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January 30, 2023

Monday Updates

Updates and a Mystery Item Hunt?

Haii, its Yoshino here! (under the Alina disguise... shhh) to get all of the wonderful news updates out. But first, let's start with an update on a few one-time-only quest items:

The following items will also now drop from monsters:

Ground Chunks (House item)

  • Now Drops from Heart of Chaos in /lagunabeach

Death Pit Sword (Tier 1)

  • Now drops from Drakel Gladiator in /deathpit

Death Pit Sword (Tier 2)

  • Now drops from Drakel Gladiator in /deathpit 

Call of Hope

  • Now drops from Viridi in /pyramidpain

Mini Energy Tornado

  • Now drops from Energy Tornado in /airstorm


  • Now drops from Level 15 Shelletons 

Glowing Crown Blade

  • Now drops from Doomwood Soldier in /doomwood, /necrotower, /necru, /temple

Primitive Bone Axe

  • Now drops from Doomwood Soldier in /doomwood, /necrotower, /necru,/ temple 

Fabled Chopper

  • Now drops from Earth Elemental in /fableforest 

Elders' Blood (Potions)

  • Now stacks up to 20 

Mystery Item Hunt!?!!

Alright fine, since you've made it this far - here's a hint: A monster tainted by ShadowFlame drops this adorable little guy who comes along with a quest to obtain his armor set. Good luck searching!

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