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October 22, 2018

AQWorlds Patch Notes

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Reens, Cemaros and the AQW Bug Hunter team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at

Please do not send non-release bugs on Twitter.  They will get lost.  Make sure you send bug report forms!

Check back weekly to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.  Please remember that not all bugs are "easy fixes" so some reported and confirmed bugs from each week may not be on the fixed list as they will require more time or a different person to fix them.

If you would like to know how the reports go from you to fixed, check this page:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Shadowscythe General (AC version) items have been given their damage bonus now.
  2. Reki has left the (Brightfall) building.

Art Fixes:

  1. 0AC version of Ghostly Naval Commander missing art has been re-arted.
  2. Sepulchure’s Original Helm horn straightened and toothpicks removed.
  3. Prismatic Doomknight Helm eyes are now eye coloured.
  4. 10th Anniversary Nulgath Pet no longer changes color when laughing.
  5. Elegant Kimono female arm has been sewn back on.
  6. Renn's Wear eyebrows on male were not missing, they had been bleached out.  They’ve been re-coloured now so they show.
  7. Tank Mech Armor female art now showing.

Extras:  Clogged Inventory Spaces! (aka “You Do Not Meet The Requirements” message)

An issue which has been popping up a bit more often now is something we thought we had locked down, and that is the error message “You do not meet the requirements …”.  We had initially thought this was a cache issue, as clearing cache did fix it 100% of the time.  We were partially right.

Turns out the issue stems from stackable items and how they are handled.  When you pick up stackable items, they are first placed in an empty space in your inventory and then move to the stack they should be in.  This happens so fast that you normally should not even notice it happening. 

But how does this cause the “You do not meet the requirements …” error you ask.  And that is a great question.  What is actually happening is when you pick up the item and it moves, it reserves that space for a few seconds, or longer if it’s even the least bit laggy.  The server is reading the space as occupied even though it is not.  When all of your inventory is filled with these ghost occupied spaces, it gives you this error message.

This also seems to happen, if a bit less often, when you are buying items from a shop and banking them or selling them to get them in your BuyBack Shop to make room to buy more items. Even more rarely, it may also happen with quest items.

You can stop and clear your cache if you wish.  Or just relog.  Or just wait a few moments.  In most cases, this will actually resolve itself within a few moments. If it does not resolve itself within 2 minutes, a relog will solve it.  If a relog does not solve it, then something else broke and we will need you to send a bug report!

***This Extras post brought to you by the Wheel of Doom testing!

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