOTES POST!

Even if you can't become a 2nd Upholder, you're ALL invited to the AQw Birthday Event featuring the musical talents of the band Paul and Storm! It's going to be a BIG deal, and not an adventure that you can afford to miss.

See you there!

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