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June 25, 2013

Today’s Featured “Artist”

See what happens when Artix, Cysero, and Alina give me dibs on the Featured Artist Showcase Shop…!

Happy Tuesday! Today is an extra special day—with a major emphasis on “special.” As many of you know, every Tuesday your favorite online fantasy game features an AQW Artist with a special shop full of special items.

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

We have seen AMAZING armors, weapons, helms, and more from Tyronius, Jemini, Dage, Memet, Vokun, and others. When Tyronius’ shop leaves later tonight, I will take the stage with my collection of Derp-a-licious and Pink-a-licious items! YIPPEE!

Beleen’s Goodies!

Ohhhh my goodness! There’s just soooo much PINK and soooo much DERP to make you /laugh, /cry, and /facepalm at the same time!

All these items were suggested by my wonderful Twitter friends! Thanks so much =D

Ahoy Bubblegum Scallywag pirate in fantasy game AQW Bubblegum Scallywag - Rare!
1100 AdventureCoins
Captain's Bubblegum Hat Captain's Bubblegum Hat - Rare!
200 AdventureCoins
Lassie's Bubblegum Hat

Lassie's Bubblegum Hat - Rare!
200 AdventureCoins

Blinding Pink of Destiny

Blinding Pink of Destiny! - Rare!
2000 AdventureCoins

Blade of Aww in fantasy games AdventureQuest Worlds Blade of Aww - Rare!
450 AdventureCoins
Beleens new pink unicorn plushie weapon in fantasy game Pink Unicorn Plushie
1337 Gold for Members Only
Pink Shadow Reaper of doom in online fantasy game Pink Reaper of Doom
10000 Gold
Pink arm blades in online fantasy game Amaranth Arm Blades
25500 Gold for Members Only
Pink Default Daggers Pink Default Dagger
500 Gold
Pink Frog cookie Strawberry Frog Cookie
1337 Gold
Derpy Daimyo Artix dog Derpy Daimyo
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derp Fish rules Derp Fish extra Derp
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derpy Pineapple fruit Derpy Pineapple
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derp Taco rules! Derpy Taco Rules!
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derpy Twilly online fantasy game AQW Derpy Twilly
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derpy Zorbak Derpy Zorbak
5000 Gold for Members Only
Default pink staff Pink Default Staff
500 Gold
Pink Default Sword in online fantasy game Pink Default Sword
500 Gold
Pink Phoenix Blade in online flash game AQW Pink Phoenix Blade
50000 Gold for Members Only
Derpy Kitty cat in online fantasy game Derpy Kitty
5000 Gold for Members Only
Derp pink moglin on your back Derpy Pink Back Moglin
5000 Gold
Pink and White Wings for your back Beleen Pink in Paradise Wings
13250 Gold for Members Only

Before Artix sees what I have done (especially to his prized battleaxe), you should stock up on AdventureCoins now and get all those RARE pink items!

Who is Beleen?

Hiya! I’m Beleen! I go by many titles, like Pinkomancer, Giggle Guru, and the Scribble Scribe (all of which are true). I joined Artix Entertainment back in May 2009 as the “AQWorlds Content Writer.” I wrote everything from item descriptions, quest text, character dialogue, cutscene scripts, Design Notes, newsletters, press releases, and zomg so much more. I also kinda became the “female voice” of AQW back when Artix and Cysero ran the show. HEY! Girls play video games too, yanno! And thus, the bright pink bubbly Beleen that we all know and love was born!

Beleen in online fantasy game AQW

Speaking of being born… I was born in Los Angeles, California, a long long time ago. I lived in Cali for a few years before moving to Tampa, Florida, where I currently reside with my Mommy and sisters. I attended University of South Florida and got my major in Creative Writing with an emphasis on Marketing.

My first job ever: Balloon Animal Artist.

My second job ever: Artix Entertainment Writer.

My third job ever: Derp Artist!

The Story of the Derp

Back in August 2010, I tried my luck at creating a Pet O’ the Month. Since August is National Catfish Month (lol seriously!), I attempted to draw a catfish.

The First Derp Fish by Beleen

I begged Cysero to put it in game. Which he immediately shot down. “I mean, look at it. It's got a eye on its forehead.” However, as the requests piled up, and the more Cysero looked at that stupid thing, the more he loved the idea of getting it into game.

Cysero and Derpfish

And thus, the Derp Fish was born, which opened the doors to a whole WORLD of DERP and HURP and DERPITYDEEERRPS!

DerpFish for 2013 in online flash game AQW
Derp Fish with extra Derp

Get your Free Download of the Derp Song on!

DerpQuest Worldz may be my lifelong dream… but in the meantime, you can get your DERP ON with my silly DERPY HURPY items in my Featured Artist Shop!

All the Pink and all the Derp you can handle arrives tonight in Battleon!

Yippie! xoxo!

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