Design Notes

July 17, 2021

Midnight Issue Updates

Facebook, LQS, and Daily Drop News

The middle of the night is not our usual Design Notes post time, but so much has been going on, not everything would fit into our earlier DN post. Read on for news!

AQW Facebook Login update 

We're in touch with Facebook's App Review/Appeal team. They have a few requests we need to address before the process can move forward. We'll resume working with them this week to get the issue addressed as quickly as possible.

LavaFlame, Abyssal, and ShadowEater Samurai Update

After receiving several requests this evening, Yoshino was able to add in "standard arm" versions of the LavaFlame and Abyssal Pyromancer armors from this weekend's Limited Quantity Set pack. These are available in your Book of Lore badge shop right now.

He's also set up a "standard arm" version of the ShadowEater Samurai armor from our 1,000,000 AC achievement tracker reward set. This update will release in the next few days (unless he sneakily rolls it while I am asleep).

Daily Drops Added to the IoDA Pool

Our daily login gifts are frequently scheduled in advance. To make sure players don't get those special drops in advance, we give them a special rarity. But that rarity also excludes them from being added into the pool of IoDA* gifts.

Later on this month, we'll update the rarity on a number of the items with the "Limited Time Drop" rarity to allow them to be added to the IoDA prize pool. Keep an eye out for more news on this in the near future.

* The Item of Digital Awesomeness allows you to choose a rare or hard-to-obtain item. Read more about them here. 

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