Design Notes

June 23, 2016

Throne of Darkness: 4D Pyramid

Throne of Darkness Sekt Story Update

I just finished the full script for Sekt and the 4th Dimensional Pyramid and am waiting to see Alina's response. 

This was a challenging assignment. I broke three big rules and think you will enjoy it.

  1. You will have a surprise NPC which you WILL NEVER guess. 
  2. 2.) Sekt is the Pharoah of the Black Hole Sun. He is telling the story and starts it out in a way that I do not think we have ever done before. Finally - 
  3. 3.) It ends in a way we have never ended a story before... 

This is the 5th Chapter of the Throne of Darkness saga which starts this Friday with a war... then next Friday with a challenge arena, and the story part will begin the following Friday. I really hope you enjoy it.

Alina reaction: I LOVE the story we're telling here! The twists (both in the art and in the plot) are awesome. As a note... NEXT week we are releasing the 4th Dimensional Arena. Artix's 4D Pyramid release is not one we want to rush, and now that the story and design are done... we can REALLY begin building it!

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