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January 04, 2022

Tuesday Night Updates

Honorable Hero + Gifting Rewards

Honorable Hero + Gifting Tier rewards update: these will be delayed. I had wanted to get them out today, but ... the delay's all on me. I got hit by a few day-long meetings this week and last as we closed 2021 and began 2022.

We'll be getting the badges and gear finalized tonight and the rewards will release ASAP this week.

Constructive Criticism Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who posted about our recent releases. We want to do more polls, have more dialogues and input, to create the releases you want to play.

It is always good to know what the community likes! That tells us what to keep doing. It is just as important to know what the community doesn't like. That tells us where we can change and improve.

But a small request: remember -- our developers and team members are only human. They're always working hard to build updates for everyone to enjoy, and to make the community a fun place. 

A key part of "constructive criticism" is the constructive part. Tell us what you liked, or didn't like, and why. Be detailed, but please... be polite.

If there's something you like, great! It's always good to praise creators when you enjoy their work. If there's something you don't like, that's ok, too. Not everyone likes everything. We want to know what didn't appeal to you, and why you didn't enjoy it. That's how we grow and get better.

Posting on social media and Discord is optional for all our developers and team members -- artists, writers, coders, testers, mods, etc. They want to share their love of the games with you... most of them started as members of the community. Insulting, threatening, or harassing them makes it harder for the team to hop on and engage with everyone. 

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