Design Notes

April 15, 2016

Throne of Darkness is Here!

Enter the Castle of Bone

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, a brand new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds has just begun... and you, if you are reading this, you are going to be a part of this from the very start.

As our new story opens, a rogue's gallery of powerful villains have gathered for a secret and terrible purpose...

Our first adventure is told by the DeathKnight Vaden. He hails from a castle that is completely made of bone. Legend has it that any hero who ventures into the castle and perishes will either become an undead servant OF the castle or WORSE... part of the castle of bone itself!

YOU have ventured into this place... this dungeon of horror... and we know this because Vaden is telling the story about it in-game RIGHT NOW!

Bonus Member Dungeons Coming Next Week!

We have been listening to you and it has going to be quite some while before we do any fillers, musical guests, or releases that draw away from the main story. Because it will take a minimum of TWO WEEKS to create all of the art, animation... and monsters... and items... and NPCs... and quests... 

We will be doing special bonus releases, giving MORE backstory into specific areas and sub-bosses from Throne of Darkness. The majority of these releases will be member only, which will satisfy a long-time desire for more content for the players who are making these releases possible.

Thank you for making this story a reality. If you read my previous Design Notes, you know that this story is incredibly important to me... it has one of the things I have been saving for so long. And to see it happening, well, let's just say you can see misty eyes through giant skull helmets.

I really, truly hope that you enjoy the unique way in which this story is structured, and that the twists and turns that you'll experience from these seven incredible villains will leave you smiling...
sometimes angry...
sometimes crying... 
sometimes banging your head repeatedly on the table over and over and over saying "why, why, why, Artix why,"... and most importantly... laughing.

Thank you. 

The Throne of Darkness has begun...


PS- oh, and if you'd like the score for this week's music track "Death has a name," I'd be happy to put them ALL up for you! Let me know what you think. (And please, subscribe to our Youtube channel while you're there!)

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