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September 30, 2022

"OMG October" Starts Now

14th Upholder, New World Boss, Upgrade Bonus and more

This weekend we're launching a month of events celebrating AdventureQuest Worlds' 14th birthday (and Artix Entertainment's 20th anniversary) a day early with an all-new world boss based on one of Lore's most iconic monsters: Nightmare Carnax! Read on for more details about everything coming this weekend.

This weekend's game update features:

Carnax World Boss + Rewards

Your heroic adventures through the universe have slowly but surely been causing ripples in the timeline… And now they’ve come together to create another universal threat: Nightmare Carnax. Log in this weekend to enter the Nightmare Realm and fight a brand new World Boss to save our world!

Carnax has risen and been defeated twice in another timeline; now, the monster has found its way into the AdventureQuest Worlds universe and is forming again here! (You can battle through Carnax's first two appearances right now in the original AdventureQuest)

NightMare Carnax World Boss:

  • join /darkcarnax to begin your adventure
  • Talk to the Nightmare Queen for more information
  • Join your fellow heroes to fight back this new threat, and earn wicked reward gear 
  • After the World Boss is defeated, you and everyone else will earn a new limited-time badge from the event

Complete The Last Stand quest in /darkcarnax to collect Synthetic Viscera (... ew). Save them up (... ew x2) to create all four armor sets!

24 Merge Shop Items:

  • Disciple of Carnax armor
  • Devotee of Carnax armor
  • 2 Devotee of Carnax helms
  • 2 Disciple of Carnax helms
  • Temple of Carnax back item
  • Dragon Guardians of Carnax cape
  • Summoning Portal of Carnax ground rune
  • 2 Carnax Devotee weapons
  • 2 Carnax Disciple weapons
  • Nightmare Carnax's Disciple armor
  • Nightmare Carnax's Devotee armor
  • 2 Nightmare Devotee helms
  • 1 Nightmare Disciple helm
  • Nightmare Carnax's Temple back item
  • Nightmare Carnax's Guardians cape
  • 3 Nightmare Disciple's weapons
  • 1 Nightmare Devotee's weapon

For all you fans of the Nightmare Queen, good news! Her armor + accessories will be added as daily login gift drops in October. 

World Boss Details

World Bosses were first introduced to AQW earlier this year in April, when the giant Chickencow from outer space took over Battleon by storm. Here’s what you need to know about Nightmare Carnax’s fight:

  • The boss will share ONE health bar across every room and every server*
  • All damage you deal to the boss, whether you die or not, is permanent
  • While fighting the boss, you will occasionally receive quest items, which can be turned in for XP, gold, and merge reagents
  • After the boss is defeated, it will never respawn again. Instead, it will be replaced with a killable, permanent version of the monster that will drop the quest items
  • The room limit is set to 4 heroes. This helps prevent "server churn"** and reduces lag***

Unlike the Chickencow however, this fight will be more difficult and more unique, so bring out your best for this fight! Along with this fight will be several cool cosmetic sets, including a few powerful boosted items. 

Here’s a few tips on how to fight the boss:

  • Nightmare Carnax has an incredibly tough hide, significantly reducing the damage it takes.
  • Watch out for its laser attack! Avoid the glowing spots on the ground, and the laser will miss you completely. Get hit, and your health AND defenses will be shredded!
  • Your psionic link to Carnax will grant you an incredible boost to your Endurance and reduce mana costs- make the most of it!
  • Keep an eye out for its debuffing Roar attack- it can be taunted so it doesn’t hit your teammates.

14th Upholder Now Available

The AQW 14th Upholder bonus is now available! Purchase any membership pack until November 2nd to unlock the Sentinel Class + set, the DragonRoad map, 14 exclusive 2022 Star Swords, 25+ Star Swords for ALL upholders, a character page badge and more

How to become a 14th Upholder

We are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder. 

  • Have an active membership that expires on or after November 3rd, 2022 or
  • Upgrade your account with any membership package until 11:59 EST on November 2nd or
  • Upgrade your AQW account with ANY membership starting now and ANYTIME during the month of October

The 2022 exclusive Star Swords are now available. The star swords coming this year in the Dragon Road merge shop will arrive next week.

2022 Dark Seas Collection Update

Earlier this month, our Talk Like a Pirate Day 2022 Dark Seas collection arrived! Each week since it launched, we've updated the gear in Quibble's Rares Shop + Collection Chest with new items. The collection includes over 200 items and a rare character page badge for 10,000 ACs! This weekend, we've added the final update to his shop + collection: the Raven Naval Commander set!**** The collection leaves Friday, October 7th.

Plus, this weekend we've added a bounty of new Talk Like a Pirate Day-themed drops for you to collect! 

14 Monster Drops

  • 2 Icy Naval-themed weapons from the Aqua Familiar in /hiddendepths
  • 2 Icy Naval-themed weapons from the Aquamancer in /hiddendepths
  • 2 Chaos Naval-themed weapons from the Heart of Chaos in /lagunabeach
  • 3 Rotting Naval-themed weapons from Captain Kraylox in /kaijuwar
  • 3 Kaiju-themed weapons from Klashex in /kaijuwar
  • Landlubber’s Hair Landlovely’s Locks from the Kaiju Cannoneer in /kaijuwar

This weekend's new gear is themed after some of our most iconic Naval Commander sets, and drops in seasonal from monsters in our seasonal TLaPD event maps. Get'em while you can. TLaPD leaves next Friday, October 7th.

* Unlike last time, health synchronization will happen in the background, so no more gigantic damage numbers randomly appearing!

** The boss mechanic has to keep up all of the player data in sync, which means it increases the load exponentially with the # of players in the room.

*** Don't forget, there are settings in the Advanced Options tab to help you reduce lag.

**** This set was one of the winning designs by the 2021 TLaPD Set Design contest. The other winning sets will be released in-game this year, but are not a part of the collection chest, and will not go rare.

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