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October 06, 2023

15th Birthday Gifts, Week 1

Don't miss any of our 15th Birthday of DOOM & Glory Gifts

This is a really special birthday. FIFTEEN YEARS! After so many victories, we know you've collected enough gear to fill several dragon hoards. So to celebrate this milestone, we want to show our appreciation by giving you the ability to play and store EVEN MORE! 

When you log in this weekend, you'll see ALL heroes now have 15 more free inventory and bank spaces. New accounts get 15 more of each by default. And Guild leaders? We want to help you grow, too, so you've got 15 more free Guild Slots! /cheer

Log in to get your free gift now, and check out what new gifts and functionality are coming next:

  • October 6, 2023: free bank, inventory, guild, and friends list spaces slots
  • October 13, 2023: Classes will all become 0 AC + 0 AC armor variants will be added
  • October 20, 2023: 500 free AdventureCoins* 
  • As soon as possible: Featured Character Page badges + more character page badges based on community suggestions

All Classes will be 0 AC?!

That's right! We're changing class prices so if you're short on inventory space, you won't have to choose to sell a class to free up room.

  • Free player classes that currently have a gold cost will become 0 AC
  • Member-only classes that cost gold will become 0 AC, member-only. 
  • End-game farming classes will still need to be earned, like normal. 

Note: Any classes sold while they had a gold cost will not be available in the Buy Back Shop.

Featured Character Page Badges?

You've got badges you're extra proud of, and we want to help you display your achievements to the world. Captain Rhubarb is working on a way that will let you flag several of your badges as "featured" in the Account Manager. They'll be displayed at the top of your character page.

* Complete our Part II of our Doom Rising birthday event to unlock them!

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