Design Notes

July 24, 2017

PTR Test: Auto-Enhancements

Help us test a new feature on the PTR Server!

About 2 weeks ago, Artix and I were in the command center, discussing what else we needed to put the server rewrite live. And one BIG thing came up -- making sure the game felt right to you guys that first time you log in on the new server.

Based on your feedback, a majority of our community feels positive about the changes (even if there is still room for improvement). That tells us that we're at a point where we should move forward with launch planning. BUT we want to make sure the game feels good to you, and that you can jump into it and play easily, regardless of the combat changes. To help with that, Yorumi built (in record time!) the new...

Auto-Enhancement Feature

With this new feature, you'll be able to click a button and have all your equipped gear enhanced with the best, most useful specs. Some notes:

  • Only the gear types you currently have equipped will be auto-enhanced
  • If you want to change any of the auto-enhancements, you can go in and manually re-enhance the item
  • During the auto-enhancement testing, enhancing is free

Note: because of how different the enhancement systems are on the new vs old servers, if you enhance gear on the PTR server and then go back to the regular servers, you may encounter glitches. If you encounter issues with loading on the regular/old servers, return to the PTR and change gear to things that are showing as currently enhanced.

If you are experiencing any bugs with the Auto-Enhancement system, please report them at Thank you!

Did You Say... Preparing for Launch?

Yes, yes I did. We've gotten a TON of feedback, and we appreciate all of it. At this point, there are a few issues that cannot be fixed until we make the changeover to the new system/server. Yorumi is going to spend the rest of this week monitoring the auto-enhancement feature and feedback to hear your thoughts.

While he does that, he will begin preparing the servers and systems for the changeover. 

This also means it is your LAST chance to farm up the Quest Mission Sprocket requirements to unlock the 0 AC Sir Ver Bank Pet.

Once the rewrite IS live, the team will focus on fixing the issues mentioned above. We'll also begin heavily focusing on the class balance, combat changes, and class bug fixes that can only be done on the new server. 

At this point, any class bugs still occurring on the PTR server will be fixed once the rewrite is live, and new systems/features available to address them.

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