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January 06, 2023

Triple Artist Birthday Week

Log in and celebrate Nulgath, Crulon, and Hikari's Birthdays!

This month, we're celebrating the new year and a host of AE team member birthdays! We kick off the gift-off with new quests and gear from Crulon, Hikari, and Yin & Yang (on Nulgath's behalf). The adventures will continue all month long, so gear up and get ready to /SLAY! Whether you are a fan of light gear, dark adventures, or everything in-between, this week has something new for you to do! 

Yang's Favors Merge Shop

Yin and Yang emerged from the Abyss long before Nulgath became the Archfiend but took their current forms after his arrival. They represent the eternal opposing forces that control our universe... but there’s enough cooks in THAT kitchen. Here and now, they want to set you up for success by helping you serve LOOKS.

  • Talk to Yang in /tercessuinotlim
  • Complete her quests to earn Yang's Favors 
  • Use them to craft new gear in her merge shop 

If you played OverSoul, you may be familiar with the first set she's featuring: BattleMaster Tharr! You can unlock all of his gear starting this weekend. 

Crulon's Birthday Gifts: Dream Palace houses

Crulon is one of the guardians of the Djinn Realm... and also one of AQWorlds top item artists. He celebrates his real-life birthday this month but has been out of commission recently due to surgery. We couldn't let his birthday go by without celebrating, though, so we've added a few new items NOW, and he'll plan on making more for you as soon as possible. Real Life Quest: Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!

UPDATE: As of earlier today... Crulon BACK in action, but not in time to send in gear for this week. We couldn't let his birthday go by without celebrating, though, so for now... 

  • Head to /dreampalace 
  • Battle Zahad to collect the Midnight Dream Palace house and a host of dreamy house items
  • Find the DayDream Palace House in the /buyhouse map to get a daytime variant with a bank frame

Guardian of the Djinn Realm: Dream Palace

A fabulous palace appeared in the Djinn Realm, as if from someone’s dream. Log in and explore /dreampalace to see what treasures it holds!

Great ready to...

  • /join dreampalace and take down a series of all-new minibosses
  • Continue battling until you their unique weapon drops then quest to level them up into even more mystical versions
  • Create versions of the boss armor sets in Crulon's Dream Palace merge shop

Being a Djinn Guardian, you come across a LOT of mystical chests. Several years ago, Crulon found one locked with three magical seals. Decipher his riddles, locate the monsters, and fight to get the seals you need.

Talk to him in /djinn to begin his quests. Complete his Seal of Approval quest and to collect the pieces of the Serpent Knight gear. Find his Sandsea Enchanter set in his birthday shop or the Featured Gear shop in your game menu.

Hikari the ShadowHunter's Diabolical Gear

This weekend, /join brokenwoods and explore until you encounter the dark but generous ShadowSlayer... Hikari! In the real world, Hikari is one of our wicked-talented team artists, creating reward items, monster art, and more for our releases. This weekend, to celebrate his birthday, he's flexing one of his newer skills: map art! He's created a new boss frame and boss, the Eldritch Amalgamation for you to battle. Real Life Quest: Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!

Great ready to...

  • /join brokenwoods and solve his riddles to recover valuable artifacts
  • Complete all-new quests to learn more about him and collect the items to make two new rep sets
  • Battle to earn his Diabolical Witch, Ectomancer, Diabolical Zealot, and Diabolical Warden* armor sets

*Created by new team artist, Dominik, in honor of Hikari's birthday!

Frostval AC Gifting Event Ends Monday

FINAL WEEKEND! Our Frostval Gifting event ends Monday January 9th. Donate to random heroes on Lore to get items from the Generosity Coin shop + to unlock 7 tiers of reward packs. More details on how to donate, get gifts, and unlock rewards are here.

Holiday Gifts Still to come

  • Our Frostval AC Gifting event ends on Monday, January 9th. The tier rewards will arrive as soon as possible after that. We'll give you a more exact day once we're done testing the rewards.
  • Our 2022 Holiday AC Gift will be given out to eligible heroes in the very near future.
  • The 2022 Honorable Hero gift will be given out to eligible heroes at the same time. 

Cemaros' Update on the RIoDA, Treasure Potions & the Wheel of Doom

We've been getting a lot of feedback about the Wheel of Doom and we do listen! We have made a few quality of life changes based on that feedback.

6x Treasure Potion update

We heard the frustration when that last item you need to get the 6 TP drop, just wouldn't drop, so... we set the Wheel to begin dropping 6 Treasure Potions when you have all but one item. This was originally going to be just the EIoDA due to it's low drop rate, but based on feedback we expanded it to any item being the stubborn one.

Rhubarb Item of Digital Awesomeness

Speaking of things that open when you have all but one item, a new IoDA token has been introduced! Captain Rhubarb wanted to make it a bit easier for those of you who had gotten all (or all but one) of the Wheel of Doom drops, so he's added the Rhubarb Item of Digital Awesomeness. 

The RIoDA can be obtained in your Account Manages page for 30,000 ACs. The RIoDA works exactly the same as all of the other IoDA tokens to earn a BIoDA. You can find more information about those here.

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