Design Notes

August 29, 2023

Tuesday, August 29th Updates

New News For You to Use

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Earlier this year, we began these "round-up" Design Notes posts make sure everyone has access to all of the same info, no matter which platform you use. Read on to get all the latest news on updates, fixes, and sneak peeks.

You've Got Questions...

We've got answers! A few rapid-fire FAQs we've been seeing lately, and the answers you're after.

  • When will potions and party bugs be fixed? As soon as arachnophilically possible. Spider's our go-to guy for these fixes, and we've got dibs on his time and talent just as soon as he finishes his current list of Infinity combat updates.
  • Can you make X character page badge? Maybe! It depends on what badge/s you'd like to see. Right now, we have 2 in progress. One for the Eclipse Ascent dungeon and the other for the Radiant Goddess of War armor. Let us know on Discord & Twitter what else you'd like to see!

New House Items Incoming!

That's right; we've got two new house item functions on their way this week!

  • Guild Only Signpost: Add this to your house to make it Guild only accessible to your guild members.
  • Friend Only Signpost: Add this to your house to make it Guild only accessible to other players on your Friends List. 

Each of the above cost 0 ACs and can be found in Penny's House Item (Other) shop in /buyhouse.

IN TESTING: the House Visitors +5 Signpost. Goal: to allow you to increase the number of players you can in your house at one time. Again, this item is still in testing and is planned for release (if all goes well) in the future. Price: a non-zero AdventureCoin amount 

August 29th || Lost Guardian Blade 2

The Guardians who watch over the tower in Battleon are famous throughout Lore, with a history going back for years upon years. Grizzled veterans tell tales to new recruits of the strongest and bravest among them, filling their heads with dreams of glory and visions of bright blades flashing in the sunlight. Talk to Valencia in the /museum to begin a series of quests to reforge a blade by one of these lost, legendary guardians!
Quests + reward are permanently available.

And don't miss part 1 of our "Treasure Hunt Tutorial" quest line from August 15th, starting with the Shattered Guardian Sword wall item... 

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