Design Notes

June 07, 2024

Hot New Fiery Boss + Beachin' Events

Summer is here, and so is the hottest gear of the year!

This weekend's heating up! Log in now to and journey to the Sunset Dunes for a fiery new boss battle against an Immortal (and judgemental) phoenix. Plus, all our seasonal Summer events are back -- /join eventhub to cool off after battle with a trip to the beach. 

New Game Update

  • Main Story: Battle the Phoenix in Sunset Dunes
  • New rewards: Phoenix's Glory armor set + Firebird weapons
  • Seasonal Events: Head to the /eventhub to find all our summer maps
  • New Upgrade Bonus: Unlock the Elven Assassin set 

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs and Metals
  • Saturday: Beach(ure) 83 Ball mace from the Baconcatzard in the /eventhub
  • Sunday: Immortal Phoenix house guards from Anqa in /sunsetdunes

Glorious New Reward Gear

Talk to Zhoom and Crulon in the Sunset Dunes map this weekend for a treasure chest full of hot new reward items. Defeat Anqa, the Immortal Phoenix to collect the resources needed to craft the Phoenix's Glory & Firebird's Fury items.

Sunset Treasures Merge Shop:

  • Phoenix's Glory armor & helm
  • Phoenix's Fury armor & helm
  • Golden Phoenix Wings & Great Wings
  • Golden Phoenix's Glory Blade (single + dual variant)
  • Golden Phoenix's Fury Blade (single + dual variant)
  • Firebird's Fury Blade (single + dual variant)
  • Firebird's Fury Spear

Sunset Dunes Reward Drops:

  • Golden Firebird's Spear
  • Golden Firebird's Blade  (single + dual variant)

Cool Off with our Seasonal Summer Events

Get your battle on... at the beach as all our seasonal Summer hubtown and rewards return in the /summerbreak map. Talk to Beleen to find all our summer shops, surf gear, and adventure zones around Lore.

Summer-themed maps:
  • Sunsetdunes
  • summerbreak
  • lavarockbay
  • burningbeach
  • blazingbeach
  • beachparty
  • freakitiki
  • coralbeach
  • lunacove
Note: the /summerhub map is no longer available. Instead, you can /join eventhub

Find all the returning seasonal items you guys love to battle through the beach in, and keep checking back as we continue to add more new gear all summer long! New 2024 exclusive surfboards will be added to the Summer shop soon, and 2024 graduation gear will arrive next week.

Summer Days Shop gear:

  • Summer Style armor
  • Summer Rave armor
  • Prismatic Summer Rave armor
  • Summer Rave accessories
  • Victory and Battle Swimwear armors
  • Robes of Knowledge

Seasonal surfboard staffs:

  • Artix Dragon surfboard
  • Treasure Map surfboard
  • Surfboard of the Nation
  • Surfboard of the Legion
  • Surfboard of Destiny

Burning Beach is Under Attack!

Fight fire with fire as we return to Burning Beach. Blazebeard (Lore's most notorious pirate) gained access to one of Pyromancy's greatest artifacts, the Magmanacles.

Now, he seeks to steal the ancient power trapped deep inside the island's volcano. If he succeeds, he'll have enough strength to rules the seas... the land... and beyond. Head to /blazingbeach as we continue the story of ArchMage Pyralis and the refugees of Feverfew Isle.

Or, if you're just joining us, begin the adventure in /burningbeach, where Pyralis seekst your help to save her people from an imminent volcanic eruption and the power of a raging (and trapped!) Storm Elemental.

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