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October 10, 2023

Birthday GIF Contest!

GIFs are the best gifts ever! Unwrap your creativity with a GIF as we celebrate AQW’s 15th birthday together.

Greetings, heroes! Another year of epic adventures, quests, and battles is here, and we are excited to celebrate AQW’s 15th birthday in style! But what's a birthday celebration without our incredible community of heroes like YOU? That's why we're totally thrilled to announce our "Create a Birthday GIF Contest," giving our beloved community the chance to showcase their creativity while sharing their love for our wonderful world!

AQW gif contest

Contest Details

🌟 Theme

For this GIF contest, we're diving deep into the heart of our fantasy world… and memes. With 15 years of content to use, we know you’ll have no problem coming up with awesome, amazing, and/or hilarious AQW GIFs. Whether it's a thrilling boss battle, a nostalgic moment, a hilarious meme, or anything in-between, we want your creativity to capture the essence of AQWorlds! 

📝 Rules

  • Up to 5 GIFs allowed per player

  • GIFs must be in standard .GIF format

  • Duration cannot exceed 15 seconds (although Giphy recommends 6 seconds max)

  • GIFs must be AQW-themed. GIFs can use in-game art, or art that you created yourself

  • Parodying memes is totally fine, so long as it uses AQW in-game art or art that you created

  • Content must adhere to our game's community guidelines (no offensive or inappropriate material; if you wouldn’t show it to your religious grandmother, don’t show it to us either, lol)

  • Our contest is open to all players from all over the world, regardless of your in-game level or experience!

  • This goes without saying, but anyone caught cheating / stealing someone else’s work will be disqualified. 

🏆 Prizes

What's a contest without fantastic prizes? We know it’s AQWorlds’ birthday and all – but we want to give YOU amazing gifts, too! Of course it’s going to be difficult narrowing down our favorites, so that’s why an extensive panel of judges will help us pick the winners!

  1. First Place: 5,000 AdventureCoins + Birthday Collection Chest

  2. Second Place: 2,500 ACs + Birthday Collection Chest

  3. Third Place: 1,000 ACs + Birthday Collection Chest

  4. Runner Ups: Birthday Collection Chest

In the event a winner has already purchased the Birthday Collection Chest, they can instead gift it to a friend, another AQW account, or receive 10,000 ACs.  

But of course the best gift of all is getting to share your amazing GIFs with everyone in the world <3

📥 Submission Process

1. Make a GIF (or up to 5 GIFs!) that are AQW-themed
2. Upload your GIF(s) to one – or more – of the following:

* If posting on Tenor and/or Giphy, be sure to use the tag AQW, but we also recommend using other tags such as AdventureQuest Worlds, Adventure Quest, and AQ, in addition to any other descriptive tags that fit your GIF :) Here’s an example.

3. Include your AQW game name with your submission! So if you post on Tenor and/or Giphy, please type your AQW game name AND link us your entry / entries on the AE Contest Twitter, the Artix Design Notes comments, or the Google Form!

🌟 Don’t forget to type your AQW game name, otherwise we won’t be able to award you if you win! 🌟

⏰ Timeframe

Begins: Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Ends: Tuesday, October 31, at 11:59pm ET

Spread the word, invite your fellow friends, and let's make AQW’s 15th birthday unforgettable!

🤩 Other exciting surprises

Our community has always been the lifeforce of our games, and we have some exciting events planned for the month of October. We’ve got Friday the 13th, a Solar Eclipse on the 14th, and AQW’s 15th anniversary, not to mention everyone’s favorite holiday: Mogloween! 

You can now become a 15th Upholder and the proud owner of 15 spectacular Star Swords, all new for 2023 – click here for all the details. Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting AQWorlds; we could have never gotten this far without all your help and support!

As we prepare for another amazing birthday, we can't help but feel grateful for each and every one of you who has been part of our incredible journey. Your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm have made AQWorlds truly come alive these past 15 years and beyond!

And of course we can't wait to see the GIFs you come up with. Let your creativity run wild, and together we'll make this birthday celebration an epic chapter in the history of our fantasy world – and the real world, too!

May your quests be legendary, and may your GIFs even more epic, heroes!

Battle on!
Beleen and the amazing AQW team

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