Design Notes

July 08, 2022

Starry Summer Gear is Here

Sets available until Friday, August 5th

With a throne made of stardust, you rule over an endless sea of galaxies. Your brilliance cannot be matched, and your reign will last as long as the stars themselves. Log in now to find our rare Stellar Royalty set in your Featured Gear Shop for AdventureCoins for a limited time!

This celestial set is the work of two artistic stars: the original design was created by your fellow player, Cielvalry, and translated into Flash by AQWorlds artist, Arlette!

Head to the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu to find all of the set pieces!

The Stellar Royalty set includes:

  • Stellar Royalty armor
  • Stellar Prince + Princess helms 
  • Stellar Prince + Princess Morph helms
  • 3 Stellar Royalty capes
  • Enchanted Constellation Ground Rune
  • 4 Stellar Royalty weapons

Argentina's Independence Day Set: Dawn Duelist

Tomorrow, July 9th, is Argentina's Independence Day. To help celebrate, AQW community artist Despera crafted a set inspired by many of the culture's symbols. The Dawn Duelist set will be available each year in July from your Featured Gear Shop.

The Dawn Duelist set includes:

  • Dawn Duelist armor
  • Matchless Dawn Duelist armor
  • 4 helms
  • Sheathed Melody of the Rose cape
  • Virtuous Condor Wings
  • 3 weapons

A selection of the Dawn Duelist set items have been added to the game permanently.

Cosplay Shop Update
Head to /Akiba and talk to Nukemichi to find 3 new items permanently added to her Cosplay Shop.

  • Mouse Ears + Hair helm
  • Mouse Ears + Locks helm
  • Honored Mouse Tail cape

Bev's Wig Shop
Head to /Battleontown and talk to Bev in the Hair Shop to find 2 new helms permanently added to her Wig Shop. 

  • Dawn's Light Hair
  • Dawn's Light Locks

Get 50% more ACs with any Membership or AC Pack

NOW AVAILABLE! Get 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins with any AdventureCoin or Membership package you buy during our Summer AdventureCoins bonus!

Gear up and get ready for Part 9 and 10 of Darkon's Elegy of Madness Saga, our Father's Day of Doom event, and more!

Wait...AdventureCoin Bonus?!

That's right! Several times each year, we have bonus AdventureCoin offers (example: Summer, Back to School, and during the holidays). Bonus amounts and dates may change from year to year, so keep an eye on the Design Notes and social media for more news of future bonuses.

Get 60,000 ACs while our Summer Bonus is on!

During our Summer AC bonus, get 60,000 ACs for $99.95 (that's 20,000 ACs more than normal!) and unlock your choice of upgrade bonus pack, 15x Rep, Gold, Class Points, and XP server boosts, and the Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (IoDA). 

Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness?!

The Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (or MIoDA for short) is a miscellaneous item you will get by purchasing the 40k AdventureCoin pakage. Like the other IoDA items, it allows you to choose any item in the game when you redeem it through your Account Manager.

How to Claim your MIoDA Prize

Make sure you have a confirmed email address attached to your game account, and then follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the item you want
  2. Log into your Account Manager
  3. Click on the "Awesome Prizes" link on the sidebar
  4. You'll see a list of the IoDA tokens you have available
  5. Choose from a list of ALL the eligible item rewards  
  6. You'll be taken to a verification page to confirm your choice
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