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October 06, 2023

Happy Birthday, Hero!

Log in for gifts, your /birthday party, and more!

This weekend, log in and get this /party started as we celebrate 15 years of legends, lore, and VICTORY! Find all our new holiday and birthday maps in the Event Hub, plus new monsters and rewards. In honor of the birthday and Friday the 13th, this month's events and rewards are theme is: DOOM and golden glory... and that's just what awaits.

  • Verus DoomKnight Birthday Class + quests in /TerminaTemple
  • seasonal Mogloween events return
  • First birthday gift of the month
  • Event Hub: birthday NPCs, new monsters + rewards
  • Celestial Dark Knight armor + helms from the Fallen Warlord in the Infernal Arena
  • New upgrade bonus: Dracolich Lord

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double EXP + Double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs & Metals + Celestial Dungeon Rewards
  • Saturday: Blacksteel Dragon Bow & Polearm
  • Sunday: Top Hats of DOOM

Log in now at

Mogloween Returns with Tricks & Treatsfor Halloween!

A sliver of moon rises in the darkening sky.... Shadows creep and fog rolls over the land. It can only mean one this... the haunted town of Mystcroft has reopened. Log in this weekend as all our seasonal Halloween zones, bosses, and rewards return. /join mystcroft to talk to the Cauldron Sisters to learn the lay of the land, then /join crescentmoon and talk to Constantine to take on the Spectral Lycan Boss battle! 

Our seasonal Mogloween events are back RIGHT NOW, but later this month, we'll bring you an all-new adventure. Like last year, you'll be able to enjoy trick-or-treating (and monster-beating) at other players' houses. (Time to clean and decorate your /house!)

Spooky Spectral Reward Gear

Even the soul of an underhanded coward can take on the form of a relentless beast if steeped in enough curses and anguish. Death becomes a new beginning. Battle Royce in /crescentmoon and collect his drops, then create color custom versions of the gear in Constantine's merge shop!

Boss Drops:

  • Spectral Lycan armor
  • Spectral Lycan accessories: 2 helms, 2 capes, 2 weapons
  • Spectral Ground Flames (1% drop)
  • WitchBlade armor (imported from OverSoul)
  • Webbed Blade

Merge Shop: 8 color-customizable versions of the Spectral Lycan gear!

Getting a Head(less) Start on Halloween!

If you haven't joined us for this event before, Mogloween is the fall seasonal event where you Trick or BEAT your way through the spookiest, creepiest releases we've put out over the last fifteen years

Returning Mogloween zones this year:

  • /mogloween
  • /mogloweengrave
  • /candyshop
  • /voltabolt
  • /candycorn
  • /pie
  • /asylum
  • /franken
  • /ultrafranken
  • /poehub
  • /crusher
  • /cask
  • /wyvern
  • /necronaut
  • /mystcroftforest
  • /bloodmoon
  • /chromafection
  • /twigsarcade
  • /zorbot
  • /masquerade
  • /that

Check out our Mogloween Event Guide to see all the maps, bosses, and quests waiting for you: Mogloween Guide

Candied Costume Merge Shop

Bubble (the cat) went on a candy binge and ate ALL of the ingredients Toil and Trouble saved for the Cauldron Sister's super-delicious Candy Batch Deluxe. If they find out, Bubble’s going to be turned into an animatronic, and I’ll have to help. Robots are the CREEPIEST things out there. Even worse than that Necromancer wannabe, Sally.

For helping Bubble (the Girl), you'll be able to pick up a cauldron full of new Mogloween costumes! Just keep completing quests to earn Bubble (the Cat)'s favorite candy, and she’ll let you choose your prizes.

Complete quests to earn the pieces of our seasonal sets:

  • Super Scion Ninja
  • Force Guardian
  • Flesh Ripper
  • Fairy Tale Wanderer
  • Taco Day Costume gear
  • Lady Vayle (new for 2022!)
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