Design Notes

August 05, 2022

Summer AC Bonus Ends Monday

Get 50% more ACs with any Membership or AC Pack

FINAL WEEKEND! Get 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins with any AdventureCoin or Membership package you buy until Monday, August 8th. Don't miss your chance to top up your AC stash before Summer ends, because Fall is coming soon along with all our anniversary, birthday, and holiday events!

Get 60,000 ACs while our Summer Bonus is on!

During our Summer AC bonus, get 60,000 ACs for $99.95 (that's 20,000 ACs more than normal!) and unlock your choice of upgrade bonus pack, 15x Rep, Gold, Class Points, and XP server boosts, and the Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (IoDA). 

Wait...AdventureCoin Bonus?!

That's right! Several times each year, we have bonus AdventureCoin offers (example: Summer, Back to School, and during the holidays). Bonus amounts and dates may change from year to year, so keep an eye on the Design Notes and social media for more news of future bonuses.

Get 60,000 ACs while our Summer Bonus is on!

During our Summer AC bonus, get 60,000 ACs for $99.95 (that's 20,000 ACs more than normal!) and unlock your choice of upgrade bonus pack, 15x Rep, Gold, Class Points, and XP server boosts, and the Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (IoDA). 

Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness?!

The Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (or MIoDA for short) is a miscellaneous item you will get by purchasing the 40k AdventureCoin pakage. Like the other IoDA items, it allows you to choose any item in the game when you redeem it through your Account Manager.

How to Claim your MIoDA Prize

Make sure you have a confirmed email address attached to your game account, and then follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the item you want
  2. Log into your Account Manager
  3. Click on the "Awesome Prizes" link on the sidebar
  4. You'll see a list of the IoDA tokens you have available
  5. Choose from a list of ALL the eligible item rewards  
  6. You'll be taken to a verification page to confirm your choice
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August 05, 2022

Back to School BLAST

Gear up with extra credit and wicked new reward gear

Log in this weekend and prepare to level up! LoreMaster Maya's offering you bonus training time in the /extracredit map as heroes across Lore prepare for their next academic adventures. Battle bullies, smash distractions, and reap the rewards!

/join extracredit now to:

  • Battle the Grade A Bully and Meanest Girl to help your friends focus
  • Raid the School Supplies locker to make sure you've got the right tools for school
  • Defeat distractions and scoree extra points by beating the Evil Console
  • And /slay Dogear for your final exam

Back to School Merge + Gear Shops

Complete Maya's lessons in the seasonal /extracredit map to collect merge resources to make all-new gear. Plus, find her Back to School shop with items for ACs and gold. (Four candy canes for YOU if you find all our Mean Girls references)

Gear Shop:

  • Dramatic Royal armor set
  • Academy Casual armor sets
  • Regular + color-custom Academy Tracksuit armor sets
  • Spring, Summer, Fall Uniform armor sets

Merge Shop:

  • Academy Jacket Outfit armor
  • Academy Jeans Outfit armor
  • Autumn Days armor set
  • Academic Attitude armor, Power Puffs + Curls of Power helms
  • Ultra Fierce Outfit, Ultra Fierce Locks, Super Cute Hair
  • Becky's Hair + Morph helms
  • Ben's Hair + Morph helms

Extra Credit Drops:

  • Meanest Bully armor
  • Burning Book mace
  • Dogged Professor Helm
  • Bagged Lunch, Number 2 Pencil, Chair Mace, Backpacks
  • Winter Uniform armor set

The Class Hall Expands

Log in and get ready to rank up your classes AND knowledge! The Class Hall expands with two new wings and 60) class trainers, giving you insight and info on even more classes! 

We first opened the Hall of Classes in 2020 as a hub of class information for new and experienced players. Originally, /classhall only opened with its first wing, intended for starter and early-game classes. Now, we bring to you two more wings, intended for mid-game and late-game classes!

As a reminder, each wing of the hall represents a different slew of classes based on when you’re likely to encounter and use them, and how powerful they are. 

  • /classhalla: Starter and Early-game classes for heroes just beginning the game and story
  • /classhallb: Mid-game classes for people wrapping up sagas and looking for an upgrade
  • /classhallc: Late-game classes for people who are diving into the farming and some challenge content and are looking for powerful classes
  • /classhalld: End-game classes for people looking to take on the greatest challenges Lore has to offer (not yet released)

Speak to any of the class trainer NPC’s to find out about their class, where to obtain them, and what they’re best used for.

Some classes may be more or less powerful than others in the same hall, and some can be found earlier or later! These halls simply act as a guide for classes you can look towards, and find interest in.

This includes paid and package classes, but not classes with limited availability. Heromart classes are not included either. Classes will all be represented by their most readily available counterpart or simplest name, but you can use the wiki to find variants and reskins of classes when available.

Training Grounds Revamp

Behind the Hall of Classes is where you can find the training grounds. Here, you can fight differing testing dummies to test out your class skills and abilities. This update, we’ve given the training grounds a facelift- adding more dummies, more rooms, and more scenarios.

Additionally, there’s a new and difficult foe for you to take on in the boss room of the training grounds- Moglin Psiae’s Training Golem! Take on Psiae’s quest alone or with your friends, and you can obtain exclusive gear (with boosts!) and tons of experience.

Classhall Character Page Background

Now, you can use Classhall’s exterior as a background on your character page! Simply find the button in /classhall, and you’re all set.

Additional Changes

Several other smaller changes are also rolling out with this week’s release.

  • Binky’s Curse of Blades now works as intended (shared with Doomkitten)
  • Curse of Blades now affects up to 4 targets and reduces your Critical Damage by 700%, but only lasts 7 seconds.
  • Several monster auras now only function within their respective maps:
  • Darkon the Conductor’s Grown
  • Doomkitten and Binky’s Curse of Blades
  • Ultra Exos’s Chaos Power
  • Xiang and Ultra Xiang’s +Chaos Power has been renamed to Duality Power
  • Master of Moglin’s skill order has been adjusted, to make it more receptive to enhancement traits
  • Absolution’s damage penalty has been reduced to 15% (this change happened two weeks ago, but was missed in the changelog)

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Summer's heating up, and so are our weekly game releases! Check out the release calendar to see what's happening and when things leave so you don't miss a moment, a battle, or a limited time reward. 

  • Monday, August 8: Summer AdventureCoin bonus ends
  • Friday, August 12: Stellar Royalty + Dawn Duelist sets featured gear sets
  • Friday, August 19: Regal Vindicator Titan, Golden Paladin Titan, ShadowFire Prince featured gear sets

Daily Gift Schedule

2022 has been a CRAZY year so far... but Summer is almost here! We've got something new for you every day of the week. Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase. Bookmark this page to keep up to date with all of daily gifts! And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, has stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games. 

Download the Artix Games Launcher at  and you'll be able to continue playing all your favorite Artix games right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.

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August 05, 2022

Become a Mystical Yokai Warrior

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive armor sets

To become the warrior you were truly meant to be, you must tap into otherworldly forces. Get the Mystical Yokai Warrior upgrade bonus pack when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more and unlock over 30 items and a character page badge.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager

Pack Details

 Choose the Mystical Yokai Warrior Pack to unlock the full armor set. 

  • 2 armors
  • 18 helms
  • 4 capes
  • 4 daggers
  • 1 polearm
  • 5 swords
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen the Mystical Yokai Warrior Pack bonus on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Mystical Yokai Warrior gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Mystical Yokai Warrior gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • and a character page badge
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August 01, 2022

August Spirit Gear is Here

Display the official colors of your country proudly

Our country scarf capes, flag banner house items, and other rewards let heroes across the world celebrate their national holidays. Defeat the Zard in /battleontown to collect all the August spirit gear until Wednesday, August 31st.

House Item Flags and Scarf Capes are now available for:

  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Indonesia
  • Jamaica
  • Korea
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Liechtenstein
  • Malaysia
  • Moldova
  • Pakistan
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Ukraine
  • Uruguay
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August 01, 2022

Unlock the Urban Street Gear

Available every year from August 1st - 31st

Your toughest opponents don't always wait until you step onto the battlefield, so when they bring the fight right to your front door, you need to be ready to step out into the street and take them down! The Urban Assassin Gear is our August Seasonal Pack. Unlock the full set and character page badge when you buy the full pack, or talk to Garek in Battleon to get individual set pieces.

August Set: Urban Assassin, Yin-Yang + Yokai Street Gear

Starting Thursday, July 1st at 12:01 AM EST (that's server time), unlock the Urban Assassin armor set and the color customizable Yin-Yang and Yokai Street Wear sets.

There are two ways to get the gear:

1) Total package: Buy the entire set directly through the website for $9.99 USD 

2) Individually: Buy each of the individual pieces from Garek the Traveling Gear Merchant in Battleon.

The total cost to buy all of the gear individually is 5,050 ACs, so getting all the gear from the pack is a pretty sweet deal. 

The set includes:

  • Urban Assassin armor
  • Yin Yang Street Gear (color customizable)
  • Yokai Street Gear (color customizable)
  • 14 helms
  • 3 capes
  • 5 weapons
  • an exclusive character page badge

Seasonal Set Details

Each month, we'll feature a new set, available only during that month every year. 

Seasonal Sets
January: ArchFiend OverLord
February: Obsidian Samurai
March: Legion Warseeker
April: Bio-War Cultist
May: Lord of the J-Sixth + Lightning Lich Lord
June: ShadowZard Mount + Rider
July: Flameborn + Underworld Summoner
August: Urban Assassins
September: Celestial Naval Commander
October: ChronoStriker
November: Harvest Hunters
December: Northern Wanderer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as an upgrade bonus? 

Upgrade bonus gear is an extra reward for buying AdventureCoin or Membership packages; new bonus gear comes out roughly every month. Seasonal set packs are bought separately. Just like the Flame Dragon Warrior pack, you can buy the entire set directly, for one price, on our site. You can ALSO buy the individual pieces in-game.

This set will return EVERY August, so if you can't get it now, you'll have another chance in upcoming years.

What if I just want ONE of the items?

You're in luck! Talk to Garek in Battleon. He'll be selling the individual pieces of the set through August 31st.

Where do I get my gear if I buy the full set through the website?

You'll find it in your Book of Lore.

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July 31, 2022

Weekly Event Calendar

Upcoming Game Events: August 2022

Defy the shadows, defeat the flame, embrace your power, and save the world! Our Shadows of War Saga finale continues this month with parts 2 + 3 of the 6 chapter story. Join us all month long for dark tales, deadly boss fights, and wicked new rare and reward items.


August 1:

  • August seasonal set (Urban Assassin) returns 
  • August National Day drops

August 5 

  • Class Hall expansion + new battle boss
  • Back to School map, quests, and seasonal gear returns
  • Apocryphal Yokai upgrade bonus

August 8 Singapore Independence Day items return (August 9, Singapore time)

August 12 

  • Crystallis story update
  • August Anime Featured Gear Shop

August 17 Indonesian Independence Day map and seasonal items

August 19 Shadows of War finale, Part II

August 26 Shadows of War finale, Part III


August 1 July seasonal set + National Day drops

August 5 Frostval in July + Star Festival zones

August 9 Titan Summer Limited Quantity Sets 

August 12 Starry Prince + Dawn Duelist Featured Gear Shop sets

August 19 

  • Father's Day of Doom events 
  • Featured Gear Shop sets: Regal Vindicator / Golden Paladin / ShadowFire Titan sets
  • Rare daily login gifts from July 18 - 31

August 31 

  • Summer seasonal maps + gear
  • Summer 2022 collection chest
  • August National Day items, Singapore + Indonesia Independence Day 
  • Rare daily login gifts from August 1 - 14

August Daily Login Gift Schedule

There's always something new to do or battle for in AdventureQuest Worlds! Log in each day for a new item, boost, buff, or surprise. 

Follow AQWorldsGame on Twitter for more details and to see the newest daily gifts available for you at!

Release time: Gold, Rep, Class Points, and XP boosts are scheduled to begin at 12:01 AM EST (server time). Farming resource boosts and item drops do not have a set release time.

Rare drops released between:

  • July 18 - 31 leave August 19
  • August 20 - 31 leave September 17
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